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  • Double opening Operating Room Door
  • Stainless steel Operating Room Door
  • Hermetic Operating Room Door
  • Operating Room Door with foot sensoring

Operating Room Door

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The Sunnyda Operating room door is also called the surgery room door. It is designed for aseptic and air-tight clean space. It is mainly used in hospital operating rooms, clean wards, laboratories, infectious wards, clean workshops, etc.

We have 20 years of manufacturing experience in making operating room doors. If you are looking for a professional operating room door supplier, you are in the right place. We can provide you with a complete door solution.

The core material of Sunnyda Operating room door can be aluminum honeycomb, rock wool or PU. The door surface materials are made of different materials such as fireproof board, electrolytic sprayed steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, galvanized steel plate with PVC film, aluminum-plastic board, etc. As such, you should have multiple choices.

Operating room automatic sliding door uses internationally renowned brand motors. It is also stable, safe, and quiet. This is because the door has a super sound insulation effect. The operating room door opens and closes quickly to keep air circulation to a minimum. Such a design can prevent cold wind and dust from entering the clean room. This also helps the clean room maintain constant humidity and temperature range.

The Sunnyda Operating room door has a humanized barrier-free design, which allows patients and carts to pass safely. This design also provides the greatest possible convenience and safety.

Don’t hesitate anymore, contact us today and order the Operating room door from a top brand.

Model ORD001 ORD002 ORD003
Size(mm) 900×2100 1200×2100 1500×2100
Opening speed(mm/s) 250-550
Closing speed(mm/s) 250-550
Open time(s) 2-20
Power supply 110-240V/50-60HZ
Control system switch/foot sensor

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Dynamic Operating Room Door
Dynamic Operating Room Door
Automatic Operating Room Door
Automatic Operating Room Door
Fast Opening Operating Room Door
Fast Opening Operating Room Door
GMP Standard Operating Room Door
GMP Standard Operating Room Door
304 Stainless Steel Operating Room Door
304 Stainless Steel Operating Room Door
Double Swing Operating Room Door
Double Swing Operating Room Door
Remote Control Operating Room Door
Remote Control Operating Room Door
Intelligent Operating Room Door
Intelligent Operating Room Door
Smart Operating Room Door
Smart Operating Room Door
Portable Operating Room Door
Portable Operating Room Door
Customized Operating Room Door
Customized Operating Room Door
Modular Operating Room Door
Modular Operating Room Door

How to Control the Quality of the Operating Room Door

How to Control the Quality of the Operating Room Door
Operating Room Door vision window

Operating Room Door Vision Window

Operating Room Door Rail

Operating Room Door rail
Operating Room Door handle

Operating Room Door Handle

Application for Operating Room Door

Application for Operating Room Door
Best quality for operating room door

Best Quality for Operating Room Door

Sunnyda Operating Room Door

Our Operating room door is equipped with a foot sensor switch too. The medical staff only need to put their feet into the switch box, and the automatic door can open or close. In addition, we can also equip the door with a touch-free hand sensor switch. The door frame can also have a fire safety light to ensure safe passage.

Sunnyda can produce the best size of operating door you require even if you have various special requirements. Sunny will also ship and deliver quickly, no matter how small the order. We understand this is a project that supports your operating room so we move with speed to make the best doors for you.

The door frame, door, and motor of the Operating room door have undergone countless repeated tests before shipment. We also ensure 100% quality before packaging and shipping of the doors. Our Operating room doors are durable and easy to assemble or disassemble. You only need some simple installation tools to assemble our operating room doors quickly.

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What is an Operating Room Door? The Complete Guide to Operating Room Doors

operating room door-1
Figure 1 An Installed Operating Room Door

Hospital doors are mostly named after the rooms they are set upon. A good example is the operating room door. So far, it would be easy to know where best you would get such a type of door.

If this is the first time you are coming across this type of door, this guide will help you to learn more. This is crucial to help anyone pick the best operating room door. Let us dive into the guide already.


What is an Operating Room Door?

An operating room door is also referred to as a surgery room door. Such a room is designed to help seal the operating room so that it remains clean all the time. As such, operating room doors will be great for aseptic and air-tight clean spaces.

Due to the operating room doors’ design and operations, they are popularly used for hospital operating rooms, labs, clean wards, infectious wards, clean workshops, and more.

So long as there is a need to maintain a clean area, an operating room door can come in handy.

Operating room doors are crucial, so you would want someone who has experience making the best operating room doors. That is how Sunnyda comes into play. The company has 20 years experience in making such types of doors. As such, you are sure it is a professional manufacturer working on your order all the time.

stainless steel operating room door

Stainless Steel Operating Room Door

What Materials Are Used to Make the Core of the Operating Room Doors?

The operating room doors’ core materials are curial for making the door good at its working principles. It is why these materials would be aluminum honeycomb, PU, and Rockwool. Each of these materials has many benefits the user could use when working on a project.


