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  • Commerical Prefab Hermetic Door
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Hermetic Door
  • Modern Electric Hermetic Door
  • Automatic Sliding Hermetic Door

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Sunnyda is a top brand in making high-quality cleanroom products. This includes the hermetic door too. The work of such a door is to provide the users with proper sealing to help maintain the cleanliness level in a room. Also, there will be no air leakage, which sometimes could lead to possible contamination.

A lot goes into making sure that such a door works perfectly. That is true as Sunnyda prides itself on making sure the research and development team comes up with a proper functioning hermetic door. The best part is that the door can also handle huge pressure to keep the air leaks to a minimum.

Sunnyda can also deliver the hermetic door to different parts of the world. So, it does not matter where you are located as the company can make deliveries possible. Even if you need advice on how to pick the best hermetic doors, we are here to help. We have over twenty years of making such doors, so we should have all the expertise you need to get the right hermetic door.

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Model ORD001 ORD002 ORD003
Size(mm) 900×2100 1200×2100 1500×2100
Opening speed(mm/s) 250-550
Closing speed(mm/s) 250-550
Open time(s) 2-20
Power supply 110-240V/50-60HZ
Control system switch/foot sensor

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Automatic Hermetic Door
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Commerical Hermetic Door
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Electrical Hermetic Door
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Stainless Steel Hermetic Door

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Rail and Motor for Hermetic Door

Rail and Motor for Hermetic Door

Hermetic Door Vision Window

Hermetic Door Vision Window
Hermetic Door Handle

Hermetic Door Handle

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Application Areas for Hermetic Door
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Quality Control for Hermetic Door

The Best FAQ Guide to Hermetic Door

If you have been looking for a door for your industrial clean room or hospital room door, it is highly likely you have come across hermetic doors. These are important doors that will help you achieve the right conditions in a specific room. If you are new to such door types, keep reading this guide to learn more about them.


What is a Hermetic Door?

Figure 1 Hermetic Door for X-Ray Rooms

A hermetic door is designed to offer a proper seal for a specific room where the hermetic door is set up. These doors are characterized for being airtight so that they can deliver on the best sealing performance. Not even a spec of dust can get past the seals. As such, you can find it commonly used even for surgery rooms doors to keep the contaminants as low as possible.


What Are the Uses of Hermetic Doors?

Due to the overall design of hermetic doors, you should find them great for various applications. They are mostly suited for hospitals, clean rooms, labs, boardrooms, and recording studios. There can still be many other applications for the door depending on your needs.


What are the Properties of a Hermetic Door?

Hermetic doors are some of the best to use in a modular clean room or even a hospital environment. This is possible due to the various features the door can offer to the user. It is interesting to see what a person can get from these doors.

  • These doors are generally made of strong materials. Such materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and sometimes hard plastic laminate. As you can see, they should be able to deliver on the best durability and functionality too.
  • The hermetic design makes the doors good at sealing performance. You can be sure that the door would seal correctly leaving you with the best way of protecting the room from contamination. You will not have to worry about the loss of heat and cooling either as the door does a good job of providing the best sealing.
  • You will also like the way the door operates as it is quiet, and can be opened easily in case of an emergency. Also, having a modular design means the maintenance and installation are both easy to do for such a type of door.
  • The door is available in various styles. The common options include sliding hermetic doors and swing hermetic doors. Each would have pros and cons so it is best to research more before buying. As such, you would end up with the best hermetic door that you need for specific applications.
  • The hermetic door also has an impressive fire rating performance. On average, each door has at least 60 minutes of fire rating. This ensures that you can have more protection for your clean room or hospital room. Still, the hermetic door would have sound insulation where necessary to ensure you have a quiet working environment.
  • The manufacturer also makes hermetic doors with varying options when it comes to color and size. It is understandable that sometimes users might need larger doors while others might want a smaller door. So, the size is always customizable in addition to the color of the door.
  • Another thing you will like about hermetic doors should be the number of accessories available. These accessories are designed to make the operation of the hermetic doors easy to achieve. That is how you end up with automatic sliding hermetic doors at the moment. You can still get many other options under accessories; all you have to do is consult with the manufacturer.


Why is Hermetic Door Automation Important?

Figure 2 Hermetic Door for Clean Room

Automation would generally make things easier for most people. That is why you get even the hermetic doors are now having automated operations.

One of the reasons to automate a hermetic door is because you want to minimize cross-contamination. This ensures that fewer people can touch the door thus you will not be spreading the contaminants all over the door. Most hermetic doors now have the option of using touchless sensors. Such sensors allow for a hands-free operation.

The automated hermetic door will also open and close faster compared to manual doors. This activity helps in preventing the loss of cooling and heating in the room where the door is installed. Such a feature means your energy bill will also be lower at the end of the year.

Do not worry as you can adjust the speed to suit your needs. There are times you might need a faster opening door while other times a slow opening door is necessary.

