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An ICU is a critical environment. It would be best to invest in making sure the ICU door helps maintain a clean ICU environment. Well, Sunnyda has you covered when it comes to making high-quality and functional ICU doors.

Sunnyda has multiple options for ICU doors. They include sliding ICU doors, touchless sliding ICU doors, sliding telescopic ICU doors, and more. Even if you find some of the doors you want are not mentioned, Sunnyda can make custom options for you too.

As for the setup process, ICU doors are generally easy. All you have to do is involve professionals. They would help in making sure that you can install them better and correctly. The Sunnyda staff will also help you learn more about the maintenance of the ICU doors. This is to ensure the doors can remain working correctly for a long time. Make sure to follow these processes if you want to keep the area inside the ICU clean all the time.

If you enjoy clean environments, let the Sunnyda ICU door make it possible. Get in touch today for great deals on ICU doors.

Model SD001 SD002 SD002
Frame material stainless steel/forming steel
Vision window with/without
Size(mm) 900×2100 1200×2100 1500×2100
Shape round/square
Protective bar with/without
Opening mode Switch/foot sensoring

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How to control the quality of ICU Door
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The Complete FAQs Guide to ICU Door

ICU door is not the same type of door you can get around in your homes. This is a special door designed to work great for the hospital environment. It is for this reason; you can find it helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the ICU room and keeping the contaminations down.

This FAQs guide looks at what people might ask themselves about ICU doors and their applications. Keep reading to find out more about what is an ICU door and where it might come in handy.


What are the Properties of an ICU Door?

Figure 1 Telescoping ICU Doors


Meets GMP designs and safety needs

Not every door would be used as an ICU door. It is why it has to be built to meet the GMP design and safety needs laid out in the industry. That is how you end up with many ICU doors that can fit your needs for one.

Take the time to research more about these ICU door requirements to see if the model you are about to buy has all of them handled. You may also have to consult experts on this one to find the correct ICU door for your needs.


Impressive sealing

This is probably another vital feature of the ICU door. Because of the room it protects, it has to offer the best sealing always. This will ensure that your ICU does not get contaminated easily by the air from the outside. That is why most ICU doors would have special leaf dampeners and other important sealing mechanisms. Once the door is shut, you can be sure no contaminants are getting past the door with ease.



Of course, durability is vital even for ICU doors. These are specialized doors, so buying them will not be cheap when compared to normal doors. As such, anyone getting them would want ICU doors that would last longer too.

Look at the materials the manufacturer uses to ensure that you are buying a durable ICU door. It would not hurt to compare them with other models available. Some of the common options in terms of materials include stainless steel, HPL, aluminum, and more. There can be the use of special coating sometimes to make the ICU door even better.

Not many ICU doors would be made of wood material. This is because wood tends to provide a surface that can harbor bacteria, mold, and other contaminants. Also, it is not as durable as compared to stainless steel. It is why most hospitals have replaced the use of wooden doors for their ICUs.


Anti-static system

There is no doubt that static build-up is not something many people want around an ICU door. That is why they have to be built to keep such static electricity build-up to a minimum. In most cases, it will be the type of material the manufacturer uses and the essential grounding of the door to eliminate the unwanted electrostatic charge. You can now have a safe ICU room where all the critical care can be offered to the patient.


Low noise

The hinges used on ICU doors are some of the best for any hospital environment. They are designed to require less maintenance while at the same time keep the noise down. That is why most people love such doors so much. They do not have to keep working on them all the time just to keep them functional. However, it is advisable to do the scheduled maintenance as recommended to keep them working great.


Infection control

It is nice to know that the ICU door you are buying can help in keeping the infection down. This is possible because the doors are likely to have a special antimicrobial coating. This type of coating would suppress the possible growth of bacteria. This is a nice addition as it complements other activities you might do such as washing your hands frequently and cleaning the ICU door more often too.

ICU Door practical use

Where Else Can ICU Doors Be Used?

Just because they are called ICU doors, it does not mean that is the only application they have. Because of their special features, you can find the ICU door having many other applications too. Such would include the following;

  • Trauma rooms
  • Same-day surgery rooms
  • Pressurized isolation rooms
  • Pre- and post-surgery rooms
  • Patient bathrooms etc.

Well, the list can continue. Just make sure you engage professionals to see if the ICU door would be ideal for the application you have in mind.


What are the Types of ICU Doors Available in the Market?

When you are looking for ICU doors, you are likely to come across different options in the market. Below are some of the common types of ICU doors you can buy.


Manual sliding ICU doors

These are probably the most common ICU doors in the market today. They will have a wide opening width to ensure that it is easy to get the patient in and out of the ICU. They are also designed to offer patient privacy even if they can have glass windows too. Because of their sliding mechanism, such types of doors do not take up a lot of space in the clean room. As such, you can fit more necessary equipment in the ICU.

