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The Sunnyda air shower is one of the indispensable purification equipment in clean rooms. There are two types available. They include cargo air shower and pedestrian air shower. The air shower is a necessary channel to enter the clean room. Its work is to reduce the entry and exit from the clean room thus reducing pollution or contamination problems.

Sunnyda air shower is a highly versatile local purification equipment installed between clean rooms and non-clean rooms. When people or goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown by the air shower. The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by people and goods. As such the air shower can also effectively block or reduce dust sources from entering the clean area.

The front and rear doors of the air shower or cargo shower room are electronically interlocked. Both doors cannot be opened at the same time. Only one door can be opened and closed and sealed before the other door can be opened. This can act as an air lock to prevent contamination as only the purified air enters the clean area.

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Model AS001 AS002 AS003
Outside dimension(mm) W1500xD1000xH2150 W1500xD2000xH2150 W1500xD3000xH2150
Nozzle diameter&quantity 36mm/18 pieces 36mm/36 pieces 36mm/45 pieces
Air shower area size(mm) W900xD900xH2000 W1500xD2000xH2150 W900xD2900xH2150
Material cold rolled steel plate/201 stainless steel/304 stainless steel
Weight 500 1000 1500
Bottom  stainless steel floor
Power supply  110V-380V/50-60HZ

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air shower used in industry
Air Shower Used in Industry
portable air shower
Portable Air Shower
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Industrial Automatic Air Shower
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Fast-showering Air Shower
Portable Cold Rolled Steel Plate Air Shower
air shower in pharmaceutical industry
Air Shower in Pharmaceutical Industry
industrial air shower
Industrial Air Shower
stainless steel portable air shower
Stainless Steel Portable Air Shower
double-door air shower
Double-door Air Shower
double-tunnel air shower
Double-tunnel Air Shower
304 stainless steel air shower
304 Stainless Steel Air Shower
cold rolled steel plate air shower
Cold Rolled Steel Plate Air Shower

How to Control the Quality of the Air Shower

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Air Shower Closer

Air Shower Closer

Air Shower Tunnel

Air Shower Tunnel
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Air Shower Nozzle for Your Air Shower

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Air Shower Button

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Good service for air shower

Sunnyda Air Shower

We also have an air shower box made of colored steel sandwich panel material. This is a relatively economical air shower room for you to choose from. The door of the air shower room is manually opened, or you can choose an automatic sliding door, which is convenient, quick and contactless.

Sunnyda air shower has an intelligent voice prompt system inside. The system prompts you to complete each step of blowing and dust removal to achieve an effective purification effect. We can customize your official voice prompt according to the language of your country.

Sunnyda air shower nozzle can be a fixed type or a rotary blowing type. The clean airflow filtered by a high-efficiency filter in the air shower is sprayed from various directions to various parts of the human body through a rotatable nozzle, which effectively and quickly removes dust particles. The removed dust particles are filtered by the primary and high-efficiency filter and then recirculated to the air shower area.

If you are planning to build a clean room and you need an air shower, we have standard sizes, single person single blowing, double blowing, three blowing shower rooms, and you can also customize non-standard pedestrian shower rooms according to your actual size. The same applies to the cargo air shower room.

We can reasonably design and manufacture systems to meet all your needs according to the specifications of the products you produce. Sunnyda air showers are made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel or painted carbon steel. The standard thickness of the stainless-steel plate is 1.0mm. You can choose different thicknesses according to your actual needs.

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide to Understanding an Air Shower

What is an Air Shower?


air shower

A Sunnyda Air Shower


An air shower works as a gateway between your clean area or clean room and the non-clean area. Its work is to reduce the number of potential contaminants that might get into your cleanroom. As such, your cleanroom should remain uncontaminated and safe.

An air shower will come in handy for moving people and goods in and out of the cleanroom. They will always have to be blown by the air shower first to effectively remove dust or any other particulates before getting into the cleanroom.


What are the Common Types of Sunnyda Air Showers?

Sunnyda understands the importance of having multiple air shower types. The two most common types from the brand include the cargo air shower and pedestrian air shower.

As the name suggests, the cargo air shower is perfect when moving materials between the cleanroom and the non-clean areas. First, ensure the cargo is correctly wiped before putting it in the air shower. This will ensure that the remaining particulates are easy to blow off the surface leaving you with a cleaner cargo.

The pedestrian air shower is what the employees would be using before getting into the cleanroom. It is important to have your employees properly trained on how to use the air shower so that the contaminants can be kept to a minimum.

