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  • iso 8 cleanroom supplier
  • medical cleanroom supplier
  • Modular cleanroom supplier
  • high quality clean room supplier

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Your Reliable and Well-Known Clean Room Supplier.

Sunnyda is a top designer and proficient Clean Room Supplier that is renowned among the whole global world for its reliable and credible products. We avail you with an assorted number of clean rooms like a modular clean room, portable clean room, hard wall clean rooms, and clean room accessories like HEPA box, air shower, clean room FFU, and other hardware’s.

Our thoroughly analyzed and certified clean rooms ensure the steadfast, regulatory and accurate documented performance for your applications. Sunnyda works with great dedication to meet your needs and provide you a controlled and contaminated-free environment for enhancing product quality and level-up your business.

Pharmaceutical industry, R&D department, health care center and medical labs are basic applications for which the Sunnyda design clean rooms and then supply it all around on order.

Sunnyda mediates clean room delivery processes under compliance allotted by regulatory agencies like ISO, FM APPROVAL, and USP 797, etc. We being a Clean Room Supplier have hired expert personnel and trained service engineers to thoroughly guide you to select accessories for utilizing in a clean room. Our off-sale consultants and products advisors also offer to evaluate your demands and make them satisfactory.

We proudly deliver all of our products to your desk at a fixed time. We also love to talk to you if you are a trading distributor and looking for discounts. If you are in a quest to find the best reliable Clean Room Supplier that can meet confidentially the clean room challenges faced by your application.

Sunnyda is the best and worldwide reputed Clean Room Supplier that will fulfill your demands just by offering highly recommended and steadfast clean rooms. Just commence on a phone call and place your order at affordable rates.

Cleanliness Level Class 100 to Class 10000





Design Choice(from Structure, HVAC, Auto-Control)

1. Structure: Wall Panel, Ceiling Panel, Windows, Doors, Several Fittings, Flooring
2. HVAC: AHU, Ducting, Piping, Cooler, Dehumidifier
3. Electrical: Illumination, Switch, Wires, Power Supply Cabinet
4. Auto-Control: PLC Controller, Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Control Panel
5. Medical Gas Systems: Medical Gas Terminals, Gas Pipelines
Temperature 22-28℃ (or as per-requisite)
Humidity 32-62℃ (or as per-requisite)
Application Operation Theatre, Medical Center, ICU, etc.


sunnyda cleanroo material inspection certificate

Sunnyda Support Your Business
GMP clean room supplier
GMP clean room supplier
Hospital clean room supplier
Hospital clean room supplier
ISO 3 clean room supplier
ISO 3 clean room supplier
ISO 5 clean room supplier
ISO 5 clean room supplier
ISO 7 clean room supplier
ISO 7 clean room supplier
ISO 8 clean room supplier
ISO 8 clean room supplier
Medical clean room supplier
Medical clean room supplier
Modular clean room supplier
Modular clean room supplier
Pharmaceutical clean room supplier
Pharmaceutical clean room supplier
Portable clean room supplier
Portable clean room supplier
Semiconductor clean room supplier
Semiconductor clean room supplier
Small clean room supplier
Small clean room supplier

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room
Anti Static Clean Room PVC Flooring

Anti Static Clean Room PVC Flooring

Anti Rust Clean Room Aluminum Profile

Anti Rust Clean Room Aluminum Profile
Clean Room Sliding Door

Clean Room Sliding Door

Clean Room Applications

Clean Room Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

Help You to Find Clean Room and Laboratory Related Products

Clean Room Supplier-A Complete Guide Presented by Sunnyda.

High standard customer servicing and clean room testing are taken under consideration by Clean Room Supplier with the use of its extensive and skilled experience.

Reliable clean rooms with a controlled, airborne particulate-free environment are delivered for different category applications as pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, health centers, and research labs, etc.

Technocrats make the installation easy and proper maintenance. The Clean Room Supplier also offers product advisors for choosing the best clean room and customer assisting managers that help to analyze the type of clean room for your application.

Fast delivery and good packaging of clean rooms, make the supplier the best optimal solution for purchasing clean rooms. Let’s explore more about it.

A Researcher Working in Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

A Researcher Working in Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

Who is a Clean Room Supplier?

A Clean Room Supplier is the best clean room provider. Different clean room components as HEPA filters, clean booth, hermetic doors, ULPA filters, and FFU can also be supplied individually as per the demands of the customers.

Other clean room supplies that are used inside the clean room are gloves, apparel, goggles, footwear, headwear and sterilized furniture, etc.

