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  • White edging pass box
  • Oval visible window pass box
  • dynamic pass box
  • Double-layer dynamic pass box

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  • GMP Standard
  • Dynamic/static
  • 304 or 316 Stainless steel
  • Suitable for different application scenarios
  • Interlocking system

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The Sunnyda Pass box is also called pass through box, clean room pass through window, pass through cabinet, etc. We have two pass box types. They include the dynamic pass box and the static pass box. we will recommend the appropriate type according to your clean room level.

The Sunnyda pass box has different applications in different fields. Such include being used as specimen pass box, pharmaceutical pass box, laboratory pass box, medical pass through cabinet, and so on.It is also widely used in micro-technology, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, LCDs, electronics factories, food processing industries, etc., So long as air purification is required, a passbox is necessary.

The standard size of the Sunnyda pass box is 600 x 600 x 600 mm. If you have special requirements, we can also customize the size, material, voltage, depending on your needs. Our pass box can be made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel or powder coated steel, etc. There are many materials available for you to consider. If you are a pharmaceutical company, you can use 304 or 316 materials.

If you are looking for a professional pass box for your cleanroom, contact us now!

Model PB001 PB002 PB003
Outside dimension(mm) L665*W500*H590 W800xH1100xD650 W1000xH1300xD850
Working area size(mm) L500*W500*H500 W600xH600xD600 W800xH800xD800
Material 304 stainless steel/201 stainless steel/cold steel powder coated
UV lamp With/without
Material thickness 1.0/1.2/1.5mm
Interlock system  Mechanical/electronic
Voltage 110V-220V/50-60HZ

sunnyda pass box material inspection certificate

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Pass box for clean room
Pass Box for Clean Room
Slim pass box with sterilizer
Slim Pass Box with Sterilizer
Stainless steel material pass box
Stainless Steel Material Pass Box
Automatic single pass box
Automatic Single Pass Box
Dynamic interlocked pass-box
Dynamic Interlocked Pass-Box
Laminar air flow pass box
Laminar Air Flow Pass Box
Static pass box
Static Pass Box
pass box practical application
Pass Box Practical Application
electrical stainless steel pass box
Electrical Stainless Steel Pass Box
dynamic pass box
Dynamic Pass Box
static stainless steel pass box
Static Stainless Steel Pass Box
airlock pass box
Airlock Pass Box
Medical pass box
Medical Pass Box
auto dynamic pass box
Auto Dynamic Pass Box
VHP pass box
VHP Pass Box

How to Control the Quality of Your Pass Box

sunnyda pass box stainless steel cnc cutting
Customize Size of Pass Box that Meet Your Requirement

Customize Pass Box that Meet Your Requirement

Mechanical Interlocking System for Your Pass Box

Mechanical Interlocking System for your pass box
customized materials of the Pass box

Customized Materials

Sterilization Switch

Sterilization Switch of the pass box

Glass View for Pass Box

Application Areas

Application of the pass box
good service makes the difference of the pass box

Good Service Makes the Difference

Sunnyda Pass Box

The Sunnyda Pass box helps you transfer small items between the clean area and the non-clean area to reduce the frequency of door opening in a clean room and minimize the entry of unfiltered air in the clean area.

The surface of the Pass box is smooth and clean to prevent bacteria collection. Its double doors are interlocked to prevent cross-contamination effectively. These double doors are also equipped with a 5MM transparent tempered glass for better visibility inside the pass box.

As a leading pass box manufacturer, Sunnyda can supply all kinds of pass boxes for you to handle all the scenarios of delivering small items into the cleanroom. The pass box can also be equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocking devices and ultraviolet germicidal lamps to improve all cleanliness performance.

If you will handle ordinary products, choose 304, 201, or carbon steel paint. Our team will also advise you on the best material based on where you would like to use the pass box.

Contact us now, you will get a new idea!

Stainless steel static pass box

Stainless Steel Static Pass Box


Pass Box: The Comprehensive FAQs Guide


1.What is a Pass Box?
2.What are the Types of Sunnyda Pass boxes?
3.What are the Properties of a Passbox?
4.What are the Applications of a Passbox?
5.What is the Size of a Sunnyda Passbox?
6.Can You Customize a Sunnyda Passbox?
7.What Materials are Used to Make a Sunnyda Pass Box?
8.How Does a Passbox Prevent Cross Contamination?
9.What is the Use of an Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp in a Passbox?
10.Why Choose a Sunnyda Passbox?
11.What are the Maintenance Needs of a Pass Box?
12.Why is a Pass Box Validation Process Important?
13.How Can You Pick the Best Passbox?
14.What is the Cleaning Process of a Pass Box?
15.What Should You Keep in Mind When Operating a Pass Box?
16.What are the Precautions To Consider if You Own a Passbox?


