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  • clean room door with vision window
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Clean Room Door

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Your Premier Clean Room Door Manufacturer in China

The Sunnyda Cleanroom door is suitable for cleanrooms of various levels. Whether you have class 100, class 1000, or class 10000 cleanrooms, we provide you with a one-stop clean room door solution.

Cleanroom doors are an important part of the cleanroom. They are responsible for sealing the controlled clean area. If they cannot work properly, the cleanroom will face a higher risk of contamination. So, choosing a professional manufacturer with renowned quality and performance in making the best cleanroom doors is very important.

Once the product is set up correctly, the cleanroom door we provide will meet all your needs. The Sunnyda clean room door standard material is made of a 1.0mm thick galvanized steel powder-coated door panel. You can also get a thickness of 50mm.

The North American standard cleanroom door is 2″ thickness with the middle section being filled with paper nests or aluminum nests. If you compare the one with the best fire rating requirements, consider the one filled with rock wool.

We use 1.2mm thick galvanized steel or powder-coated steel for the door frame. We can customize door frames with different thicknesses according to your cleanroom wall thickness. We will ensure you end up with the perfect match to meet the requirements of your cleanroom.

There is also a stainless-steel clean room door. These doors are made of either stainless steel 304, 316, or 201. These three different grades of stainless steel provide you with multiple options.

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Model SRD001 SRD002 SRD003
Material steel/304 stainless steel,1.2mm painted door frame,double-sided 1.0mm painted steel plate, steel honeycomb
Interlock system with/without
Door closer with/without
Size(mm) 900x2100mm 1500x2100mm 1800x2100mm
Color can be customized
Door leaf thickness(mm) 50mm
Door frame thickness(mm) can be customized

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White single clean room door
White Single Clean Room Door
Square vision window clean room door
Square Vision Window Clean Room Door
Hinged clean room door
Hinged Clean Room Door
Pharmaceutical clean room door
Pharmaceutical Clean Room Door
Interlock clean room door
Interlock Clean Room Door
Double clean room door
Double Clean Room Door
Sliding clean room door
Sliding Clean Room Door
Electric sliding clean room door
Electric Sliding Clean Room Door
Automatic sliding clean room door
Automatic Sliding Clean Room Door
Stainless steel clean room door
Stainless Steel Clean Room Door
Single leaf clean room door
Single Leaf Clean Room Door
Manual double steel clean room door
Manual Double Steel Clean Room Door

How to Control the Quality of the Clean Room Door

How to Control the Quality of the Clean Room Door
clean room door lock

Clean Room Door Lock

Hinge for Clean Room Door

Hinge for clean room door
Clean room door vision window

Clean Room Door Vision Window

Sealing Strip for Clean Room Door

Sealing strip for clean room door
Application for clean room door

Application for Clean Room Door

Best Choice for Clean Room Door

Best choice for clean room door

Sunnyda Clean Room Door

Whether you want to replace the existing door or start a new project clean room door, our engineers will help you get the right product. It can be based on the actual size of the frame or customize better to meet your cleanroom standards.

There are many types of Sunnyda cleanroom doors. Such include the following.

  • Manual door opening
  • Automatic door opening
  • Manual sliding door
  • Automatic sliding door
  • Fast door
  • Rolling door, etc.

These doors are all made with high strength, durability, and good sealing effects in mind. It is why it can be adapted to different environments where cleanroom doors are necessary.

The bottom of the cleanroom swing door is equipped with a self-lifting sealing strip. When the door is closed, the sealing strip will align itself to block air circulation and seal the cleanroom in each area.

As a leading manufacturer of cleanroom doors, Sunnyda will provide you with the highest standards in designing and manufacturing cleanroom doors. We will also give you the best price and fastest delivery of the same.

Call us today for more information about cleanroom doors and how best we can serve you.

double clean room door

Double-opening steel clean room door


The Complete FAQ Guide About Clean Room Doors


Before a clean room is functional, it would need more accessories. You need to install clean room doors, windows, benches, sinks, and so much more. This guide mostly focuses on the clean room doors and how you can make a great choice for your clean room. Let us see what clean room doors are all about.


What is a Clean Room Door?

clean room door-1

Figure 1 Sliding Clean Room Doors

Take a clean room door like any other door you know about. The only difference is that this door would be made to seal the controlled clean area. If the door does not work as expected, you are easy to end up with more contamination in a clean room. So, the clean room door manufacturers have to take their time to come up with high-quality clean room doors that can do a good job of keeping the contaminants out.

