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  • Big clean room window
  • clean room window practical use
  • finished clean room window
  • clean room window with black edging

Clean Room Windows

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Clean room windows are indispensable in a cleanroom. It can be a great option to have clean room windows to improve the daylighting of your workshop, lab, or any other clean room type. The clean room windows can be single-layer tempered glass and double-layer tempered glass.

The Sunnyda Clean room window’s standard material is aluminum alloy strips and double-layer 5mm tempered glass in the middle. The overall thickness is 50mm. The double-layer hollow glass Clean room windows have good sealing and thermal insulation performance. The double-layer airtight windows can also be rounded or right angled. The double-layer glass is still filled with nitrogen and desiccant to avoid no fogging.

The thickness of the Sunnyda Clean room windows is the same as the clean room panel’s thickness. This is to make the window’s width the same as the width of the sandwich panel during the installation process.

You don’t need to cut the sandwich panel to fit the window size. It will be tailored to meet your existing window frame. Installing the clean room window on the clean room panel will be simple and fast. Also, the overall appearance is beautiful.

Sunnyda has 20 years’ experience in design and production complete clean rooms. If you have any questions, get in touch and let us help you further.

Model CRW001 CRW002 CRW003
Glass thickness(mm) 5 5 5
Frame material aluminum alloy/stainless steel/forming steel
Glass single/double
Size(mm) 600×600 1180×1000 1180×1200
Shape round/square
Installation manual/machine made

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Double Glazed Clean Room Windows
Double Glazed Clean Room Windows
Awning Clean Room Windows
Awning Clean Room Windows
Soundproof Clean Room Windows
Soundproof Clean Room Windows
Single glass clean room window
Single Cleanroom Window
Industrial cleanroom window for food factory
Industrial Cleanroom Window for Food Factory
Double glass hollow cleanroom window
Double Glass Hollow Cleanroom Window
Transparent cleanroom window for industrial use
Transparent Cleanroom Window for Industrial Use
50mm thickness cleanroom window
50mm Thickness Cleanroom Window
Wall mounted cleanroom window
Wall Mounted Cleanroom Window
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Special Window for Cleanroom
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Customized Cleanroom Window
Double layers window for medical use
Double Layers Window for Medical Use

How to Control the Quality of the Clean Room Windows

How to Control the Quality of the Clean Room Windows
Silk-screen around of Clean Room Windows

Silk-screen Around of Clean Room Windows

Round Edge Clean Room Windows

Round Edge Clean Room Windows
Inside aluminum strip for Clean Room Windows

Inside Aluminum Strip for Clean Room Windows

Application for Clean Room Windows

Application for Clean Room Windows
Best price for clean room windows

Best Price for Clean Room Windows

Sunnyda Clean Room Windows

If your new project needs to use Cleanroom windows, or you need to add or replace Cleanroom windows in an existing cleanroom, we will carefully customize several windows to meet your needs. The best part is that the Sunnyda cleanroom windows are high-quality, energy-saving and safe.

It could be the office of the clean production workshop or other special areas. Sometimes it is necessary to block the windows, and sometimes it is essential to view the production line through the windows, etc.

We can provide a hidden electric curtain placed in the double layer of the Cleanroom windows in the middle of the window glass. When you need to open it, just press the open button and it will open automatically. Also, click the close button to close it automatically. We will always design it to match your special needs.

Sunnyda Cleanroom window is used in cleanrooms where there might be the need to maintain constant temperature and humidity. As a result, these cleanroom windows are ideal for industries such as electronics, optoelectronics, microelectronics, fiber optic cables, precision machinery, biomedicine, food and beverage, aerospace, scientific research and teaching industries.

Please feel free to contact us,  then we will quote you immediately!

Big clean room window

Big clean room window


The Complete FAQs Guide Clean Room Windows

Like any other type of building, a clean room also needs windows. The windows are important for ensuring you can get the light in or view the various operations in the clean room. There are many reasons why someone would invest in clean room windows. Well, the guide below should give you an idea of what to expect when you start using clean room windows.


