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  • HPL hospital door
  • hospital door use in operating room
  • hospital door with protective bar
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Hospital Door

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The Sunnyda Hospital door service is a series of Hospital doors dedicated to hospital operating rooms, outpatient rooms, emergency rooms, ward areas, radiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. There are many different types, such as hospital swing doors, hospital sliding doors, hospital double doors, hospital corridor doors, hospital fire doors, ICU door, surgery room door, operating room door, automatic swing door, electric sliding door, anti-radiation door etc…

The Sunnyda Hospital door is suitable for various types of hospitals. If you are looking for high-quality Hospital doors, you are in the right place, as Sunnyda will help you make a good choice. We provide various sizes of Hospital doors, and you can also customize them according to your size and needs

Sunnyda makes doors of different sizes for various hospital projects. It does not matter how thick your wall is, how high your door is, or what material your wall is, we will always provide you with the perfect solution.

Sunnyda Hospital doors are made of steel material. The surface of the steel doors can be made in various colors through high-temperature electrostatic spraying. In addition, there are stainless steel grades such as 304 and 316. The hospital doors can also be made of wood (HPL) materials.

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Model HD001 HD002 HD003
Material steel/304 stainless steel,1.2mm painted door frame,double-sided 1.0mm painted steel plate, steel honeycomb
Interlock system with/without
Door closer with/without
Size(mm) 900x2100mm 1500x2100mm 1800x2100mm
Color can be customized
Door leaf thickness(mm) 50mm
Door frame thickness(mm) can be customized

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Hospital door with protective bar
Hospital Door with Protective Bar
Hospital door with round vision window
Hospital Door with Round Vision Window
Single hospital steel door
Single Hospital Steel Door
Hospital room door
Hospital Room Door
Hospital double doors
Hospital Double Doors
Hospital patient room doors
Hospital Patient Room Doors
Hospital fireproof doors
Hospital Fireproof Doors
ICU hospital door
ICU Hospital Door
Automatic hospital swing door
Automatic Hospital Swing Door
Hospital hermetic sliding door
Hospital Hermetic Sliding Door
Hospital door for medical use
Hospital Door for Medical Use
Modular hospital door
Modular Hospital Door

How to Control the Quality of the Hospital Door

Hospital Door Handle

Hospital Door Rail

Hospital door rail
Motor for Hospital Door

Motor for Hospital Door

Vision Window for Hospital Door

Vision window for hospital door
Application for hospital door

Application for Hospital Door

Quality Assurance for Hospital Door

Quality assurance for hospital door

Sunnyda Hospital Door

Our Hospital door is 50mm thick with the glass observation window being strip, square, or ring in shape. The size and shape can also be customized according to your requirements to meet your special requirements.

The door lock is made of 304 stainless steel split type, with a safe U-shaped handle that is comfortable to hold and will not scratch easily.

The hinges of the hospital door are made of 304 stainless steel too. This makes them convenient for loading and unloading without embroidering. The hinges can be opened more than 800,000 times without much of a problem.

Sunnyda Hospital door has a flat surface, which meets various technical requirements such as fire stability, integrity, and heat insulation, and complies with 9001, CE material standards.

The Hospital door is superior to similar products in terms of its own weight and thickness. Our high-quality antibacterial Hospital door will also meet your different budgets and will save you money in the long run.

Sunnyda is a leading Hospital door manufacturer!


A Comprehensive FAQs Guide to Hospital Door

Hospital doors are nothing new. You can get them in different hospitals anywhere in the world. However, why are they different? And What makes them a top choice for the healthcare system? These and more questions are adequately answered in the guide below.


What is a Hospital Door?

hospital door-1

Figure 1 Installed Hospital Doors

The hospital doors, as the name suggests, will be commonly found in hospitals. They are dedicated to helping create the right environment that the hospitals need for proper operations. It is why they are commonly used for operating rooms, outpatient rooms, emergency rooms, ward areas, pediatrics, and more. So long as a door is necessary for a healthcare system, the hospital door would be a top choice.


What are the Types of Hospital Doors?

There are multiple options when it comes to hospital doors. They include the following;

  • Hospital swing doors
  • Hospital sliding doors
  • Hospital double doors
  • Hospital corridor doors
  • Hospital fire doors
  • ICU doors
  • Surgery room door
  • Automatic swing door

The list can go on for longer depending on where the door would mostly be used. What is important is that the door provides the best performance based on the needs at hand.

hospital door design

Hospital door design

What Are the Features of the Hospital Doors?

Hospital doors are great in different ways that drive more people to consider getting them. Here are quick features you should know about hospital doors.