Aluminum honeycomb

The biggest advantage of the aluminum honeycomb is that it is of high strength and still offers good rigidity all the time. This means that it can withstand more force applied to it compared to some other thin sheets of materials.

We all know that aluminum is also lightweight and low density. It is why you should find it is a top choice for operating room doors, as it would be easier to set it up if it is lightweight.

Many people would also go for it since it is more resistant to vibration damping and impact. It is still good in terms of sound and heat insulation. These are key benefits a hospital would want.



This is another popular material as the core material for the operating room door. This type of material is known to have better insulation performance than fiberglass material. Since the insulation is better, it can help in maintaining the temperature inside the operating room.

It is still moisture-resistant, so it will be good at keeping the operating room dryer and prevents any possible degradation of the operating room door by the elements.

Rockwool is also good at fire-resistance. It can withstand fire for hours. It is more reason several hospitals would use it if they want fire-rated operating room doors.


PU core material

The PU core material is also a top choice for those who need more versatility. This is because the material can be shaped into different designs to suit your hospital doors’ needs. It is still good at reducing noise penetration. As such, it would be great for an operating room.

The material is still less expensive than the other materials mentioned above. As such, it will be a great choice to continue having a better time working

If you want a different type of core material, talk to the manufacturer to see what is available. Sometimes you can end up with the best operating room door once the manufacturer has all the specifications you need to be included.


What Materials Are Used to Make the Surfaces of the Operating Room Doors?

operating room door-2

Figure 2 A Sliding Operating Room Door

These types of doors could be made of various materials, depending on the client’s needs. Some of the top options include fireproof board, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, aluminum-plastic board, electrolytic-plastic board, and more.

These materials are all made to meet any operating room conditions. This is important since they are crucial for maintaining the environment inside the operating room.

Since there are many materials available, a manufacturer can customize the door surface to suit the applications better. Sunnyda can still help you pick the best material in case you are not sure where to start.


Why Are Automatic Operating Room Doors Now Common?

It is no secret that more companies are also opting for automatic operating room doors. These doors are loved for being stable, quiet, and safe. As such, their operation is generally better compared to the manual operating doors you might have used before.

The automatic operating room sliding doors are also paired with high-quality motors. These are motors designed to enable the operating room doors to work great regardless of the many opening times. You are likely to get years of use from the motors before there is a need for replacing them. The manufacturers also provide the user with all the important maintenance schedules to follow, ensuring that the operating room door works great for a long.

These doors are also convenient for maintaining cleanliness in the operating room. This is because they open and close quickly. This keeps the entrance of wind and dust into the operating room to a minimum. That is not all as the same operating mechanism will help maintain the constant humidity and temperature range of the operating room.

Automatic Operating Room Door

Automatic Operating Room Door

How Does an Operating Room Door Improve Convenience and Safety?

It often comes down to the design of the operating room door. Like for Sunnyda, the manufacturer includes a humanized barrier-free design. This type of design will allow the patients and the carts to pass through the door safely.

Some manufacturers would implement more types of features and accessories to generally make the overall use of the operating door easier.

The client can also help in designing the operating room door too. The clients would offer design cues on what they need to be included in the operating room door to make it safe and convenient.


What is the Purpose of a Foot Sensor Switch on an Operating Room Door?

The foot sensor switch is something that has caught the operating room door industry by storm. More people are in the market for such a design because it allows the medical staff to open the doors with ease. The staff only has to put their foot into the switch box, and the door opens or closes automatically. There will be no need of touching the door physically; thus, reducing the chances of contamination.

You can also get the option of equipping the door with a touch-free sensor switch for the hands rather than the feet. This can also be a great option for automating the operations of the operating room door.

The door frame could also have a fire safety light for ensuring safe passage for the patients and the staff.

Operating Room Door Handle

Operating Room Door Handle

What other Accessories Does an Operating Room Door Have?

The accessories can usually vary from one client to another. However, some will often be the same across different clients. The common options as accessories will include motors and rails for sliding doors, opening and closing sensors for automated doors, unique handles to keep the contamination of the operating room doors to a minimum, locks where necessary, and heavy-duty hinges.


How Hard Is It to Assemble Operating Room Doors?

operating room door-3

Figure 3 An Automatic Operating Room Door

No. Most of the time, the doors are shipped from the manufacturer, with most of the parts assembled. You might need to get a local contractor to help with the installation of the operating room door. This ensures you never have to worry about setting it up incorrectly. This is important, especially when installing the automatic operating room door. This is because it would have many moving parts.

Most manufacturers would also have comprehensive installation guides for you to follow. As such, you can get the operating room door knowing it would not be hard to have it up and running in no time.

With some simple installation tools plus the manual, the assembly and disassembly can be done faster.


How to Choose the Best Operating Room Doors

operating room door-4

Figure 4 A Foot Sensor for Opening Operating Room Doors

If you are new to using the operating room doors, sometimes you might not be sure how to pick the best operating room doors. So, what is the best choice? Here are some quick tips for choosing the best operating doors.


