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Sunnyda is one of the top suppliers of top-quality cleaning equipment. Whether you are searching for a class 1 clean room, class 10 clean room, 10k clean room, or the Portable Air Shower, we are there for you. Along with the clean room equipment, you will also get multiple accessories to enhance its performance.

We are a team of professional manufacturers and punctual suppliers of numerous clean room products. To meet the latest technology, you will find advanced features in every product. One thing about Sunnyda is that we offer customizable designs, where you can adjust the specifications and features of your product according to your industrial requirements. This is why people love buying the Portable Air Shower from us.

Our Portable Air Shower is made using stainless steel so that there are minimum chances of corrosion or rusting. Also, this is the main reason behind its durability. Sunnyda provides you all these features in super affordable price ranges varying with the advancement in the features of the product.

Sunnyda not only supply excellent products but also has amazing customer service. Whether you want to seek guidance in terms of how to choose the most suitable product for you, or whether you want to avail of our maintenance or cleaning services, after delivery, we are available. Don’t forget to use our professional cleaning services before and after buying your Portable Air Shower.

If you are interested in buying an efficient Portable Air Shower with a premium design and amazing features, always consider Sunnyda. Let us know your required size and any customizable features so that we can manufacture what you exactly want.

Model No SND-AS-S11000 SND -AS-D12500 SND -AS-T32000
External Dimension 1200*1000*2100 mm 1200*1500*2100 mm 1200*2000*2100 mm
Internal Dimension 800*900*1950 mm 800*1400*1950 mm 800*1900*1950 mm
Air Velocity ≥26 (m/s)
HEPA Filter H14,560*570*70mm H14,560*570*70mm H14,560*570*70mm
Nozzle 14 20 26
Motor 2 2 6
Power 2 (kw) 2.5 (kw) 4.5 (kw)
Applicable Person 1 2 3
Door Material Powder Coated SS Plate or SUS304
Passageway Material SUS304
Cabinet Material Full Powder Coated SS
Power Supply AC380/220V,3 Phase,50/60Hz


sunnyda Portable Air Shower material inspection certificate

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How to Control the Production Quality of Portable Air Shower

How to Control the Production Quality of Portable Air Shower
Portable Air Shower Emergency Stop Button

Portable Air Shower Emergency Stop Button

Stainless Steel Portable Air Shower Nozzle

Stainless Steel Portable Air Shower Nozzle
Portable Air Shower LED Display

Portable Air Shower LED Display

Portable Air Shower Applications

Portable Air Shower Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

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Portable Air Shower-A Detailed Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

A Portable Air Shower is a self-sufficient and self-contained system that works by circulating air in a controlled environment.

As the workers enter into a clean room, they can be a source of contamination as there are various contaminant particles on their clothes and bodies.

With the Portable Air Shower facility, you can get rid of the contaminants dislodged on the clothing of the person entering the room.

It works by releasing streams of air with a high velocity which knock off the contaminant particles. These particles are then removed from the environment with the help of an efficient circulation system.

It is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to install. Due to its reasonable size and appropriate mechanism, you can use a portable type for various applications.

It is not just convenient but also quite efficient in its function. Being equipped with the most wanted features and having a user-friendly interface, you can get the most benefit from the portable type.

This article contains all the information you need for making the best use of it. So let’s start reading.

Lightweight Portable Air Shower

Lightweight Portable Air Shower

1. What is a Portable Air Shower?

It refers to a portable and handy air shower system which can be carried to the location of choice. Having all the features of a regular air shower, it offers the added convenience of being easy to install and easy to operate.

Even with these features, you can obtain maximum productivity and increase efficiency by adding some accessories.

A Portable Air Shower does not need any professional assistance to set up and function.

You can easily transport it and set it up at the entrance of either a modular clean room, a pharmaceutical clean room, or a medical clean room.

It is built on the basis of the most recent technology which helps you attain the best performance. As it is a complete assembly, you don’t necessarily need to add other accessories.

The mechanism of working is based on the force exerted by the air streams onto the fibrous lint, dust, and other contaminants on the surface of the objects or the bodies of the people entering your clean room.