Anyone who owns a cleanroom must have come across a pass box. This is something many industry experts would recommend to any clean room owner. It has many applications as we will get to see in this complete FAQ guide on the pass box.


What is a Pass Box?

pass box

An Open Pass Box Showcasing its Interior

A pass box is an important accessory for your cleanroom whose main aim is to help transfer small items between the non-clean area and the clean area. When it is in use, you will find that you no longer have to open the cleanroom door frequently. As a result, this minimizes the entry of the unfiltered air into the cleanroom.

Once you set up the pass box, you will quickly notice that it has multiple applications in different fields. It is why you can get different options from Sunnyda such as pharmaceutical pass box, specimen pass box, lab pass box, medical pass through pass box and more.

You are likely to find some online content referring to the pass box as a pass-through box or a pass-through cabinet. In case you encounter such, just know it is the same thing.


What are the Types of Sunnyda Pass boxes?

The two types of Sunnyda pass boxes include dynamic pass boxes and static pass boxes. They will have multiple similar features that would make them work as pass boxes. Some of the similar features include UV lights, fluorescent lamps, interlocking doors, and mostly made of stainless steel material.

Even with such similarities, there will be other differences to help you understand what you will get with whichever model you decide to get.

  • The static pass box is commonly used for transferring the materials between two different clean areas. Their design allows them to work without personnel movements. As for the dynamic pass box, it would be great for passing materials between a controlled environment and an uncontrolled environment. A static pass box cannot be used to transfer the materials between a non-clean area and a clean area.

Static pass box

Static Pass Box

  • A dynamic pass box will also have interlocking doors on both sides of the pass box. They help protect the clean area from pollution during the transfer process. A static pass box will still have an interlocking mechanism, but it will be between two doors. There can be an LED indicator to help show which door is open.
  • In a dynamic pass box, only one door can be open at a time. This ensures there has been proper decontamination before moving the materials to the cleanroom and vice versa. The static pass box does not have this feature. It is only used to transfer materials between two clean areas.
  • A dynamic pass box will have a filter to ensure the air inside is also filtered to remove the contaminants. You can also adjust the air velocity depending on what you need to pass through the box. The dynamic pass box can also have a motor blower to blow out the dust particles from the materials. The static pass box does not have a filter, but rather works as an airlock device. Its job is to prevent the ambient air from getting into the cleanroom and the clean air from getting out of the cleanroom.

There can still be more differences between these two types of pass boxes. What is crucial is for you to understand how the two work and focus on picking the right one, depending on your needs. Always consult Sunnyda in case you need more information about the types of pass boxes or how a pass box works.

dynamic pass box middle of the cleanroom window

Dynamic pass box with  cleanroom window

What are the Properties of a Pass box?

The properties of a pass box will generally help you understand where best to use one and if it would be a good fit for some other applications too. Here are highlights of the Sunnyda pass box properties.

  • The pass box is made of stainless steel material and other strong materials too. Using stainless steel makes the pass box good in terms of remaining smooth and corrosion-resistant. It is why you might be using it for many years in the future.
  • If you need a larger pass box, that is not a problem as Sunnyda can easily tailor the pass box to meet your needs. This ensures that different users can get to handle their projects better.
  • There is still a standard size pass box. This will ensure you get the right pass box to suit any regular cleanroom.
  • The pass box will have a high-efficiency filter. Its work is to provide the user with the best purification ensuring that there is minimal to no contamination.
  • There can be additional accessories installed such as an intercom so that you can communicate with the other person situated on the opposite side of the cleanroom pass box.
  • The pass box is generally easy to install. If you have a newly completed or existing cleanroom, it should not take long before you can set up the pass box onto the cleanroom. You can still request for Sunnyda to include all the possible installation accessories so that your job is easier during the installation process.

What are the Applications of a Pass box?


static pass box in cleanroom

Practical uses for pass box

A pass box will generally be used in an area with a cleanroom aimed at minimizing contamination. For such a reason, it would be ideal for industries such as;

  • Micro-technology
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Food processing
  • Electronics industry
  • Hospitals ec.

So long as there is a need for air purification, you will always have to consider getting a pass box for your application.


What is the Size of a Sunnyda Pass box?

The standard size for a Sunnyda pass box is 600 x 600 x 600 mm for the internal dimensions and 23.6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches for the external dimensions. For such a size, it should not be hard to set it up as part of an existing cleanroom to make it easier to maintain the cleanroom integrity.

Dynamic pass box layout

Dynamic Pass Box Layout

Can You Customize a Sunnyda Pass box?