ISO standardization, quality assurance, FM approvals, and GM compliance increase the credibility and reputation of Clean Room Supplier among customers for more product sales and delivery.

Dust Free Cleanroom Manufactured by Sunnyda

Dust Free Cleanroom Manufactured by Sunnyda

How to Choose a Best Clean Room Supplier for your Clean room?

There is a need to choose a Clean Room Supplier that may be most suitable for your industry by keeping in consideration some points as:

  • Always choose that supplier who is authentic and certified in its all processing.
  • The supplier must have appropriate knowledge about the specific type of clean room for which the customer is demanding.
  • The servicing engineer that knows about pharmaceutical clean rooms will not be proficient in instrumentation manufacturing clean rooms.
  • Different ISO-based clean rooms require an investment to process the clean room. The supplier servicing engineers should be those that can properly guide you about what to wear while working in the clean room.
  • Make discussions with account managers to dictate the scalability of the supplier.
  • Inspect different associations that are interlinked with suppliers.
  • Also, check the authority of the supplier to inspect either it is authorized with other clean room manufacturers or not for selling products.
  • Also demand to get the reference of a current client of the supplier, so that you may get an idea about working authenticity and their services.


Which Verification Services Does a Clean Room Supplier Provide for your Clean Room?

A Clean Room Supplier ensures its integrity and efficiency about order taking, product delivery, and consulting management by providing different verification services as given below:

Certification Compliance

The CRS-based certificates attained by the supplier are displayed with all clean room and clean room supplies to ensure the significance and validity of all its products.

This certificate display is an attestation and validation of the company’s performance and product services.


All of the clean room supplies that undergo testing and achieve certification, provide full details about the product credibility as a report with certificates.

Individualized Performance

The unique characteristics of each product are finalized individually through certified testing. For example relative humidity, vibration level, the particulate count is measured individually and displayed to the client before deal finalization.


The Clean Room Supplier does not finalize the deal until provides the documented proof of all facilities provided in the clean room. Accredited certificates reports are prepared to show to customers.

An Operator Testing Cleanroom Performance

An Operator Testing Cleanroom Performance

Which Accessories Does a Clean Room Supplier Offer for your Clean Room?

Clean Room Supplier is a leading expert with unbeatable experience to provide contamination-free clean rooms, laboratories, and all other disposable accessories that are to be used inside the clean room to maintain SOPs.

These clean room supplies are given below:


Coveralls are designed with microporous material to assist the body in breathing and prevent the entry of any contaminant inside the coveralls.

Lab Coats and Visitors’ Coats

Visitors’ coats are made of polypropylene material that has resistive and protective features.

Cleanroom Clothing

Cleanroom Clothing


Clean Room Supplier also offers surgical caps, snood caps for hair covering, bouffant caps providing hairs and forehead protection.

Mob caps, peaked caps, and beard snood for protection from beard contamination, etc.


Latex gloves, nitrile gloves, and sterile gloves are supplied as per clean room requirements and customer requisite.

Nitrile gloves are featured with ESD protections and chemicals contamination prevention.


CPE overshoe, anti-slip overshoe, microporous overshoe, sterile overboot, wellington’s safety clogs for the clean room are dust protective and resistant to chemical effects.


FFP based different category masks as FFP1 and FFP2 etc., according to the type of application, surgical masks, air loops masks, air shielding masks, are provided by suppliers for use in different clean rooms.

Clean Room Furniture

Stainless steel dispensers, trolleys, chairs, ESD-based clean room chairs, tables with or without casters, and stools, etc. are provided that are basic requirements of a clean room.


Thermoplastic glasses, lightweight goggles, sealed type goggles are provided to customers.


Wipes that are made of cellulose or polyester are suitable to use for class 6 clean rooms to class 8 clean rooms.

Tacky Mats

These mats are designed to protect from contamination. Tacky mats provide almost 98% efficiency in protection from microbial contamination.

Thus these are the basic accessories that a supplier offers to its client so that the quality and standard of working in clean rooms persist.

ESD Based Clean Room Chairs

ESD Based Clean Room Chairs

Does a Clean Room Supplier Offer Promo Codes and How can you Get it?

Yes, a Clean Room Supplier also offers promo codes to its customers. It is a strategy about commercializing and marketing a product.

The Way you Get Promo Code

  • The promo codes consist of some letters or digits issued by the company to a customer on purchasing a product.
  • The company shares all details about the clean room supplies on its official website and also share number with the customers for e-communications.
  • Through e-communications, the company updates the customers about discounts or provides promo codes.
  • After each purchase, you edit your promo code to get different kinds of discounts as free shipment/delivery of the product, etc.
  • If there is a new customer, he should visit the web page of the company, develop his account or sign in to update and avail promo codes.