The airflow follows a regular pattern and exerts high pressure as it is bombarded onto the surface.

Sunnyda Portable Air Shower for Clean Rooms

Sunnyda Portable Air Shower for Clean Rooms

2. What are the Basic Features of a Portable Air Shower?

Some basic features of the Portable Air Shower are listed as:

  • It is lightweight, and easy to move and install.
  • The wind speed is maintained at 25m/s.
  • The sensor starts it working automatically without touching the switch
  • It has removable high-pressure nozzle wall panels.
  • The air cleaner holds superior efficiency direct drives the aluminum airfoil wheel.
  • It also includes HEPA filter and wall return air grills with 10x20x1 MERV pre-filters.
  • It has a brilliant programmable microprocessor PLC with a 0-30 second adjustable run time.
  • Additionally, it has a 0-10 second adjustable wait time too.

Portable Clean Room Air Shower automatic roller door

Portable Air Shower With Automatic Roller Door

3. What are the Key Specifications of a Portable Air Shower?

The key specifications for a Portable Air Shower are listed here:

  • It is equipped with a photoelectric switch, power switch, and sensor switch.
  • Air velocity is maintained at a higher level than 25m/s.
  • The air volume is mostly above 4.2.
  • The power consumption is around 300W.

Portable Air Shower Rapid Responsive Sensor

Portable Air Shower Rapid Responsive Sensor

4. What are the Main Parts of a Portable Air Shower?

A Portable Air Shower has the following main parts, described along with its function:


HEPA Filters

Here, the HEPA filters class H13 are attached to a painted frame. And they can also be changed. For changing or replacing the HEPA filter box, you need to open the door.

The old filter is replaced with the new one from the shower cabinet at the bottom.


Motor Fan

Motor fans are placed in such a way so that they can be changed very easily by removing the HEPA filter. From below, the motor fan is replaced after opening the ceiling door.

The motor fan has curved blades, and the power is supplied by the electric current motor. This radial fan is equipped with standardized and constant flow control.


Corner Ducts

In this product, the corner ducts have tiny nozzles. These nozzles have the potential to throw air with a velocity of 25m/s towards the person who is standing right in the center of the cabinet.

In corner ducts, there are 11 nozzles with a minimum diameter of 25mm each. These nozzles are always present at the corners.



The cabinet is fully assembled with the R panels with the help of mineral wool inside it. These are covered with RAL9002 semi-matt shade in steel. The color shade is optional for all users.


Pre-Filter Class G4

This pre-filter is protected with an intact coating. For enhanced protection, it is also fully secured with a magnetical grille.

This grille is made of a painted steel sheet that is perforated.


Ceiling Doors

The ceiling doors are highly efficient and easy to operate. They are opened with a special key, and it has one nozzle. There are three LED lights hanging from the clean room ceiling tiles.

Next to the door at the ceiling panels, a PIR-motion sensor is also present.



The door has an aluminum frame, covered with the polyester finish in RAL 9002 semi-matte shade. These doors work simultaneously to give their assigned function.

They act as single-leaf doors; this feature enables the doors not to open at the same time. In Portable Air Shower, they work as an airlock part.



The floor is entirely made of stainless steel, and the floor must be cleaned with special cleaning mats.

Clean Room Portable Air Shower With Glass Door

Clean Room Portable Air Shower With Glass Door

5. What is the Construction Process of the Portable Air Shower?

The construction process of a Portable Air Shower must follow the given steps:

  • Check if all the components have been received. As it is a self-contained system, it should have interlocking doors, a pre-wired electrical panel, blowers, an air filtration system, controls, motors, and a programmable microprocessor.
  • The interior, as well as the exterior, shall be sealed with suitable materials that are compatible with different classes of clean rooms. The construction standards shall also be met.
  • If any surface is visible, it shall be covered with lamination. The laminate should be white and plastic set by using pressure.
  • All the air ducts shall also be completely laminated. The inside surface of the clean room wall panel shall be covered with either anodized aluminum or melamine laminate.
  • You can also use plastic laminate or any other material which is compatible with the type of clean room.
  • The entry and exit gates shall be made by using anodized aluminum. 25 inches tempered glass is also a good option.
  • The plastic air nozzles shall be adjustable and must be placed in a way that allows maximum airflow. The average air flow-id is 7000 fpm, and it is controlled by the construction of the air nozzles.
  • You should use white baked enamel steel grilles for the return air registers. It shall be fitted into the walls of the Portable Air Shower.
  • There shall be sufficient lighting and filtration units in the interior ceiling. There shall be enough fluorescent light and air nozzles above a protective grille.
  • The sprinkler penetrations should be capped and pre-grilled.