Also, such air showers need the right maintenance if you are going to keep them working great for longer generally.


How Does an Air Shower Work?


air shower

The interior of an Air Shower


Understanding how an air shower works can be great to help you understand why it is important. An air shower works as a high-velocity and low-pressure system. It is a high-velocity system because it features an airflow fan that automatically turns on when staff gets into the air shower. The room is also equipped with dual locking doors, thus creating an airlock. It is easy to see how it is a self-contained system crucial for the decontamination process.

Once an employee enters the air shower, the dual doors will lock at the same time. This is when the air shower begins to operate by blowing high-velocity air streams over the employee. These air streams will scrub the person in the room off any lingering particulates. It does not take long as the employee can be out of the air shower within 8 seconds.

The air shower has to be purged for about 4 seconds before the user can get out of the air shower. Once the cleaning is done, the second door leading to the cleanroom is opened for the employee to get into the clean room with no contaminants this time around.

In most cases, a smaller cleanroom could use a single-person air shower. However, if you have larger clean rooms and it seems like decontaminating one person at a time is too much work, go for the larger air showers.

The larger air showers can be built like tunnels so that more employees can be decontaminated at any given time.



What are the Properties of an Air Shower?

The Sunnyda air showers are designed to deliver on value for money among other benefits. Here are some of the benefits that make all that possible.


Superior performance

Anyone who is looking for the best air shower would want something that delivers more performance. It is why you can always rely on the Sunnyda air showers to deliver on such a performance. While other models from different brands might not offer the best air velocity, the one from Sunnyda can assure the user of the best performance generally. You will also end up with efficient cleaning generally.


Impressive construction

As much as the performance is desirable, you also need an air shower with the best durability. That is where construction comes in. The Sunnyda air showers are made of high-quality stainless steel materials. This ensures the best functionality over the years. The other materials the manufacturer uses include sandwich panels, and powder-coated steel. It is also possible to pick the best material depending on the type of cleanroom you need for the air shower for setup.

stainless steel portable air shower

Stainless Steel Portable Air Shower


Multiple types available

Any top air shower brand should be able to provide users with multiple air shower types. That is why you get from Sunnyda. It is able to provide the user with two main types of air showers. They include the cargo air shower and pedestrian air shower.

These air showers can be further customized to suit your needs for an air shower. This will generally help you pick the right air shower for the job.


Ease of installation

The air showers from Sunnyda are not hard to install. This is important, especially for those who might need it set up by local contractors. As much as Sunnyda can offer installation services, sometimes you would want it installed locally.

The air shower comes with all the important installation instructions to get you started. As such, you can always be sure that the air shower will work correctly once it is setup.

Ease of use

The Sunnyda air showers are made to be easy to use generally. You are likely to find the operating procedure simple and easy to follow. The same cannot be said for some other brands. The best part is that the Sunnyda support team is always available to help answer any operation queries you might have in mind. So, do not hesitate to give us a call whenever necessary.

If you would like to understand more features of the Sunnyda air shower, request a product catalog. It should have all the features highlighted so that you know where best to use the air shower.


Who Uses Air Showers?


A Technician Using an Air Shower

As much as air showers might not always be mandatory, there are some industries that need strict sanitary applications. So, to help create such environments, there is the need for having an air shower set up correctly.

A good example is the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Such an area will have highly sensitive ICs or chips. If there any airborne contaminants, such can easily be compromised. So, it is best to include an air shower as part of the design to eliminate as much particulate from the goods and personnel as much as possible.

The pharmaceutical companies are also expected to deliver on high cleanliness standards. Keep in mind that these companies have to produce medications and drugs. It is why they would need air showers too to ensure the controlled environment stays clean.

There are still other industries that could find the air shower a necessity. Take the biotech companies as an example. They need to use aseptic clean rooms to ensure the biomolecular and cellular processes are properly addressed. The same applies to those handling the high-precision optical equipment. They need to maintain a contaminant-free area for producing complex optoelectronic devices.

That is not all as you can always install an air shower whenever necessary. This is key to ensuring that your cleanroom can function better. Do not worry as the air shower will amount to a small percentage of the cleanroom overall installation cost.


industrial air shower

Air Shower in Pharmaceutical Industry


What Makes an Air Shower Prevent Contamination?

This comes down to the air shower operating principle. Both the front and rear air shower doors are electronically interlocked when it is working. However, both doors cannot be opened at the same time. Only one door opens at a time and then closed and sealed before the other door opens. This means that the air shower will act as an airlock to prevent any possible contamination of the unpurified air getting into the clean area. That is how the air shower will be useful for preventing possible contamination.