Various types available

It does not matter the manufacturer as you will always get the manufacturer having multiple types of hospital doors. The idea is to help the users pick the best hospital doors that would make the hospital environment safe to treat the patients.

Even if you might get the doors being named after the rooms they are installed, they should not confuse you much since they are still both hospital doors.

Customizable size

Understandably, different clients would have different needs. It is why the hospital doors would have different size options also to consider. That is not a problem for most people. They know that the hospital doors they get from the manufacturer will still be great for installing in their hospitals.


Made of strong materials

The most common material of choice is stainless steel. This material stands out for being high quality and can be shaped into different forms to suit the client’s needs. As such, you can be sure that the hospital door you are buying will be quite durable.

No one wants to keep buying new hospital doors every few months. It is why more people would be willing to spend more to get the best hospital door.

hospital door use in operating room

Hospital door use in operating room

Could have an observation window

Sometimes you might have to monitor the activities inside the hospital room. That is why you need an observation window. It is not a must to have one, but it is worth knowing that it would be available if you ever want to use it.

The window materials can vary. Some manufacturers would use glass while others use other materials safe for your hospital door.


Unique handle design

If you have ever watched the door locks and handles on a hospital door, you might notice they are different from what you are used to using in normal doors. The door locks are mostly made of stainless steel as a way of keeping them from corroding easily. Also, the handle will be U-shaped so that it is comfortable to hold and still minimizes contaminants from building up.



Affordability is another reason to get yourself a hospital door. You just have to ensure that the hospital door is from a top brand. No one wants to pay so much for a hospital door that cannot work great. Sunnyda is a nice place to start looking for the best hospital door. You can also get some good deals on the same.


What is the Size of a Hospital Door?

cleanroom sliding door-4

Figure 2 Hospital Doors with Sanitizer Dispenser Handles


The hospital doors can have varying sizes, depending on where they would be used. To help you understand more about the size, the stand hospital bed is around 39 inches wide. It is for this reason that most hospital doors’ width requirements would be more than 49 inches. This will allow for the wheeling in of the hospital bed even if it is carrying a patient.

If you are in the market for the best hospital door, make sure that the manufacturer understands your size needs. In most cases, you can get proper customization of the hospital door to suit your needs better.


Which Materials are Used to Make Hospital Doors?

Hospital doors are mostly made of stainless steel and wood materials. The stainless-steel material is mostly of grade 304 and 316. People often associate stainless steel with the best performance, so it is why it gets used so much to make the hospital doors.

Wood might not be so popular today as it used to be before. With the improvement and introduction of more materials, more hospitals are switching from the use of wood for hospital doors. However, they are still available if that is something you want.


Stainless Steel 304 vs. 316. Which is Better for Hospital Doors?

As much as hospital doors are made using stainless steel 304 or 316, these two grades have some differences.

When you look at both 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, they look similar. You might not even know how to differentiate them. They are still both non-magnetic, resist corrosion, durable, and can easily be formed or fabricated into different shapes.

The biggest difference is in their structure. This is because the 316 grade will have added molybdenum. This material is important to increase the corrosion resistance of the steel. As such, this makes it great for acidic environments.

The 304 stainless steel is less expensive than the 316-grade. It is thus used commonly for kitchen applications. Such includes making appliances, pans, pots, flatware, and other appliances. The same is also suitable for liquid storage. You should now easily find it in the food processing sector too. Well, this grade is also good for making hospital doors too.

The 316-grade having additional molybdenum makes it more resistant to corrosive environments. So, if the hospital room is likely to have acids or related supplies, consider using the 316-grade model. This material would also be great for seawater environments and marine applications too. Since it is also resistant to oxidations, it is a great choice for industries such as paper manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and surgical instrumentation.

As much as the cost difference between these two grades can sometimes affect how you choose, always consider the environment where the hospital door would be used. You could also seek further guidance from the support team to help you pick the right product.

single hospital door

Single hospital door

What Makes the Hospital Door Hinges Great?

As you already probably know, the hinges of hospital doors have to be made better to withstand the number of times they have to be opened in a day. Sometimes these doors have to be opened hundreds of times. It is more reason to get yourself the best hospital door hinges.

A good hinge should last more than 800,000 opening times without a problem. That is something Sunnyda can help create.

Also, these hinges would be made of strong 304 stainless steel material. Such material is great for ensuring you end up with the best hospital door hinges that last longer and still do not squeak all the time. Sometimes you may have to consider lubricating the hinges as part of maintenance to ensure you end up with the best working door hinges.


What is the Cost of Hospital Doors?

The cost varies a lot based on size, the material used, and accessories the manufacturer might use to make the hospital door. It is why the cost can be as low as $100 to as high as $2000. The working mechanism can also vary a lot. This is because they can be doors on hinges while others are sliding doors. As such, you need to get yourself the right door for your budget and still apply.