Which Individual Components Integrated with Clean Room are Offered by Clean Room Supplier?

Different clients have different applications and they demand customizing services for a clean room.

A Clean Room Supplier offers you a diverse range of clean rooms and also provide individual components services as given below:

Pass-Through Cabinet

A pass-through cabinet is also called a pass-through window or pass-through box for specimen transferring.

It is an integral unit of a clean room that is designed to reduce contamination levels inside the unit by mitigating the needs of personnel to enter the clean room.

These pass through are made of stainless steel material with double-wall construction and silicon gaskets. These are supplied by the company as per the requirements of the customer.

HEPA Filters

Clean Room Supplier also offers HEPA filters to exchange them with an already available filter if it is not working well under ISO regulations.

The company also offered its well-trained technocrats to perform DOP testing to check the validity of filters and provide the facility of a new one with the same size in case if clean room HEPA filter is not filtering a specific number of particulates from the air.

Clean Room Panels

Different type of panels as polyurethane panel, PIR panel, EPS sandwich panel is also offered to the customers for expandability in previously set clean rooms.

These clean room panels are delivered on customization services with different sizes depicted by the company.

Air Showers

These air showers are configured inside clean rooms, works under positive pressurization.

These air showers dissipate all of the microbial and particulate-based contamination through the air on every entry of personnel inside the clean room.

For different class clean rooms, multiple types of air showers are supplied by Clean Room Supplier.

Laminar Flow Cabinets

A laminar flow cabinet is designed to prevent sensitive specimens from airborne particulates or contaminants that are trapped by ULPA or HEPA filters.

So these are some basic components that are mostly placed in orders from stakeholders and customers to get from Clean Room Supplier.

Clean Room Door

A variety of clean room doors are offered based on application requirements as ICU doors, clean room sliding door, surgery room door, hermetic door, and pharmaceutical clean room door, etc.

Clean Room Door

Clean Room Door

For Which ISO Classes Do a Clean Room Supplier Provide Clean Rooms?

A Clean Room Supplier is a steadfast and renowned company that facilitates you by offering different ISO-based clean room classes as given below:

ISO 1 Class

ISO 1 clean room is the cleanest and highly specified unit that is designed with high specifications. It is not probably used clean room ensuring high sterility and particulate-free working.

This ISO1 class requires the filtration of particles smaller even from a dust spot and pristine conditions.

It is designed with peculiarity and supplied for nanotechnology or the life sciences industry.

ISO 2 Class

It is also a highly standardized clean room class that offers a fire-resistive and sterile environment for sensitive reactions and products manipulations but it is rarely supplied.

ISO 3 Class

ISO 3 clean room is equivalent to class 1 that is classified based on the number of particulates that were found in 0.5/cubic foot.

It is considered equivalent to the FS209E class 1 clean room. The Clean Room Supplier also provides clean rooms for class 3.

ISO 4 Class

According to ISO14644-1, ISO 4 is for a clean room Class 10 having 352 particulates /m3 of air. The company also design and supply this clean room.

ISO 5 Class

Clean room class 100 is classified according to ISO 5 standardization that specifies 3250 particulates in 0.5/m3.

ISO 6 Class

Class 1000 clean room is designed and supplied to the customers under ISO 6 class standardization and used for different applications.

ISO 7 Class

10K clean room is designed as per ISO 7 class standardization. It is commonly supplied clean room but to use this, there should be ISO8 class airlocks to control contamination levels.

For an assorted number of applications as sterile compounding, drug designing, and hospital compounding, etc.

ISO 8 Class

100K clean room is supplied as per ISO 8 standardization. In the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, and in the manufacturing of medical devices, ISO 8 clean rooms are prepared.

ISO 8 Cleanroom

ISO 8 Cleanroom

What are the Benefits of Static Control Equipment that a Clean Room Supplier Offer for your Clean Room?

A Clean Room Supplier also offers you the equipment to control the electrostatic discharge that produces when two electrical bodies come in contact.

Clean rooms are now prepared for different products manufacturing as plastic and injection molding. ESD can be harmful to different products through the emergence of sparks.

So the static control prevents the clean room from extra power consumption as well as ensures electric appliances from damage.

Nylon gloves are designed with material that has the capability for the static control of EDS as the human body is also conductive for current

Lonstorm bar and Fraser anti-static are also offered by the company to control the electrostatic discharge.