Construction of Portable Air Shower

Construction of Portable Air Shower

6. How Does a Portable Air Shower Work?

The Portable Air Shower is a self-contained air recirculation system. It decontaminates the personnel, pieces of equipment, and other supplies that have to be taken into the clean room.

The high-velocity air is thrown in order to swipe away unnecessary particles from the opposing surface.

It is installed as a clean room entry system, to avoid contamination from the outer environment into the clean room.

When a worker passes through the door, the high-velocity air stream of the HEPA filter is blown onto the person. This high-pressure air is blown through the very fine nozzles that throw all the particles on the garment away.

This flapping effect cleans all the contaminants from the clothes of the workers.

When the process is completed, the worker gets into the clean room when the door unlocks. As it is a complete cycle, it ends at a particular time.

Generally, this cycle is of ten seconds but it can be adjusted. The microprocessor is present that enables us to manage the time duration and position of the nozzles the way we want.

Air Shower Working Principle

Portable Air Shower Working Principle

7. What are the Notable Applications of the Portable Air Shower?

The Portable Air Shower is best to avoid cross-contamination, specifically from one workplace to another in the following industries:

  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Microelectronic
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Research Industries

Applications of the Portable Air Shower

Applications of the Portable Air Shower

8. How to Design the Door of the Portable Air Shower?

It is important to design a Portable Air Shower precisely so that you can obtain the best quality decontamination.

Make sure the size is sufficient to accommodate all the components of the air shower.

The most recent technology shall be incorporated for best results. The filter shall be adjusted near the floor.

Also, always use an efficient clean room filter and all good quality constructional materials to add durability.


9. What is the Filtration System of Portable Air Shower?

The filtration system of the Portable Air Shower is highly efficient and remarkable.

The advanced HEPA filters act as the primary filter to filter all the abundant amount of dust particles. They can remove 99.99% of particles of the size 0.3 microns or bigger.

In some models, the design and internal placements are a bit different. Moreover, they come with an optional constant purge ceiling.

They have HEPA filters powered with fans mounted on the top of the polystyrene egg crate diffuser panel. This feature increases the height of the air shower to 6 inches.

Inside the grilles, one can also use 30% efficient filters. They are good to maximize the life of the original HEPA filters.

Portable Air Shower Primary Filter

Portable Air Shower Primary Filter

10. What is the Control System Components of a Portable Air Shower?

Here are a few components of the control system of a Portable Air Shower:



The emergency off button, abbreviated as the EMO is a necessary component. It shall be located inside the controlled environment so that it can be reached easily.



Known as a programmable logic controller, the PLC controls the operation sequence of the whole system.


Door Sensors

There shall be DC magnetic reed switches as the door sensors.


Door Interlocks

Interlocking technology in the doors of the Portable Air Shower is necessary to monitor and control the entry and exit.

It shall be under the control of the EMO. The voltage required shall not be greater than 24 volts.

Clean Room Air Shower PLC Controller

Clean Room Portable Air Shower PLC Controller

11. What are the Safety Instructions for Using the Portable Air Shower?

Some special safety instructions for using the Portable Air Shower are listed as:

  • There must be no flammable material in it, and the area should be clean and tidy.
  • Do not put any kind of liquids inside the air circulating system. This could be very dangerous.
  • Keep yourself away from the air nozzles. Try to avoid leaning your body on these nozzles.
  • When you are cleaning it, you must follow all the precautions. Wear safety glasses to avoid every kind of flying debris.
  • Warning for high voltages; if you are cleaning it on your own, be careful with the voltages. If you need to touch any electrical part of the Portable Air Shower in any case, make sure to disconnect the power supply.
  • It is forbidden to touch any born wires or touch anything if the power is on.
  • If you are feeling any problem, make sure to check it as soon as possible to avoid any personal injuries or any accident. Check if any part needs to be repaired, this might risk your life.
  • If you are going to change any of its parts, you must be careful in placing the identical pieces in the correct positions.
  • While using it, be gentle and stay careful to not mishandle it as this could result in damage to the elements.