The automated hermetic door is mostly easy to install. Even if it will have more moving components, you should find it easy to install and maintain. So long you can follow the recommended maintenance schedules, it should be possible to run the hermetic door smoothly all the time.


What are the Categories of Hermetic Doors?

If you are looking for hermetic doors, the chances are you will come across two options in most cases. They include sliding hermetic doors and swing hermetic doors. Here is more information about the hermetic doors.

Automatic Sliding Hermetic Door

Sliding hermetic doors

This type of door would have a leaf design. As such, the door would only move in the horizontal direction only. The seals are also installed vertically so that it can rest in the vertical profiles found on the frame.

The sliding hermetic door is best suited for those who might have limited space options. All you have to do is slide it to the side and get into the room.

This type of design will commonly have various finishing panels. They include HPL laminate, solid mineral surface panels, painted stainless steel panels, and stainless-steel panels. Depending on the model, some would have glass panels too. The glass panels have to be laminated to ensure that there is enough safety for the users.

Such a hermetic door can also have several automation options. The manufacturers would mostly use energy-saving motors to ensure that you can optimize on opening and closing of the hermetic door. You can still make many changes to the hermetic door, depending on what the manufacturer can offer. As a result, these doors can operate in different conditions and environments.

Swing hermetic doors

The swing hermetic doors as also a common choice for a hermetic door. These doors can be automatic, manual, semi-automatic, and so much more. It will largely depend on what you need for a hermetic door.

The swing hermetic doors are best suited for cases where you want to have the best bacterial contamination control.

Also, the swing hermetic doors are easy to install and start using. This is because they have the same operation as the regular doors we use at home or the office. Looking at some of the options, you will find that such a door can be standard, airtight, or hermetically sealed. So, always tell the manufacturer more about the application to end up with the best hermetic doors.

Hermetic doors do not always have to be automatic. As much as automatic hermetic doors are great to use, they can be expensive. It is why some people would opt for a manual swing door too.

As expected, such swing hermetic doors would have impressive hinges that can work in different environments. Since these doors have to be used in a hospital, you can expect the hinges to be concealed. Also, they are hinges tailor-made to fit the hermetic doors better. Also, the hinges are designed to hold up to a considerable amount of weight. They are also corrosion-resistant to keep the hermetic door working correctly for a long time.


Which Accessories Can Be Mounted on a Hermetic Door?

Figure 3 A Swinging Hermetic Door

The accessories are vital for the overall functionality of the hermetic door. It is why you would be happy to know that many manufacturers offer multiple accessories to their users. Here are some of them.



A battery might be crucial to run some of the auxiliary parts of the hermetic door. In most cases, they are rechargeable batteries and you will not have to worry about them for months. You would also have to check them after six months just to ensure they are working and holding charge as expected.


Digital program switch

This type of device is mostly used to issue commands to your hermetic door. It would also be great for making a few changes to the hermetic door. As a result, it is vital for the door, especially the automated door. It will also come in handy to display the various functions of the hermetic door while it is in operation.


Elbow switch and Touchless button

An elbow switch can also be a great option. This helps a lot in minimizing the contaminations on the door. All you have to do is open the door using your elbow and get in. Another option would be using a touchless entry system. For this one, it will sense your presence at the door and open it. This also helps a lot in keeping the contaminants to a minimum.



It is important that sometimes the hermetic door has handled. This is important for those who are using a swing hermetic door. It should have the best handle designed for hospital or clean room use. Yes, there are many handle options in the market, so consult with manufacturers to get the right one.



The sensors are vital to ensure the door can open automatically. A good example is when you have an automatic sliding door. It should be able to open with ease when you get close to the door and then seal once you are in. There can be many other sensor options. It depends on the functionality of the hermetic door.


Are Hermetic Doors Available In Many Colors?

Yes. Hermetic doors can easily be customized based on various features. You will notice that you can customize it to suit your needs for a colorful door. Most manufacturers would have multiple color options for you to consider. So, get in touch to find the best hermetic door that you can also like using on overall.

Design for Hermetic Door

How Can You Choose the Best Hermetic Door?

The hermetic door would only be good if it can do the job. That is why we recommend you keep in mind the following features when picking the best door in the market.

  • The hermetic door should be easy to clean. Keep in mind that the hermetic door can be cleaned using strong chemicals or cleaning agents. The material used to make the hermetic door needs to withstand such cleaning solutions and still maintain cleanliness.
  • The doors should not have many joints. There is the need to eliminate the joints as they are some of the places that bacteria can hide and multiply. Also, the same area could make it harder to control air pressure in case there is a leak in the joints. That is why most models would be flush and seamless.
  • The hermetic door also needs to be highly functional. This is in the sense that it should meet the workers’ needs of using the door. It should be wide, easy to open and close, and so much more. Look at which features the manufacturer offers to make the hermetic door easy to use and highly functional.
  • The hermetic door also needs a strong seal. The seal is vital for ensuring there will be no spread of bacteria and viruses. This can be achieved based on the track system the manufacturer uses to set up the door.
  • You can also look for additional accessories the manufacturer includes in the hermetic door. Such might be touchless control to help in minimizing contamination. You also have automated hermetic doors that make it easy to open and close the door. So, the accessories vary from one brand to another. Just make sure you opt for the best accessories generally.