What are Validation and Installation Services Recommended by a Clean Room Supplier?

Installation Services

A Clean Room Supplier delivers a wide range of clean rooms for different ISO classes. Different clean rooms have different installation specifications and regulations about the things that are to be used inside the clean room.

So the company offers a team of experts that will completely help you to set up a clean room as well as its processing.

Validation Services

To increase product reliability and standardized credibility, different validation services are offered to clients as IEST practices, GMP compliance, ISO certification, and USP-797 based tests evaluations are made on each clean room component for validity.

The basic purpose of validation is to attain client satisfaction about the clean room supplied and its related products.

GMP Standard Cleanroom

GMP Standard Cleanroom

What are USP 797/USP 800 Based Troubleshooting and Consulting Services of a Clean Room Supplier?

USP 797/USP 800 compliances are the regulations that are required to make clean rooms sterilized and contamination-free.

These USP 797 regulations direct the sterility for designing delivery and packaging of pharmaceuticals products formulated in a clean room.

Consulting and Troubleshooting Services

  • To ensure the standard and credibility of products, Clean Room Suppliers also provide you consulting and troubleshooting services to manipulate the compounding sterility.
  • The purpose to hire consultant teams is to provide the best suggestion for customers to select the best optimal clean room suitable for USP 797 based regulations and standards.
  • The Clean Room Supplier also offer proper training services to meet the USP standards by its expert and experienced consultants with enough experience to meet manage the requirements of clean rooms of pharmacy
  • They are also directed to provide details and consultancy about the selection of the best clean room ensuring a sterilized and contamination-free environment.
  • According to the set, regulations depict that ISO 5 clean room is used for pharmacy.
  • If there would be any fault or deviation from USP 797 regulations, the supplier provides technocrats and engineers to undertake the problem and set all of the parameters on the set standard.


What are the Specific Customer Certification Requirements of a Clean Room Supplier?

The customers sometimes demand certifications before product delivery and sometimes with product delivery.

Some of the certifications that are often required by the customers for ensuring clean room validity are:

COA Certification

COA documentation that is accredited from quality assurance testing of products with dictations that clean room is under proper specifications offered by customers.


This type of certification is about the sterile environment of the clean room displayed to customers as per their requisite.


Certification from an authorized team evaluating that clean room supplies are with competent specifications.


For following EU GMP Annex, certifications are offered by regulatory agencies.


ISO standardization-based certifications also assist to ensure the reliability and credibility of a Clean Room Supplier.


A certification evaluating that the product is prepared and designed by the following protocol of clean room specifications.

ISO Certified Hospital Cleanroom

ISO Certified Hospital Cleanroom

What is Validation Quote Given by a Clean Room Supplier?

Validation Quote

An assorted number of contamination-free clean rooms that are offered by a Clean Room Supplier are inspected for validity by a third regulatory agency.

The regulatory agencies or authorized team evaluates the clean room either is working or not according to ISO 14644-1.

After approval of all GMP compliance, the certifications that are accredited to the product are summarized by the supplier in form of a validation quote that is provided to you while dealing.

The validation quote also dictates the exact details as current pricing is finalized with another customer.


What are FM Approved Clean Rooms Delivered by Clean Room Supplier?

The clean rooms that are approved by FM standardization indicate that the panels of the clean room have resistance for fire rating of class 1.

A Clean Room Supplier uses highly insulated wall panels having polyurethane, PIR, and EPS core and best ceiling panels to get both FM approvals.

FM 4880 for building panels and their finishing material. While FM 4882 is for clean room ceilings and wall insulation from fire and smoke.

FM approved Clean rooms assure that:

  • Loss through fire is reduced
  • Prevent clean room equipment from damaging
  • Make it possible the use the clean room for a variety of applications
  • Also, mitigate the cost of insurance

FM Approved Cleanroom

FM Approved Cleanroom

How Does ISO 9001:2015 Certification Make a Clean Room Supplier Credible at International Level?

  • ISO 9001 is an internationally set standard that is based on quality management. ISO 9001:2015 is a new and updated version of the quality management ISO standard.
  • The organization accredited a Clean Room Supplier with certifications for following the best manufacturing and supply services set by a regulatory agency.
  • The ISO 9001:2015 based certifications increase the reputation and credibility of Clean Room Supplier ensuring that products are under esteemed standards approved by an international agency.
  • The ISO standard is not based on an organization or trading center that a company can easily join. But instead of this, the company has to make efforts and should implement the QMS set by ISO 9001.
  • After qualifying the clean room quality criteria, the certificates are given to the respective company.
  • This international standard is under consideration and collaboration of almost 160 countries to give credit to enabled Clean Room Supplier.