12. How to Select the Best Portable Air Shower for your Applications?

If you want to buy the best Portable Air Shower, you must focus on the below-mentioned points:

  • Make sure that the frame is made of stainless steel or painted steel in a semi-matte shade.
  • It should be modular so that the shipment, configuration, and assembly are easy.
  • When you are buying your unit see what type of controls it has.
  • An efficient blower is the most significant part; it should throw high-velocity air and with tremendous pressure.
  • The number of air shower nozzles is also very important; always select the unit with a high number of nozzles that can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Make sure that all the construction parts are made up of quality material.
  • Durability and long life are also important to keep in mind.

Portable Air Shower Nozzles

Portable Air Shower Nozzles

13. What is the Function of the Microprocessor Controller in the Portable Air Shower?

A microprocessor controller is an efficient system that monitors and controls the function of your Portable Air Shower.

The environmental conditions such as the humidity, temperature, and airflow pattern need to be adjusted over a narrow range so that maximum efficiency can be obtained.

These conditions are maintained by creating a preset option. In this way, you don’t have to adjust the values for each cycle and it adjusts according to the set values each time.

Due to a user-friendly interface, the Portable Air Shower can be operated by any person and it is not necessary to employ a trained person for this purpose.

There is also a decreased chance of error since the system works on the preset values which have yielded the best results before.


14. What is the Purpose of Ionizing the Nozzles of your Portable Air Shower?

Ionizing the nozzles of the Portable Air Shower is very crucial. The reason behind that is the static charge present in the clean room garments.

These are attached very strongly and it is sometimes difficult to remove. Although the speed of air is very fast, still some particles stay there. In this case, ionization is done to neutralize the static charge of particles.

After neutralization, high-velocity air blows away all the particles in a very efficient way. The service of ionization is done by removing the sidewall nozzle.

For this, the points of ionization are fixed within extremely high-pressure walls.


15. Which Tools are Used to Install your Portable Air Shower?

The tools used to install your Portable Air Shower include:

  • Framing Square
  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk Line
  • Appropriately Sized Woodblock
  • Hammer
  • Rubber Mallet or Block
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Necessary Hand Tools
  • Clamp Which is Pipe Mounted
  • Extension and Ratchet

Easy to Install Portable Air Shower

Easy to Install Portable Air Shower

16. What is the Procedure for Installing your Portable Air Shower?

The procedure for installing your Portable Air Shower is given below:

  • Select a location for the installation and clean it to create a safe environment.
  • The size of the location shall be according to the size of the air shower. There shall be sufficient space for ventilation as well.
  • Use screws and sheets to anchor the sill plate on the decided location.
  • On top of the floor sills, adjust the wall frames.
  • Use a pipe clamp to hold and secure the walls in the right place.
  • The enclosure panels shall be removed by this point.
  • You can use a mechanical lifting device such as a forklift to place the roof on the walls. Another option is to lift the roof section and then adjust the walls below it.
  • Establish a wiring connection and adjust the voltage. There should be a switch close by so that you can take a stable connection from there.
  • Use a connector and plug in to establish a stable connection.
  • A sealant bead can be used to seal the roof section and the wall panels together. This sealing shall be powerful and have high endurance.
  • You can also use a rubber mallet or hammer to adjust everything in its place.
  • You can replace the mechanical enclosure panels by this step.
  • Connect the three-phase power to the power panel of the Portable Air Shower.
  • The emergency start/stop button and the function of the doors shall be checked.
  • Also, see if the blower is rotating in the right direction.
  • Use a silicone sealant to seal the wall to the floor joists and the roof to the walls.
  • The proper sequence can be checked by starting the air shower.