What are Most Common Hospital Door Accessories?

hospital door-3

Figure 3 Hospital Door with a Unique Handle

Yes, not all hospitals will have the same layout, needs, and budget. It is why the hospital doors have to be different with more accessories whenever necessary. The most common thing to use as an accessory is the windows. They are crucial for seeing what is on the other side of the door.

Locks are still an option too. There are times when you might need door locks on the hospital door, while other times, they are unnecessary.

The mounting options are also worth checking out as accessories. The most common mounting option is the use of swing doors. They do not need a lot of work to set up. Another option would be the sliding door. For this one, it has to be mounted correctly if you want it to slide effortlessly.

Another option as an accessory is the spring buffer. These buffers are pre-tensioned springs that absorb the impact from the doors so that they can open gently still even under stress. By using the spring buggers, the door can open uniformly regardless of the pressure that you use. You can also preserve the door against any heavy impacts.

One thing is for sure; the accessories will always be many. You may have to talk to the manufacturer to learn more about the available hospital door accessories.


Why is the Hospital Door Handles Different from Normal Designs?

The hospital door handles are different because of their area of operation. Several studies have been carried out to see why such door handles have to be designed in a specific manner. These studies looked at the frequency of opening the door and the degree of contamination. The push plate designs and the pull handles were the ones commonly studied. They found that the pull handles would have a lot more contamination than the push plates. However, the degree of contamination was also more based on the number of times when the door is opened.

Then some areas, such as the clinical areas, would have more contaminants than the ICUs. So, some handles would be ideal for some rooms while others not so much.

Do not worry, as any good hospital door manufacturer would advise you to pick the correct hospital door for the job.


What are the Best Ways to Maintain a Hospital Door?

clean room door-5

Figure 4 Cleaning of a Hospital Door

Hospital door maintenance is crucial if you want it to be in good working condition always. A good example is when the hospital invests in fire-rated doors. These are doors that would stand up to any fire outbreaks to keep the patients safe before evacuation.

In such a case, the hospital should have a designated inspector who checks the hospital doors to ensure they are working as expected.

It is common to have routine checks weekly for busy routes. These are hospital doors that are often opened hundreds of times per day. The main entrances and corridor doors could use a monthly inspection to check their functionality. As for the quieter areas, office doors, and plant rooms, they could use annual inspections.

The good thing about inspections is that they can always help the hospital maintain its doors better.

The inspector should also maintain the hinges, door locks, and handles. They can sometimes be forgotten when they are important in the operations of the door.

Let us say that the door starts to squeak each time you open it. This is something you should address as soon as possible. The same applies to locks that are likely to get jammed when you need to get into a room.

Also, a wipe down of the doors more often can help a lot in ensuring that hospital doors remain clean all the time. The last thing a hospital need is the build-up of bacteria on the hospital doors. This is especially on the door handles. Daily cleaning of such parts is highly welcomed.


Should Hospital Doors be Fire Resistant? And Why?

Safety issues are not something you can wish away. It is important to always take good care of the hospital users by keeping them safe from hazards such as fires. However, what if you still end up with fire outbreaks?

At this point, there is the need for having fire-resistant doors as part of the safety measures too. There can still be other measures in place with fire-resistant hospital doors as some of them.

These doors are ideal for helping to contain the fire before it spreads. It is why more hospitals are thinking of investing in getting them today for the various rooms.

If that is something you need for your hospital, talk to the manufacturer putting in a request for fire-resistant hospital doors. Most of them are made on order, so always give the manufacturer all the information necessary to build the right door for your needs.


Why Do Hospital Doors Lack Locks?

hospital door-5

Figure 5 An Automatic Hospital Door

Yes, some hospital doors will have locks, but most will lack locks too. Some hospital doors would lack locks because the hospital staff needs to get to the patients quickly for evacuation in case of a fire. The last thing the hospital staff needs to worry about is looking for the right key to open the locks on the wards.

Most hospital doors with locks will be used for offices, labs, or other places that would need controlled access. The same can be said for the psychiatric wards where some patients might be violent. Such patients need to be locked up for safety.

Even the patients that might need to be locked in a room for a while have to be checked upon all the time to ensure that they are fine. So, expect to always have faster access past most hospital doors as they do not always have locks.

If you still need locks, manufacturers are always willing to add them.



Do you have more questions about hospital doors? Get in touch with Sunnyda today to get all the answers you need. Our team of experts is also available to help you make the right choice when looking for high-quality hospital doors.

The Sunnyda experience will also help you get the best door regardless of your location. This is because the company can ship to different parts of the world. Well, let us help you today by contacting our team.

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