How can you Approach a Clean Room Supplier for Placing your Order?

A Clean Room Supplier offers you an assorted number of clean rooms as an authorized clean room provider. All details about clean room products are uploaded on the company website.

You can contact suppliers either through the website, Email, contact number, and fax. Online questions can also be made by customers to clear any query you may have.

A quote and catalog with all details are given to clients for visualization and select the product which is to purchase.


How Does a Clean Room Supplier Deliver Clean Rooms to you?

A Clean Room Supplier delivers clean rooms to you after placement of the order. All of the details about departure time and delivery time are mentioned to you while placing the order.

The clean rooms are attested by performing different quality assurance tests and packed in cartons.

Large-sized cartons are used for packaging clean room components. Based on your requirements for packaging, clean room components are packaged either individually or collectively into a giant-sized carton.

The heat resistive, moisture absorption featured nylon packaging films are used that prevent the clean room from contamination.

All of the necessary documentation and manual are also delivered with the product. For overseas countries, the clean rooms are delivered by air or ship depending on your requirements.

Cleanroom Material Shipping

Cleanroom Material Shipping

Which Criteria you Should Consider Before Placing Order to a Clean Room Supplier?

A clean room is a specific controlled area that provides a regulated, sterilized, and contamination-free environment for your critical processes.

You can place your order for clean rooms to Clean Room Supplier by keeping in view the following criteria because mistakes can take place in case of negligence resulting in disturbance of right delivery.

ISO Based Clean Room Classification

ISO has classified cleanrooms based on the number of particulates in the air per cubic foot.

You should confirm the Clean room class for which you are placing the order so that you may get perfect working Clean room supplies.

There are different ISO-based Clean room classes as ISO 3 clean room, ISO4 clean room, ISO 6 clean room, ISO 7 clean room, and ISO 8 clean room. The greater the number of particulates, the lower the will be ISO ranked for that clean room.

Clean Room Packaging

Most of the clean room components or their related supplies are taken in process with heavy packaging in large size cartons.

While there is also a facility to pack individually different clean room units either in a box or cartons.

Make sure to confirm the type of packaging you may require based on your location that assists the protection of your clean rooms.

Reusable Clean Room Supplies

If you are interested to order some clean room supplies that the Clean Room Supplier is offering in both disposable and reusable categories.

If you want to buy reusable supplies as apparel, confirm this while ordering. Also, ensure reusable supplies laundering procedure and their reuse parameter fulfills on standards.

Accredit Certifications of Clean Room

Make sure to confirm the working authenticity of the company if you may feel any query about Clean Room Supplier. Check out ISO-based and GMP regulations for satisfaction.

ISO 7 Cleanroom

ISO 7 Cleanroom

Which Category Updates are Provided by Clean Room Supplier to you Before Finalization of Deal?

A Clean Room Supplier provides an assisted updates to you to prevent the backorders rate on the basic misunderstanding as given below:

Online/In-Person Customer Servicing

The supplier company has hired proficient experts and experienced engineers for different category clean rooms and their relevant supplies.

These engineers dictate to you about your required clean room category because they have complete details about your industry category and will help you to make a good decision.

Product Advisors

Clean room product advisors avail the customers with information about those clean rooms that would be effective and economic for their applications.

By keeping in view GMP, ISO standardization, and USP797/800 regulations, product advisors also offer samples to check before the finalization deal.

Reference of Previous Customers

The Clean Room Supplier also give reference about its customers that are already using their products either by sharing their contact number or their visiting site location but only if the customer is dedicated to finalizing the deal.

 Clean Room Quote

As per-requisite, the company also offers a quote with all of the details about the finalize prices at which the deal is get finalized for clean room sale to another customer.

In this guide, you get full updates to take up the final decision to purchase a clean room for your application.



Thus, a Clean Room Supplier is renowned among the customers for offering clean rooms and an assorted number of clean room supplies.

It also avails the clients with customer servicing managers and product advisors.ISO-14644-1 compliance, MP, and USP 797/800 are applied to ensure the validity of clean rooms that are to supply.

Clean Room Supplier delivers different category clean rooms for different applications as clean room class 1 to clean room class 100K.

The company also issues discounts and promo codes for customers. Installation services and technocrats are directed to avail customers with each category working.

Accredited certificates display make the Clean Room Supplier the best optimal platform for placing an order.

100% Quality Tested Cleanrooms

100% Quality Tested Cleanrooms

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