Why Install Clean Room Windows?

clean room window-1

Figure 1 Installed Clean Room Windows

Clean room windows are important if you want to have a source of ambient light. This is important in giving the employees the sense of being in any other normal building. It is understandable that with the many clean room restrictions, sometimes the staff can feel too constricted in the clean room. The windows will make a difference in helping the staff feel more comfortable.

Another reason for installing the clean room windows is that they can be good to give the sense of more space in the clean room. If you have been in any room with no windows, you will always feel claustrophobia. This can be remedied when the manufacturer uses the right windows for the job.

The windows are also important if other people have to oversee various projects in session. They do not have to be crowded in the clean room when they can still watch from the outside.

Since there are many clean room window types, you could always pick the right one for the job. Take your time to consult with various manufacturers to find the right option for your clean room needs.


What Are the Features of Clean Room Windows?

Below are the important clean room windows features you can get if you decide to set them up in your clean room.

Mostly easy to clean

Anyone in the market for the best clean room windows would want to know more about their cleaning needs. This is because you would have to clean these windows more often to maintain the clean room integrity.

The clean room windows are generally easy to clean. You will not have to do much to keep them clean. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them.

Keep in mind that different clean room window panes will have different cleaning needs. Some materials might be affected by alcohol cleaners, while others would not be affected. After checking this information, you would know which material to use for cleaning the clean room windows.

finished clean room window

Finished Clean Room Window


Great fire rating

Fire resistance is something important for anyone looking for the best clean room windows. It is why the manufacturers would try as much as possible to keep the clean room windows in great working condition in case of a fire. If you pick fire-rated clean room windows, the clean room walls should also be fire-resistant too. The last thing you need is a clean room wall that can easily burn down.


Maintain airtightness

Clean room windows are not just about being seen, but rather functional too. It is why they are mostly built to maintain the airtightness in your clean room. The same is also good at providing the user with good thermal insulation and heat insulation too. So, your clean room window will always maintain the clean room temperature and other parameters.


Custom options are available

Most manufacturers such as Sunnyda would have customized options too. As much as there might be the standard medical clean room window sizes, there are also other custom options. It is understandable that different clients would have different needs. As such, it is best if a manufacturer would make the correct clean room windows for your needs.


Installation is easy

The overall installation of the clean room windows is easy. Just because it is a clean room window, it does not mean that the installation would be hard. Make sure to follow the setup instructions as offered by the manufacturer. In most cases, clients would hire local contractors to help with the installation. As such, this will leave you with a correctly installed and functional clean room window just as you wanted.

To learn more features about clean room windows, consider checking out the different product catalogs. This will help you pick the correct product for your clean room.


What Materials are Used to Make Clean Room Windows?

clean room window-2

Figure 2 a Cross Section View of a Clean Room Window

The most common materials include aluminum alloy strips with a double layer 5mm thick tempered glass. The overall thickness of the window will be 50mm. Such a thickness should be great for different users who might need something to use for the various clean room walls. The thickness is also good for those who need to maintain flush mounting with the clean room wall.

The benefit of using aluminum alloy strips means you get a lightweight clean room window. You can now find it easy to install the window with ease compared to the other types of heavy windows.

Keep in mind that the window materials are not limited to aluminum alone. You can always get other materials based on your needs. The same thing applies to the window panes. You could opt for acrylic, SDPVC, polycarbonate, and more as alternatives to tempered glass.


Do Clean Room Windows Have Good Sealing and Thermal Performance?

Yes. It mostly comes down to the type of construction you get with the clean room windows. A good example is the Sunnyda clean room window. This type of window comes with the best sealing and thermal insulation performance generally.

Also, the manufacturer uses double-layer airtight window panels for keeping the temperature within the desired range. These windows can either be rounded or right-angled, depending on the user’s needs.

clean room window with black edging

clean room window with black edging

How Do Clean Room Windows Avoid Fogging?

Fogging is not good for any cleanroom. It will make it hard for people in and outside the cleanroom to see better. It is why you should consider getting yourself clean room windows with mechanisms to avoid fogging.

The common option on how to avoid fogging would be getting a double-layered clean room window filled with nitrogen and desiccants. These windows can remain clear regardless of the conditions inside the cleanroom.