Yes. Sunnyda understands that people would always have different needs for a pass box. It is why you can customize it better to suit your needs. Some of the things you can customize include the material, voltage, size, and more.

If you are stuck and you have no idea how to proceed, talk to Sunnyda today for more tips. The company will help you pick the best pass box for the job.


What Materials are Used to Make a Sunnyda Pass Box?

The Sunnyda pass boxes are some of the best in the market and it is because of the materials used to make them. The common materials used to make the Sunnyda pass boxes include 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, and carbon steel baking varnish.

There are still many other materials still good enough to make the best pass box you might need for different uses. Talk to Sunnyda to see what other materials are available.

Keep in mind that not all materials will be ideal for certain applications. A good example is when you are running a pharmaceutical company, it is best to use the 304 or 316 stainless steel material.


How Does a Passbox Prevent Cross-Contamination?

The pass box surface is smooth and mostly clean to prevent bacterial collection. This will be great to prevent any bacteria from getting into the cleanroom.

Still, there are double doors on the pass box aimed are further preventing any form of cross-contamination generally. These double doors are always interlocked to keep the contaminants from getting into the cleanroom. They only open once the decontamination process is complete.

There is also transparent tempered glass on the double doors to have a better view of the pass box interior.

You can choose between the electronic or mechanical interlocking doors. This is to ensure you have the best pass box that will deliver on the right environment to keep the contamination to a minimum.

white powder coating passs box

White Powder Coating Pass Box

What is the Use of an Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp in a Pass box?

As the name suggests, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is crucial for ensuring you have the best work surface for different cargo getting into and out of the cleanroom. If you have to get the cargo into the cleanroom, it is easy to see why such a lamp is necessary to be part of the decontamination process.


Why Choose a Sunnyda Pass box?

Since there are many companies that can make a pass box, why pick the Sunnyda pass box? Here are some quick reasons Sunnyda still remains a top choice for most people.


The pass box reduces contamination

This is probably the most common reason why someone would choose to get a pass box from Sunnyda. The pass box will reduce the overall foot traffic getting into the cleanroom. Considering that some people are only there to deliver cargo, it is best if they used the pass box.

Also, not all people have to go through the decontamination process since they will not be getting into the cleanroom. All they need to do is put the cargo into the pass box and someone else will pick it up on the other side.


The pass box can increase overall productivity

Rather than decontaminating the cargo manually, it will now be automated. So, less time can be spent on decontaminating the materials and rather focus more on working on different projects.

Another good example is the automated controls on the pass box. Rather than having someone employed to operate the pass box manually, it is now all automatic.

Still, the operations of a pass box are scalable. This means that they can always be tailored to the user’s needs. That is how you end up with a pass box that generally improves productivity.

pass box practical application

Automatic Static Pass Box


Multiple customization options

Sunnyda also gives the users the option of customizing the pass box as much as possible. There is the option of choosing the size, material, and more. This means that you can tailor the pass box to work great for your application. It is understandable that different cleanrooms would have different needs.


Competitive pricing

Sunnyda has some of the best prices for those looking for a cleanroom pass box. Well, as much as the price can vary based on design, size, material, and application, they are still the best prices in the market. Just because they are competitive prices, it does not mean the pass box will not meet your build quality standards. The pass box will still be great in terms of quality too.


Ease of cleaning

A pass box is not hard to clean. For the most part, its working principle will mostly lead to having a clean work area. However, you should ensure that the pass box is cleaned after every use. This is important to ensure there is less contamination each time you have to use it.



The overall durability of the pass boxes from Sunnyda are on another level. The manufacturer uses high-quality materials with the aim of ensuring these materials can live up to different uses generally. Even if you have to expose them to different elements, the pass boxes will still work great. The best part is that you can customize the type of material you want for your pass box.

Dynamic double pass box working

Dynamic double pass box working

What are the Maintenance Needs of a Pass Box?

To use the pass box correctly over the years, you need to follow the proper operating procedure. This means turning on the pass box 15 minutes prior to using it. This will blow the clean air over the pass box work surface to leave it clean before you can introduce cargo into the pass box.

The cargo in the pass box should be oriented properly. This ensures that every dust and particulates can be cleaned off the cargo before it gets into the cleanroom.

Check the laminar flow of the air in the pass box. You might have to make adjustments to the air velocity or service the blower to ensure there is a laminar flow of air. If the laminar flow is not correct, it could easily affect the overall pass box purification performance.

As part of maintenance, you also have to check the filter after three to six months. Visual inspection can help determine if the filter is still good or not. Sometimes you can just vacuum it and it will continue to work great. However, if it is too dirty, consider replacing the filter with a new one for the best performance.