Portable Air Shower Ready for Installation

Portable Air Shower Ready for Installation

17. What are the Maintenance Instructions for your Portable Air Shower?

For maintenance, follow the given instructions:

  • Take care of the cleanliness of all the components of the system.
  • Carry out a regular inspection routine and maintain a log according to the maintenance schedule.
  • Clean the filters regularly and replace them if required.
  • Always take care of the lubrication of the sliding parts.
  • Tighten the nuts and bolts after installation.
  • Transport and carry carefully.
  • Follow the clean room protocols so that there is less chance of contamination.


18. What is the Maintenance Schedule of your Portable Air Shower?

Given below is the maintenance schedule you must consider:

  • Inspect pre-filters every month.
  • The HEPA filter of your Portable Air Shower needs inspection only once a year.
  • Go for tightening the lag bolts of the roof at least once a year.
  • After every three months, check and adjust the door closers.
  • The door sensor switches must be in proper alignment. It can be done once in half a year.
  • The fluorescent lamps require proper maintenance after a year.
  • The blower fan blade needs cleaning and tightening at least once a year.
  • After six months, check the door hinges for any signs of wear and tear.


19. How to Install New Pre-Filter in your Portable Air Shower?

It is very easy to place new filters in the Portable Air Shower. All you need to do is pull the latches on the top of the grille and then pull them with gentle pressure towards yourself.

As the pre-filter is located right at the floor level so you will find that the pre-filter is already present inside the grille.

Slide it over until you see the clear grille. Now slide the new filter in the same way as you removed the previous one. You need to take care of one thing in particular.

When placing the new pre-filter, make sure to put it in such a way that the arrows are pointed towards the wall. These arrows are present on the edge of the filter.

Now close the doors and push the latches closed, your new pre-filter is installed successfully.

Portable Air Shower Pre-Filter

Portable Air Shower Pre-Filter

20. When Do the Door Locks of your Portable Air Shower Stop Working?

The electric sliding door of your Portable Air Shower works based on automatic interlocking technology. They stop working under two conditions:


When the Power Supply is Lost

As the power supply is cut off due to any underlying reason, the door locks lose the magnetic field which aids their function.

Loss of magnetic field leads to the loss of the function thus disabling the door lock.


When Emergency Button is Pushed

The emergency button is linked to all the functions of this system. When it is pressed, all the operations in the system stop completely.


21. What are the Causes and Solutions for Excessive Vibrations in your Portable Air Shower?

Excessive vibrations are undesirable in a Portable Air Shower and therefore you must get rid of them.

The causes of excessive vibrations are:

  • The mounting bolts are loose
  • The wheel is not balanced properly
  • The wheel shaft is loose
  • There is some material accumulated on the wheel
  • The motor is not working properly

To fix the problem of excessive vibrations, you must carry out the following steps:

  1. Clean the unit thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and debris.
  2. Replace any damaged or non-functional part.
  3. Tighten all the screws.


22. How to Troubleshoot your Non-Working Portable Air Shower?

If your Portable Air Shower is not working, consider the following steps to make it workable again:

  • See the circuit panel from where the main power is coming. Check it and verify that either it is on or off.
  • A switch is present on the panel, check if it is on.
  • Also, check the terminals that are present on the motor starter and disconnect it for loose connection.
  • See the placements of magnets present on the top of the doors. The wrong alignment of the magnets can also cause a problem. Check that the sensor switches are turning on and off.
  • Powering on all the 3 terminals is necessary for its proper functioning. See the voltage on the disconnect switch and verify it too.
  • See the fuses on the transformer and also verify the emergency switches.


23. Conclusion.

To obtain the highest level of decontamination, you must follow a good maintenance schedule so that your Portable Air Shower lasts for years.

You can increase the efficiency of this clean room equipment by pairing certain accessories and following the clean room protocols.

Slight ignorance in the decontamination process can lead to serious infectious diseases and useless results with artifacts.

100% Quality Tested Portable Air Shower

100% Quality Tested Portable Air Shower

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