It is why you might get these doors having seals crucial for maintaining an airtight clean room door. The best part is that most manufacturers would allow for the customization of the clean room door so that it can work great for all your needs.


What is the Production Process for a Clean Room Door?

If you are going to end up with the best clean room door, it is best to understand the common production process. In most cases, it could involve assembling the crucial clean room door materials. These materials would ensure that you end up with a highly functional clean room door.

Add sealing strip for clean room door window

Add sealing strip for clean room door window

Like for Sunnyda, the company uses a 1.0mm thick galvanized steel material. This material is important for making the door panels. Once everything is set up on the door including the core material, the thickness can go up to 50mm. This is the thickest you can get in most cases.

As for the core material, manufacturers often use paper nests or aluminum nests. These materials are known for their thermal insulation. This is important to keep the temperatures in the clean room within the desired range.

If you hope to get the best fire rating performance, go for rock wool material. This material is also important for keeping the fire contained in case there is an outbreak. The same material is also good at keeping the noise down. So, if you want the best sound insulation in a clean room, consider rock wool as the core material.

The door panels are mostly made of 1.2mm galvanized steel or powder-coated steel. The same material can be great for the door frame. Keep in mind that the door frame and panel thickness will be mostly based on the clean room wall thickness.

Once the doors and frames are produced, they have to go through different inspections to ensure they are working as expected. The last thing a manufacturer wants is complaints from the client that the door is not sealing correctly.

Whether you are looking to start a new project of clean room doors or you need to replace the existing clean room doors, there are many options available. Just make sure to take your time to consult even further before settling for one clean room door manufacturer.


Which Types of Clean Rooms Can Use Clean Room Door?

clean room door-2

Figure 2 Hinged Clean Room Doors

As the name suggests, clean room doors need to deliver on the performance expected for a clean room. This means it needs to provide an easy entrance into the clean room while at the same time prevent contamination where necessary.

So, which clean room types could use clean room doors? Well, it should be all clean room levels. Keep in mind that the clean room levels vary a lot. They are mostly based on the cleanliness level. They are also classified from ISO1 to ISO 8.

ISO 1 clean rooms are the cleanest and mostly used in industries such as life sciences and electronics. To help maintain their level of cleanliness, these clean rooms will have an average air change of 500 to 760 per hour. As for IS0 8 clean rooms, the air change is 5 to 60 per hour. It is easy to see how clean room doors for ISO 1 and ISO 8 clean rooms would be different. One needs to be better to help maintain the overall cleanliness of the clean room.


What Materials Are Used to Make the Clean Room Doors?

Clean room doors can be made of many materials. However, the most common options are galvanized steel and powder-coated steel. These materials are loved because of their overall performance against corrosion and keeping the clean room doors strong generally.

The biggest difference between galvanized steel and powder-coated steel is how the protection works. For galvanization, the surface will absorb the corrosive materials before they reach the steel material. As for powder coating, it provides a protective barrier that keeps the destructive materials from easily penetrating the surface.

The choice between the two options is mostly based on the cost. Galvanized steel would always offer low maintenance costs over the years. However, if the powder coating is done right, it can also have the best durability for years.

As for the core materials, you have the option of aluminum nests and paper nests. You could still get rock wool or EPS where fire resistance is important to further protect your clean room in case of a fire outbreak.

stainless steel and steel clean room door

Stainless steel and steel clean room door

What is the Difference Between Stainless Steel Grades 304, 316, and 201 clean room doors?

When you are buying clean room doors, you are likely to come across different types of materials used in the production process. Stainless steel is a top choice. The most common stainless steel grade is 304, 316, and 201. So, what is the difference between these materials and where best can you use them?

Grade 304

This is the most common type of stainless steel. It is a general-purpose material. That is why you are likely to come across it even in your house. It is often used to make kitchen utensils, appliances, and so much more.

It also contains higher levels of nickel content than the other grades of stainless steel. This nickel component can make the steel less susceptible to cases of corrosion.

Most people find it generally affordable. It is why it would also be a great choice for those on a budget and need clean room doors.


Grade 201

The prices of nickel important for making grade 304 raised the prices of such a grade of stainless steel. It is why grade 201 was developed. It led to cheaper stainless steel that would replace 304 while at the same time keep the prices down.