So, why is nitrogen commonly used to avoid fogging? Well, nitrogen will replace the naturally occurring oxygen and further prevent moisture that can easily fog the windows. Such cleanroom windows will also need proper sealing to prevent mold and fungus development in between the two windows.

As such, you will always notice that the clean room windows are always clear. This is something great for many users to enjoy viewing inside the clean room.


Are the Clean Room Windows Customizable?

Yes. It is possible to get different clients having variable needs. So, the manufacturer has to adapt the clean room windows design to suit the client’s needs. In most cases, the clean room windows have to be made to have the same width as the clean room wall panel. This will help you get the best flush window installation.

Another option would be choosing the right material for a window panel. The options include tempered glass, SDPVC, acrylic, and more, depending on the manufacturer.

The customization also means that you can fit the window into its slot nicely. You will no longer have to cut huge holes into your clean room wall panels. As such, the installation process is mostly fast and simple. You will also notice that you end up with a beautiful finish of the clean room.

It is worth noting that clean room windows can be added to new clean rooms or replacing the existing clean room windows. Do not worry about the fitting of the windows, as the manufacturer would customize it better.


clean room window practical use

clean room window practical use

What are the Typical Clean Room Windows Clients?

Clean room windows are quite important. As such, they are special windows that you do not just fit in any room. It is why the clean room windows will be suitable for specific industries. Such include electronics, food and beverage, aerospace, scientific research, biomedicine, precision machinery, and more.

The applications can be more depending on the user’s needs. It is why sometimes you can get such windows on clean room workshops or offices.


Can You Automate Some Parts of the Clean Room Window?

clean room window-3

Figure 3 Clean Room Windows with Rounded Edges

In addition to providing you with many custom options for clean room windows, the manufacturers can also provide automation for some of the parts. Such can include automating the curtains behind the double-glazed window. The curtains can be opened or closed automatically based on your needs.

Other than the curtains, you could still have more automation based on your needs. Talk to the clean room windows manufacturer to learn more about the automation options available.


How Should You Clean the Clean Room Windows Effectively?

Of course, cleaning your clean room windows will help maintain the performance of your clean room. Below are some important tips to keep in mind when cleaning the clean room windows.

The first thing to come to mind would be using detergents or disinfectants. Start by removing as much dirt and soil first from the window surface before applying a detergent. The detergent will be a good agent for breaking more dirt that might be stuck on the window ledges and surfaces.

A disinfectant is used later for killing any possible microorganism on the window surfaces. This will leave you with the best clean room window. As such, you may have to use both disinfectants and detergents to keep the clean room windows looking great.

When cleaning your clean room windows, there are a few things you still have to consider. Check them out below;

  • Do not use the foaming detergents. The detergents should be neutral and non-ionic.
  • As for the disinfectants, get the ones the clean room guidelines recommend. Use the ones with rapid action. This means the disinfectant quickly kills the bacteria on the clean room windows and leaves them dry.


Who Makes the Best Clean Room Windows?

clean room window-4

Figure 4 A Flush Installed Clean Room Window

If you are looking for the best clean room windows, it would help if you choose the best manufacturer. The last thing you want is a manufacturer who cannot deliver on the best clean room windows. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.



The experience of the manufacturer is important. It will help you work with the best clean room windows manufacturers as you can get the best products in the end. A good example is Sunnyda, which has over 20 years’ experience in making clean room windows. So, it is best to work with such brands that know what they are doing.


Design options

The design options are important for anyone who is looking for clean room windows. You need the best design so that the clean room windows can work great for your needs. This might involve doing several customizations to the clean room windows for them to work better on your clean room. Look at the options you get from the manufacturer before deciding whether the clean room windows work great for you.



The reputation of the clean room windows manufacturer is important. If you read many negative reviews, you should not be the next victim. If you can take your time to research more about clean room windows manufacturer’s you can always end up with the best brand. Do not be in a hurry to commit to one brand when there are many others. Once you understand the brand’s reputation, you can make an informed decision.