The design of these doors also helps eliminate the chances of snagging IV lines and any other equipment the patient might be using.

These ICU doors are quiet and also offer flawless operation. As such, you never have to worry that the door might not work when you need it to do so. Since it also comes from a top brand, you expect that it will live up to your needs too overall.


Manual telescoping ICU doors

These are some of the widest ICU doors you can get right now. The doors being large also means you can move larger hospital beds without a problem.

Since they are telescoping, they would largely help in customizing the amount of space of the door you need open at any given time. As such, you can open it wide or narrow, depending on the needs.

These doors still feature multiple options too. They include self-closing capability, positive latching, smoke and draft seals, and so much more.

As for maintenance, you should not worry so much about it. It might need a bit more servicing because of the many moving parts, but it is manageable.


Manual swing ICU doors

The swing ICU doors are probably another common choice too. This type of door comes with specialized hinges vital for ensuring that the ICU door can work great as it is supposed to. Just make sure you take good care of the hinges to keep them working great.

These doors will also have specialized sealing mechanisms that help to keep the contaminants out all the time. As such, the ICU should be a safe space for the patient. Since they also come with self-closing capability, the door would close immediately as a way of preventing more contamination.

As for swing doors, additional options include getting a single door, even pair doors, and uneven pair doors.


Manual hybrid ICU doors

In the case of hybrid ICU doors, they will have a combination of several mechanisms. This includes both folding and swing mechanisms. That is how they end up with the name hybrid. You will find that such ICU doors would be more versatile and deliver some of the best performance you need to handle various applications in the ICU. A good example might be that you do not have much space in the ICU for a full swing door, thus the need to use a manual hybrid ICU door.


What are the Accessories Common on ICU Doors?

Figure 2 Uneven Pair ICU Swing Doors

One of the reasons ICU doors are loved is because of their versatility. To make them versatile for the various applications in the hospital, manufacturers use multiple accessories depending on the client’s needs. So, the next time you are buying an ICU door, look at what you are getting as accessories.

The most common accessory would be features that help in keeping infection to a minimum. This can include the latches, surface coatings, handles if any, and so much more. Many manufacturers now use antimicrobial coatings on their doors to keep the infections down.

Others would have an anti-static system setup on the ICU door as an accessory. This system is important for ensuring that you can reduce the unwanted static electricity in the ICU. Keep in mind that the ICU would have sensitive equipment that does not need static electricity around.

You can also get other accessories such as the self-closing mechanism. Such a mechanism will ensure that there are minimal contaminants moving into the ICU. As a result, the system will help in fighting infections and prevent your ICU door from being left open for too long. That is the kind of protection you need to keep the patient safe from any additional infections.

There are also other accessories geared towards keeping the smoke in the clean room to a minimum. You can get smoke control if the ICU door has better seals and other features to keep smoke infiltration to a minimum. As such, the patient in the ICU will not suffocate due to smoke infiltration.

You can also customize the way the ICU door opens and closes. There are various mechanisms that manufacturers provide. It is up to you to get the right one that suits your needs overall.

Design for ICU Door

Are ICU Doors Customizable?

Yes. ICU doors can be customized to the customer’s needs. It is understandable that ICU doors do not always have to be used in ICU rooms. It is because of such versatility that you would want to know more about the available ICU door customizations to pick the right door. Some of the options as customizations include laminates, using antibacterial steel, having safety sensors, improving sealing capabilities, and so much more.


What are the ICU Door Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind?

ICU doors play a vital role in ensuring that the ICU can remain working correctly. However, sometimes people forget that such doors also need proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. In case something does wrong, you end up with an ICU door that does not work well. At this point, you have to spend more than necessary to keep the ICU door working better once again. As such, proper ICU door maintenance is highly encouraged.

One of the most common maintenance options you have to keep in mind is regularly servicing the ICU door. This can include oiling the hinges, proper cleaning, and so much more. To get this done, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on servicing. Sometimes it would be best to hire professionals who have experience in handling ICU door servicing.

The timeline for servicing can be done every six months or when it is needed. Sometimes you might notice that the door is not working as expected, but the reason you would service it earlier.

The servicing team will also have to look at the sealing performance of the ICU door. This is vital for ensuring that your ICU is free from contaminants all the time. It will depend on the company that you choose to do the servicing. It is only great that you pick the best company with a proven track record to service your door. Sometimes some of the sealing mechanisms have to be replaced or repaired to keep the ICU door working properly.


Are ICU Doors Expensive?

Figure 3 Sliding ICU Doors

Since these are specialized doors, you cannot expect them to cost the same as normal doors. This is because these doors would require more accessories to make them functional. However, do not worry so much about the price when you buy from Sunnyda. The company has competitive prices that should help you end up with the best ICU door generally.