Which are the Best Hermetic Door Panel Finishes?

Figure 4 A Hermetic Door with a Window Pane

The door panel finishes are vital for the overall functionality of the hermetic door. This is because you have to get the right hermetic door depending on the use. So, what are some of these door panel finishes?

  • High pressure laminated panels
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Aluminum panels
  • Double or triple glazed glass panels
  • Lead-lined panels for the x-ray rooms


How Do You Troubleshoot Hermetic Doors?

If you own an automated hermetic door, the chances are it would at some point have an error and you need to know how best to handle it. Below are some of the errors you can expect and their possible remedies.

The door does not open or close

This will happen if there is no power supply to the door. So, make sure to check the power supply before thinking it is something else. Sometimes a lost connection can make the door not open.

The main fuse could also be blown. When this happens, the circuit is not complete and you cannot run the door too. As such, you need to replace the main fuse to complete the circuit and have the door working properly once again.

The functions set are not executed correctly

Sometimes you might set the functions on a hermetic door but you still find that the door is not working as you wanted. In such a case, it is possible the function selector is not set up correctly. Check to see if the correct settings have been used in the function selector.

You might also find that the safety mechanism is also active to prevent some functions from working. Check to see if there is anything wrong with the door first before resetting the hermetic door to work as you wanted.

The door movement is not linear

The chances are the door was not installed properly. This happens when the alignment is off or there is a component that is not set upright. You may have to consider calling experts on this one to pinpoint the possible problem affecting the door movement. Once it is sorted, you can have a hermetic door with a linear movement all the time.

The door can open but does not close

Yes, you can also experience such when running an automated hermetic door. When this happens, maybe the door is jammed. So, check its mechanism to see if there is one of the motors that are jammed or the pulleys too. This one will need more digging to establish the overall performance of the door. Sometimes regular maintenance should help avoid such inconveniences.

You can also check the settings from the function selector. There are times you may have selected the wrong mode. Such a mode may be designed to keep the hermetic door open always. Yes, that is possible too.

Also, check the opening devices and sensors to ensure they are working correctly. There are times they might be experiencing false detections. As such, they would think that someone is at the door thus the reason the sensors do not close the doors.

You can also get the same error whereby the door tends to open itself when no one is around. This is because the faulty opening devices keep sensing there is someone at the door when there is no one. If repairs are not possible, you may have to replace the door.

The worker is cleaning the hermetic door

How Can You Maintain the Automatic Hermetic Sliding Door?

Maintenance is vital for ensuring the hermetic sliding door will work as expected. That is why you are advised to always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to keep the door working great as expected.

The first thing you have to do is get yourself qualified personnel that can do the job. The maintenance of hermetic doors does not require using quacks that might end up worsening the situation. It is possible to get professionals in such a field as there are companies that specialize in doing such work.

Routine cleaning does not need the use of other companies. That is something you can do in-house. This will include cleaning the hermetic door, the floor rails, and others. However, it is all the maintenance and repair work that has to be done by qualified personnel.

So, what are some of the maintenance work that has to be done?

The first thing would be to disconnect the power to the hermetic door. Once you have done this, proceed to check the following.

  • Look at the screws ensuring that they are tight. You may have to tighten some of them if they are loose.
  • Look at the overall cleanliness of the rail and carriage. You need a hermetic door that can open with ease all the time.
  • Since we are considering a sliding door, look at the belt tension. If it seems to lose, go ahead and tighten it too.
  • You should still look at the wear of the belt. There is no point in continuing to use a worn belt that might snap any moment. Look at the carriage wheels too. If they are too worn out, they should be replaced.
  • Always check the overall fitting of the hermetic door on the carriages.

Once you are done with the checks mentioned above, you can proceed to do other checks. This time the door needs to be powered. So, connect it to the power supply and conduct the following checks on it.

  • Check to see if the control devices are working correctly. Also, check to see if the safety measures can kick in whenever necessary.
  • Also, check the detection sensors. Make sure they are in proper working condition and are compliant with the various standards depending on the location.
  • In case there is a device that works on a battery, check them too. If the battery is not in good condition, proceed to replace it too.

All the checks mentioned above have to be done every 6 months or after every 20,000 cycles. Whichever comes first.

All the maintenance that is performed on the hermetic door should be noted in a proof book. This ensures that the next maintenance will be easy as you know what was checked, replaced, and repaired.

If you can keep up with the maintenance schedules, then your hermetic door will always work great as you want.



The hermetic door will always deliver on some good sealing performance. It is why more people would consider using them in spaces that require minimal cross-contamination. From the questions above, you now know what makes a hermetic door great. So, get in touch with Sunnyda if you are ready for an order or you want more information.

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