As much as it is a cheaper option, it still works great for various environments. It is known to have higher levels of manganese that makes it stronger and great for cold environments.

Since it does not have much nickel, it is not very effective at preventing corrosion. So, in case your clean room would be a highly corrosive environment, this would not be the best option for you.

Grade 316

This is the top-tier grade to get if you have highly corrosive environments. It has the highest nickel component. It is expected that it would cost more because of its compounds. However, the cost is still worth every penny.

The 316 also has molybdenum that the 304 lacks. This is crucial for fighting corrosion. It is why you would use such clean room doors for areas with chloride and saline exposure.

Now that you know the differences between these materials, let the choice be based on the applications. In cases where you would have more corrosion agents, it is best to spend extra and get the clean room door made of grade 316 stainless steel.


What Types of Clean Room Doors are Available?

clean room door-3

Figure 3 Using Clean Room Doors

Different manufacturers would have different types of clean room doors. However, most of them fall under the following types of clean room doors.

  • Manual door opening
  • Automatic door opening
  • Manual sliding door
  • Fast door
  • Rolling door

There can be many other types available. It comes down to what you need as the best clean room doors. This is mostly because the manufacturers can add more accessories to the doors to improve their operations. A good example is the automatic doors. They would have multiple accessories crucial for making it easier to open and close the door. Also, they can help in minimizing cases of contamination.

Can the Clean Room Doors Help Maintain Clean Room Class Level?

Yes. The clean room doors serve an important role of maintaining the performance of the clean room. It is why the manufacturer would ensure the doors are high strength, durable, and have good sealing effects. Also, the doors can be adapted to different environments where clean room doors might be necessary.

A good feature of most clean room doors to help maintain clean room class level is having a self-lifting sealing strip. This strip is important for aligning itself so that it can blow air from the outside from getting into the clean area. Generally, you should have confidence that your clean room level would be maintained better.

clean room door with vision window

Round and square vision window for clean room door


How Can You Pick the Best Clean Room Doors?

Having the best clean room doors can help a lot in making sure your clean room works great. It is why you may want to keep the following factors in mind when picking the best clean room door.


Flush fitting

Flush fitting is something important for any clean room accessory. It is not just the clean room doors, but also the windows, and much more. Flush installation means that the doors can remain flat with clean room wall panels. This will help meet the compliance standards and keep the clean room clean.


Ease of integration

In this case, it is the way you install the clean room door. It should be designed to be for installation and also compatible with the various wall systems already existing. There is no doubt you should have an easy time installing the clean room doors once the manufacturer understands what kind of wall system you have. Also, the size is important. Not all clean room door spaces would be the same size. Tell the manufacturer about the size of the door so that you can get the right size.


Resistant to most cleaning chemicals

Clean rooms sometimes have to be cleaned using strong chemicals. This is because of the need for maintaining high levels of cleanliness. In such a case, the materials used to make the clean room doors should be good enough to withstand the use of strong cleaning chemicals. The best part is that most manufacturers would use stainless steel that can withstand such chemicals. More research might be necessary to find the best clean room door material.



Depending on the type of clean room and operations inside, sometimes there can be more traffic in and out of the clean room. It is because of such traffic that you would want to ensure that you get a model with the best impact resistance. It should also be highly durable so that it can stay useful for many years down the line.



Another thing you have to keep in mind is the price. We all know that clean room accessories are not the cheapest. This is because they have to be adapted to suit the needs of the clean room. Even if you expect to spend more on a clean room door, it should be worth the price. This might mean checking out the features of the clean room door to see if it is worth the price.


Why Should You Consider the Rolling Clean Room Doors?

clean room door-4

Figure 4 Installing Clean Room Door Frame

Rollup clean room doors are the latest trend in clean room door manufacturing. This might be because the clean room has decreased footprint and it still needs a clean room door. So, the rollup door might be a nice choice to consider generally.

The new generation rollup doors will have anti-microbial materials and other cleanroom upgrades. These features are crucial to make the roll-up clean room doors good for different clean rooms.

They would also have tight sealing and high cycle speeds for making them suitable for various clean room types. Even with their roll-up mechanism, they can still be fast to minimize air intrusion while at the same time increase productivity.

So, if you are ever in the market for a different design for a clean room door, this one is still a great option to consider.


How Much Will It Cost to Get Clean Room Doors?