Type of door

There are many types of operating room doors available in the market. The common options include sliding doors, hermetic doors, swing doors, and more. Each of these door types would have a specific use when you decide to set them up in an operating room.

The swing door might have always been the most common option, but now more hospitals are also going for the automatic sliding doors. This means that the surgeons do not have to touch the doors before getting into the operating room.

Other than the sliding doors, you can also get the hermetic doors. These are specialized operating room doors to help achieve specific cleanliness levels. It is why more hospitals would consider investing in such doors to maintain their operating rooms in the best working conditions.



Of course, the material used to make the operating room doors will always determine its performance. It is why manufacturers will have materials such as stainless steel, aluminum-plastic boards, and more. Having multiple options to consider means you never have to worry that the operating room would not work as expected.

Always ask if there are any additional materials the manufacturer can offer. This is because some manufacturers can customize the operating room doors.



The manufacturer’s reputation can also be a big consideration. It does not hurt to take your time going through the different reviews about the manufacturers ensuring that you are working with the best in the sector.

Also, look at the different operating room doors the manufacturer can offer. If you can get a model made of high-quality materials, then you know it is a brand you can trust.

Manufacture for operating room door

Manufacture for Operating Room Door


Like any other type of hospital door, there will always be a need for maintenance to keep the operating room door working correctly. If that is the case, you need to consider checking out the product description in detail. This will give you an idea about what kind of maintenance you can expect. Most operating room doors would need regular lubrication of the hinges, rollers, and related parts.



If you are going to help the operating room work better, the size should be right. As much as there might be standard sizes for operating room doors, you may want to consider the size options too. If the manufacturer can offer customizable options, then it would be better to get something that suits your operating room.


How Often Should You Perform Maintenance on an Operating Room Door?

Maintenance is something you can do at specific intervals. There are some things to do weekly, some after a month, and others annually. As such, you will generally have an easy time keeping your operating room doors in good working condition.

The manufacturers will have the recommended maintenances you need to do based on the type of door that you get for yourself. You can always contact the manufacturer in case you are not sure about which maintenance you need to handle.


Why is Wood No Longer a Top Choice for Operating Room Doors?

operating room door-5

Figure 5 A Wooden Operating Room Door

The operating room door is likely to get contaminated easily because of the number of people touching it. As such, there is a need to have a door that will not easily get dirty, leading to more contaminations in the operating room. It is why more hospitals are switching out the wooden operating doors to better materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and even PVC.

So, what is this the case?

  • The alternative materials are less likely to provide a breeding environment for bacteria and mold to accumulate. This is because such doors will not have gaps as wood.
  • These materials are also less likely to chip easily. Think about an operating door made of stainless steel. Such a material does not chip compared to materials such as wood. Also, it will retain its clean look for many years down the line.
  • The alternatives are also lighter than wood. Take an example of an operating room door made of stainless-steel surface with rock wool as the core material. It will be lighter than any other wooden door you might already have in place.
  • The operating room doors made of wood tend to be porous. This means that wood can absorb moisture and swell. As such, the doors would not work great as expected as they have already warped out of shape.
  • Using stainless steel is a top consideration since this material is easy to disinfect. It is expected that an operating room door would have the best-disinfected doors. The use of stainless steel in place of wood ensures the operating room can always work great as you want.
  • The alternative materials can withstand harsh chemicals better. The same cannot be said for the wooden doors. Even when the sealed or laminated wooden doors might chip with time. When this happens, they can no longer withstand the harsh chemicals used to disinfect the operating room doors.

Hermetic operating room door

Hermetic Operating Room Door

What Type of Door is Used for Operating Rooms?

The operating room doors are mostly designed to be hermetically sealed doors. Such doors are important for maintaining a clean working area in the operating room. Besides keeping the operating rooms clean, the manufacturer also ensures that the pressure is correctly controlled. Understandably, there can be various operations done in the operating room, thus ensuring that the pressure inside is maintained within the correct range.

To ensure these doors remain hermetic, the manufacturers would use special rubber seals with rounded profiles too. As such, the doors would keep the contaminants out as much as possible.

These doors are also available as automatic or manual doors. Go ahead to choose the one you feel would be great for your operating room operations.


How Often and How Long Should an Operating Room Door Stay Open?

The operating room needs to operate within specific parameters. It is why the number of times the doors can be opened and how long they can stay open is often limited. It is hard to pinpoint the exact time to keep the door open, but this is something the client can adjust. The manufacturers will allow you to make such adjustments so that the operating door can work within your parameters.

Consult with your operating room door manufacturer to understand if there are more options when it comes to adjusting such parameters.



The operating room door does not have to be complicated. What is important is that the door remains functional. This will generally help the operating room work better as expected. If you want a top manufacturer of operating room doors, talk to Sunnyda to help you further.

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