GMP air shower design

One Customized Design for Air Shower


What are the Size Options of Sunnyda Air Showers?

If you have to pick the Sunnyda air shower based on size, just know there are many options for you to consider getting. The common options include standard sizes, single-person single blowing, double blowing, and three blowing shower rooms. Each one is designed for different applications. So, you can be sure that Sunnyda has you covered regardless of where you want to use the air shower.

There is also the option of customizing the different air showers to your actual size needs. This applies to both the cargo and pedestrian air showers.

Sunnyda is always available to design and manufacture air showers based on the specifications of the client. This means you can have a custom design of an air shower to suit your needs better. This part involves more than the size. It can involve the type of nozzle to include in the air shower, prompt language, and more.


What are the Materials Used to Make Sunnyda Air Showers?


air shower

The Installation of an Air Shower in Progress

Sunnyda uses three main materials to make an air shower. They include stainless steel, sandwich panels, and powder-coated steel. All these materials are built for performance and durability. Even if the air shower is exposed to various elements, it should be able to live up to your durability needs.

Under stainless steel, you will have options such as 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 201 stainless steel. Each type of stainless steel would have an application to consider. As for the thickness, it is 1.0mm. This is the standard thickness. You can still choose different thicknesses depending on the actual needs.


What are the Door Types Available for Sunnyda Air Showers?

Sunnyda makes two main types of doors. They include manual doors and automatic sliding doors. If you are on a budget and you need something functional, the manual opening doors are a good start. They will still provide the best sealing performance you might want in an air shower.

As for the automatic sliding doors, they are contactless, quick, and convenient. It is possible to see how the automatic sliding doors can reduce contamination as they encourage contactless operation. Also, they are quick in operation as they open fast once the decontamination process is complete.


double shower air shower

Double Shower Air Shower

How Do You Interact with the Air Shower?

The Sunnyda air show comes with an intelligent voice prompt system. This system will help you follow the correct procedure for blowing and removal of dust among other contaminants. You will not have to do much as the system will take care of a lot of the processes.

The voice prompt language can also be customized to whatever language you like. So long as Sunnyda has it in the database, it can quickly be switched to your language.

You will also get a panel on the air shower as a way of controlling and interacting with it. The panel has simple menus you can follow to set up the air shower just as you want. The product manual also gives you all the information necessary to start using the air shower as soon as you install it.

stainless steel air shower nozzle

Stainless Steel Air Shower Nozzle


What are the Air Shower Nozzle Types? How Do They Work?

The air shower can be equipped with two types of nozzles. They include the fixed type and the rotary blowing type.

The fixed type can be set to blow in a certain direction and that is it. If you want to blow in a different direction, it has to be changed again. As for the rotary blowing type, it can easily switch the direction depending on user input. You should now find it being versatile than what you get with other air nozzles.

Each of the nozzle types will have a specific application or more. So, look at the different applications to determine where best to use each of the air nozzles.


Can the Garment Type Determine the Cleaning Performance of an Air Shower?


air shower

An Air Shower with Multiple Sections for Handling More Workers

Yes. The garment type can sometimes affect the cleaning effectiveness of an air shower. In most cases, the large light particles such as skin flakes, hair, lint, and dander will be easy to remove. However, some might not be the easiest.

Particles can adhere to the garments by either electrical attraction or mechanical entrapment. The mechanical entrapments of the contaminants can easily be reduced when you switch to a smooth surface garment. It is why the cleanroom garments are made of materials such as nylon, polyester, Gortex, and types. Such materials are generally low-shedding and will minimize the mechanical bond between the particles and the garment; thus, making it easier to blow them off the garments.

As much as synthetic garments can be a top choice for cleanroom garments, they can still develop static charges too. This will make them hold onto particles even more. As such, they are laundered in an anti-static agent before rinsing the garments. So, this should help minimize the electrical attraction of particles, thus improving how fast the particles can be blown off the garments.


powder coated air shower

White Steel Cold Roller Sheet Air Shower

What is the Use of the Filters in an Air Shower?

The filters are crucial for the filtration of the air in the air shower.

The air shower will have two main filters that you can use. They include the primary filter and high-efficiency filter.

The primary filter is responsible for catching the debris or any large particles to keep them from reaching the high-efficiency filter. It is for this reason; a primary filter might need frequent replacing than the high-efficiency filter.