The cost of clean room doors varies a lot based on the manufacturer, accessories, design, and so much more. It is why there are times you may have to pay more. However, on average, the price will range from $100 to over $1000, depending on the customizations. Always take your time to check out the different clean room doors to understand the possible price. Also, get quotes from various suppliers and choose the competitive quote based on the features of the clean room doors.

stainless steel clean room door

Stainless steel clean room door with frame

Is There Anything Special About Clean Room Door Hinges?

When you are buying clean room doors, one thing that will be different from the regular doors is the hinges. The clean room door hinges are designed to work great in clean area while at the same time limit or prevent cases of particle emissions.

In most cases, the metals used in making these hinges will not have particle contamination. The best part is that these hinges would also be kept smooth, easy to move, and so much more. The chances of squeaks are kept to a minimum as much as possible. Still, some would have plastic bushings important to prevent any cases of minute dust particles that might affect the clean area.


The Clean Room Door Hinges are Squeaky. What Are the Remedies?

Like any other door hinge, the clean room door hinge is also likely to get squeaky with time. When this happens, it is advisable to get yourself some lubricating oil crucial for improving the performance of the clean room door.

There are several options you will have when looking to improve the performance of your door hinge. You could use hinge oil, white lithium grease, or silicone spray. Silicone spray is probably the easiest to use, but it will not have a long-lasting effect as grease. Use the spray properly to minimize the mess.

Sometimes you may have a rusty hinge. Such a hinge would need proper lubrication to keep it working great. Using door hinge oil should be good to quiet it down with little effort. If the rust is too deep, you may have to use penetrating oil to get deep into the hinge.


Why Choose Sunnyda Clean Room Doors?

clean room door-5

Figure 5 Cleaning the Clean Room Doors

If you are not sure about where to start looking for clean room doors, consider Sunnyda. This is a top brand with years of experience in the sector. Here are more reasons why you may want to consider the brand.

  • There is a wide range of door styles available. This means that you can always get the best clean room door based on your needs.
  • The company offers customization options. This is based on the material, size, and so many other accessories. There is no doubt you would want to get the right clean room door ideal for your clean room.
  • The doors are largely strong and durable. You are looking at years of use of the doors without the need of replacing them any time soon.
  • Many positive reviews about the brand should be a great indicator that you are buying something high quality. The company also has an exceptional warranty to give you peace of mind when using its products.
  • The customer support team is ready to help you learn more about clean room doors and other clean room products. As such, you would be sure to end up with the right clean room door that you need.


What are Some of the Important Clean Room Door Accessories?

You are likely to come across different types of clean room door accessories while in search of the best clean room door. Here is a quick list of the common clean room door accessories.

  • Specialized hinges
  • Door closers
  • Press and open knobs
  • Push-pull knobs
  • Fixed knob
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Fixed handles
  • Panic push bar
  • Floor fitted air-stop

The list above is just a few of the accessories you can get with clean room doors. They can be more depending on the clean room door manufacturer.

clean room door color options

Color options for clean room door

What are the Color Options of Powder Coating finish can You Get with a Clean Room Door?

You can always get different color options. You are likely to be limited by your imagination. This is because most manufacturers allow the users to customize the color for powder coating the stainless steel doors. You may opt for colors that would be great for your overall company color theme. So, the color options should never be an issue when looking for the best clean room doors.


What is the Difference Between Manual Clean Room Doors and Automatic Clean Room Doors?

You could say that the biggest difference is the opening mechanism. The manual clean room doors mostly need the user to push them manually to open. This means more people would be touching the clean room door. As such, there is the risk of more contamination. It is why more clean rooms are switching to automatic clean room doors.

With the automatic clean room doors, you will have the option of opening the doors using sensors or buttons. Some doors can sense when you are close to the doors and open automatically. This is important to reduce the need for worrying about more contamination when more people are using the same clean room door all the time.


Can a Clean Room Door Have Window for Monitoring Clean Room Activities?

As part of customizing the clean room door, you have the option of adding a window into the door. The window can be great for checking out the different operations going on in the clean room. Most of the time, the window would be made of tempered glass. However, there can be other materials depending on the client’s needs.



As you can see, clean room doors are crucial for any clean room to have today. Go ahead to ensure that the clean room door comes from a top brand. It gives you the assurance you are buying a high-quality clean room door. If you have any more questions, talk to Sunnyda for more details. The customer support team is ready to help you further.

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