How Long Does it Take for ICU Door Delivery?

It will depend on the order the client has. However, it should take a few weeks for most manufacturers to design and make the ICU door before delivery. Once you have contracted the manufacturer, it is when you can have a clear timeline of when you can get the door delivered. Try to work with manufacturers that can deliver the ICU doors on time to keep the ICU room working correctly.


What Materials Are Best Suited to Make ICU Doors?

Whenever looking for the best ICU door, the chances are you will come across different material options. These materials have different properties that make them good for ICU use. Just make sure you learn more about them before you pick the one you feel is good for you. Some common materials manufacturers offer to include.

Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Sliding Door

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a popular option in the clean room and hospitality industry. In this case, it can be grade 304 or grade 316. Each of the grades will have various uses that make them suitable depending on other factors in the hospital.

Stainless steel boasts of offering excellent resistance to various cleaning agents. So, you can clean the ICU door knowing that it would stand up to the cleaning agents that you use. The material also offers impressive fire protection. You are not going to burn down stainless steel easily. The same cannot be said for wooden ICU doors.

The material is still good at resisting scratches. Even if it is scratched, it will not easily affect the material’s overall integrity. It will still remain good at keeping the environment safe for ICU operations.

As much as the material has these many benefits, its biggest downside is the cost. You will have to pay more in most cases to enjoy the many benefits that come with the material. Many people do not mind spending more since they get the best value for money.



The other common option as materials used to make ICU doors is aluminum. If you have used aluminum before, you will quickly note how lightweight it is. That is something you will like about aluminum. It will make the overall weight of the ICU door below. As such, opening and closing the ICU door should be easy.

Corrosion resistance is something you also get with aluminum. Even if it is exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, it is hard for it to start corroding. Considering it is a hospital, it is expected that there will be the use of strong cleaning products to ensure the surface remains clean for a long.

Aluminum is also a cheaper option. It might not be the cheapest material in the market, but it does offer an incentive of being cheaper. This means you can still get the best ICU door generally that offers great features too.

There can be other materials that are used to make ICU doors. What is important is to consult with the manufacturer to see what is available.

Prepared vision window for Operating Room Door

Can ICU Doors have Windows?

Yes. You can have windows for monitoring the patient from the outside. The windows are often popular customization for ICU doors. As such, the manufacturer has to use the right window material to ensure that they can hold up to the ICU applications over the years.


Does Sunnyda Make Great ICU Doors?

Yes. Sunnyda makes impressive ICU doors you might need for your project. It is for this reason more clients would be happy to get help from Sunnyda. Below are more reasons Sunnyda is a top choice for getting your next ICU door.


Multiple options

It is always nice to know that you can get multiple options as ICU doors. This is because different clients would have varying needs. Sunnyda understands this and thus the reason you can get it has many options as ICU doors. You can now get the best door that suits your needs better to ensure that the ICU can remain functional. This might include having additional accessories in addition to the standard ICU door.


Quick support

It would be nice to know that you can get quick customer support from the brand. You do not have to wait for days just to get a simple email reply. All the emails are answered within 24 hours. You can still call the company support team to take care of your needs too.

Once you get the support that you want, it is possible to make an informed decision. You would know which ICU doors would be great for your needs.

Door leaf after painting

Fast delivery

Some projects have to be completed on time with no delays. That is where fast delivery comes in. All the ICU doors the company makes will be delivered faster. This is to avoid any delays and ensure that the crucial ICU room continues to work as expected. Sunnyda will give you the exact delivery time after understanding what kind of order you want the company to process.


Competitive pricing

One thing that would be a worry for most people is the price of the ICU door. You should not always worry about it since you are working with professionals who also make ICU doors at competitive prices. If you do your comparisons with other brands in the market, you will quickly notice how Sunnyda is among the cheapest options to get right now.


Years of experience

Having experience spanning over twenty years can make someone always consider Sunnyda. That experience brings out the best ICU doors you will ever need. This is because you will enjoy the expertise the company offers to ensure that the ICU door works great just as you need. If you had no idea which would be the best ICU door, let us help you find one for your ICU.



The overall reputation of the brand makes it a top choice. Sometimes additional research on the best companies that make ICU doors will help you pick the best brand in the business. Since Sunnyda has done a great job delivering quality ICU doors before, you can be sure there are many positive reviews on the brand. People are willing to get in touch because the brand has established itself as a great company in making ICU doors.



You must have heard about what is an ICU and how important it is. As such, getting the right ICU door is vital. It is why talking to Sunnyda can help in finding the right ICU door for the room. The questions above were meant to help you understand more about the different options of ICU doors that are available. However, if you require more information on ICU doors, contact Sunnyda today.

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