The high-efficiency filter, on the other hand, will be great for removing the small particulates from the air before it is recirculated in the air shower. The HEPA filter can remove particulates as small as 0.3microns. This should leave you with a clean environment the same as what is inside the cleanroom.


Is it Hard to Install an Air Shower?

It does not have to be hard if you follow the installation instructions. Once the air shower is correctly assembled, it can weigh quite a lot. This means you need a forklift or other lifting mechanisms to get it into position. Do not worry as the air shower is shipped with all the accessories you need to set it up correctly.

The mounting part will need a professional. At this point, you may want to seek the services of a local contractor to help with the installation part. Once it is mounted, you will need an electrician to connect power to the newly installed air shower. The whole system has to be tested once the power is connected. You could also use the services of a sprinkler contractor to install the sprinklers.

After you have checked that everything is working, go-ahead to do a final cleaning process in the air shower and start using it.


What Should You Consider When Picking an Air Shower?


air shower

A Worker Doing a Final Wiping Process Before Testing the Air Shower

The type of air shower you pick will determine how good it will be to ensure the best performance. Below are some tips to keep in mind when picking an air shower.



The size of the air shower is always important to keep in mind. This is because it determines how much space it will take in the cleanroom to set it up. Look at the overall dimensions and determine if it will be good for your cleanroom.

Keep in mind that the size can determine the number of people using the air shower at any given time. If it is a single-person air shower, the standard size should be fine.

Also, look at the type of air shower. Different types would have different sizes. Sunnyda will allow for customization of the air shower size, so that you can always have the correct size.


Construction material

The construction material will largely determine durability. The most common options include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, sandwich panels, and plastics. As much as Sunnyda does not make air showers out of plastics. The company uses the best construction materials you will ever need. They include stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and sandwich panels.

The sandwich panels are great mostly ideal for those on a budget. As much as they might not be the toughest, these panels are generally good for insulation, fire resistance, and many other benefits.

air shower nozzle

Interior View for a Color Steel Sheet Air Shower


Standards compliance

The air shower you buy should comply with various standards in the market. This mostly includes the ISO standards. Check the product description to see if the air shower is ISO certified. This will give you the confidence you are buying a high-quality air shower.

Also, depending on your needs, you may want to ask for an ADA compliance certificate too. Such a certificate shows that the air shower is designed to support disabled workers too.

You can also inquire about more compliance standards, depending on where you live. This will ensure the air shower you buy can support your operations better.


Delivery time

The delivery time is important depending on how soon you need the air shower. It should not take too long for the brand to deliver the air shower. The delivery time can vary a lot, so make sure it is something you always consider before placing your order for an air shower.


Maintenance needs

Yes, even the air shower would have maintenance needs to keep in mind too. As such, there is the need to check out what other people say about the air shower before buying it. If it seems you would spend so much time trying to repair the air shower, it would be best not to buy such a model.

Sunnyda air showers are designed to run for longer without the need for repairing the various components all the time. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer maintenance schedules to get the job done right.


The price

We cannot forget to mention the air shower price too. Anyone who wants an air shower would want it to be within the affordable range. Considering setting up a cleanroom is not the cheapest, having an air shower as an accessory should be what most find affordable.

The price can vary from one brand to another. What is crucial is that you get value for money. So, take the time to look at the different models to understand what you are getting for the money.

stainless steel air shower

Stainless Steel Air Shower

What are the Maintenance Needs of an Air Shower?

Here are some of the maintenance needs of an air shower you should always keep in mind.

  • Look at the filter performance. Go ahead to replace the filters in case they are clogged.
  • Check the nozzles to ensure they are working correctly. They can also get clogged over time, so ensure they are in good working condition always.
  • Daily cleaning is necessary. Once you are done using the air shower for the day, make sure it is properly cleaned. There can also be thorough cleaning after a few weeks to ensure the air shower is in the best working condition.

To help you learn more about the maintenance needs of the air shower, check out the product manual. You will know what you have to do and how often to keep the air shower working correctly.


How Does Sunnyda Ship Air Showers?

The air shower is packaged correctly for shipping at the factory. It is understandable that sometimes the package has to be shipped to different parts of the world. As such, it would be great to consider protecting the air shower as much as possible. Since Sunnyda has been in the business for over two decades, it is easy to see that the company would know the best way to ship the air shower to the client.



Air showers are crucial, so you should always be ready to get one for your cleanroom. It is understandable that you might think air showers are too expensive. However, that is not the case. They are only a fraction of the price and you should have a better decontamination process added to your cleanroom.

Go ahead and get in touch today if you want the best deals on air showers.

Good service for air shower


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