Having a dust particle counter test done will go a long way in helping you understand if the filter is still good or not. If it seems there are too many particles in the cleanroom than necessary, it would be great to consider getting yourself a new filter for the pass box and the cleanroom HEPA box.

Sometimes you might end up with electrical issues. When this happens, let a professional handle them. You might risk electrocution or make it even worse when you decide to repair yourself.

It would be nice if you have a maintenance checklist. This will help you know what you need to repair, replace, or maintain as you use the pass box.

dynamic pass box

Dynamic Pass Box

Why is a Pass Box Validation Process Important?

A pass box validation is important so that you can always know if it is working correctly or not. This means you have to carry out several tests as part of the validation process. Here are some of the tests to keep in mind.

  • The airflow system test. Here you check the performance of the airflow in the pass box. It should always be in a unidirectional airflow. If it is otherwise, you need to address the issue as soon as possible.
  • The HEPA filter integrity test is also important. You could use an aerosol photometer or other notable HEPA filter testing methods. The leakage rate should not go above 0.01%. If the HEPA filter needs replacement, work on it too. Once the filter is replaced, it should be easy to keep the pass box working correctly.
  • A particle count might be necessary too. This test is still important to determine if there are many particulates in the work area. If they are too many, you need to check the filters to ensure they are in good working conditions.

Once you go through the different pass box validation methods, you will have an idea of the status of the pass box. Sometimes you may have to perform more repairs where possible to end up with a working pass box.





How Can You Pick the Best Pass box?

It should not be hard to pick the best pass box when you have Sunnyda on your side. However, these are some of the factors to keep in mind when picking the best pass box.

  • The ease of cleaning the pass box before and after using it
  • How easy it will be to integrate it as part of the cleanroom and get it to start working
  • The material used to construct the pass box is also important. It is great to get a durable pass box
  • The turnaround time before the pass box is delivered is also important. Sometimes you may want to has a pass box delivered faster, so the turnaround time is crucial.
  • Look at what design or customization options you can get from a brand. Sometimes it is great if you can get the best pass box that lives up to your needs. So, customization is key.
  • The pass box you pick should not have many maintenance needs. Take the time to find the right pass box to suit your needs for a great pass box.


What is the Cleaning Process of a Pass Box?

You should consider keeping the pass box interior and exterior clean and free from dust. Below are some ideas of how to maintain the pass box cleanliness.

  • Wipe the pass box with a disinfectant each time before you can start using it. You could also clean with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Always use a non-fiber shedding cloth to maintain its cleanliness better.
  • Inside cleaning is also necessary in case there is liquid spillage in the pass box or whenever it is required.
  • Always turn off the pass box before cleaning. This means disconnecting all the utilities first and start the cleaning process.

Do not worry if you have not cleaned a pass box before. The product manual will have all the steps to take before you can clean or even operate the pass box. Even if you have more questions, the customer support team at Sunnyda is ready to help where possible.

White edging pass box

White Edging Pass Box

What Should You Keep in Mind When Operating a Pass Box?

Here are some quick tips that will help you operate the pass box better.

  • Use 5% iodophor or 0.5% peroxyacetic acid to wipe the different items before putting them into the pass box. This will help further reduce any chances of contamination.
  • Once you open the pass box outer door, quickly place the cargo into the pass box, spray 0.5% peroxyacetic acid before closing the door. This operation needs to be fast to also minimize contamination.
  • Proceed to turn on the ultraviolet lamp in the pass box and let it irradiate the cargo in the pass box for around 15 minutes. The other person on the receiving end can now open the inner door and take out the items.

The Sunnyda pass box manual will always have all the important operation procedures to consider. So, take your time to go through the product manual to learn more and ask any questions where necessary.


What are the Precautions To Consider if You Own a Pass box?

A pass box is still a vital piece of equipment for your cleanroom. As such, there is the need to ensure you take great care each time when handling it. Here are some precautions to keep in mind if you own one.

  • Take note of how it is transported. Each time you transport a pass box, ensure it is protected from the snow and rain to avoid rust or any other damage.

Packing and loading for the pass box

Packing and Loading for the Pass Box

  • If you have to store a pass box in a warehouse, keep the temperature in the range -10℃~+40℃ and relative humidity not more than 80%.
  • No need to be rough or brutal when opening the packaging containing the pass box. Once you have unpacked it, ensure that you also read more on how to handle and use the pass box to make it last longer.



Do you have any more questions? If that is the case, talk to Sunnyda for all the answers you might need. The customer care team is here to help you understand more about the pass box and other related cleanroom equipment. Also, if you are ready to buy, the company is ready to help you through the whole process.

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