Of course, the cost will always be a big factor for anyone looking for the best clean room windows. The most expensive does not always mean the best. Sometimes you may have to do more digging to understand more about the clean room windows cost.

Check out the product catalog or description to understand the price. What are the features that make the clean room windows expensive? Why are they cheap? Once you read the product description, you can learn more about the cost of the clean room windows.


Delivery time

The delivery time is also important when looking at who makes the best clean room windows. Look at a brand that delivers faster and does not have many negative reviews on its delivery timelines. Even if it delivers fast, the clean room windows need to have the best quality too. Do not go around using a brand that can deliver fast, but the clean room windows do not work great.

The delivery times are mostly listed on the manufacturer’s websites. This should help you understand which type of clean room manufacturer to work with at any given time.

Different types of clean room window

Different types of clean room window

Which Materials Are used to Make Window Panes of Clean Room Windows?

You may have been used to only seeing glass on clean room windows. However, not all windows are the same and you could also get many other materials being used to make the window panes. Here is a quick list of such materials.

  • Tempered glass: This is probably the most common window panel material. The material is commonly used because it is non-shedding and non-porous. It also has exceptional strength and clarity. The best part is that it will stand up to different cleaning solutions.
  • Fire-rated glass: Sometimes you may be working in a clean room with flammable liquids or powders. This means that you need more protection from such materials. At this point, you could also use the UL fire-rated glass. The clean room walls should also be made of fire-rated material to complement the clean room windows too.
  • SDPVC: This material offers the best electrostatic discharge and will prevent particle adhesion from the static charges. Having the dissipative layer in the material will also not easily peel over the years. So, it would be a nice clean room window panel material where there is the need to keep electrostatic charges to a minimum.
  • Polycarbonate: It might be plastic, but it is a strong plastic material. It is able to resist damage from common cleaning chemicals. It is still shatter-resistant to make it more durable than some other glass types.
  • Acrylic: If you are on a budget, consider this type of material. It offers good strength and clarity too even if it is an affordable clean room window material. However, be careful when cleaning acrylic since chemicals such as alcohol can easily damage it.

clean room window used in phrama

clean room window used in phrama

Framed vs. Frameless Clean Room Windows. Which to Choose?

You are likely to come across famed and frameless clean room windows when looking for such types of windows. So, what is the difference between the two?

The frameless flush mount clean room windows will have a full flush mount design. This type of design will allow the entire glass pane to be mounted flush with the wall so that you can have an easy time cleaning. Also, the glass pane will not easily scratch or degrade over the years.

The frameless flush mounts will often have a unique mounting system to keep any visible mounting hardware or fasteners at bay. This is to leave you with a clean look generally.

The framed flush mount clean room windows are also great for your clean room. They are however best for applications where less stringent measures are necessary. Even though the windows would have frames, the design still allows the glass pane to be recessed into the wall. Also, the frames have a smooth and durable surface to avoid any cases of rust thus maintaining the integrity of your clean room.


What is the Difference Between Single Glazed and Double Glazed Clean Room Window Construction?

clean room window-5

Figure 5 Differences Between Single Glazed and Double-Glazed Windows

The two main types of clean room windows are single-glazed windows and double-glazed windows. It is important to understand the differences between the two so that you know which one to get for yourself.

A single-glazed window is made using a single glass pane. This means it is only a single window panel separating the clean room and the non-clean area. Since it is only one layer, it does not always have the best insulation. Also, this type of window might be less efficient compared to an insulated wall when it comes to the amount of energy lost at any given time.

On the other hand, the double-glazed windows will have two pieces of glass with a vacuum in the middle. The vacuum between these glasses works as the insulative barrier. In addition, such glass types can also be laminated or tinted to make them even more effective. Depending on where you need to use the clean room windows, you can opt for either of the two. Sometimes you may want more an energy-efficient option, that is how you opt for a double-glazed window.



Clean room windows are great generally for those who want to maintain the cleanroom integrity. It is important to get yourself the best clean room windows from top-rated brands. Take the time to learn more about the brand before choosing its clean room windows. This will help you work with the top brands in the market. Sunnyda is here to help in case you have more questions about clean room windows.

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