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  • Stainless Steel Surgery Room Door
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  • Customized Steel Surgery Room Door
  • Stainless steel Auto Surgery Room Door
  • Stainless Steel Surgery Room Door
  • Automatic Sliding Surgery Room Door

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Surgery room doors serve an important role when it comes to keeping the surgery room free of contaminants. If you have no idea where to get such a type of door, let Sunnyda help you achieve that today.

The surgery room door is made to keep contamination in the cleanroom to a minimum. You can be sure that is possible when you get the door from Sunnyda. A lot of R&D has gone into making sure that such a door remains functional as expected. It is because of such dedication that you will find Sunnyda surgery room doors among the best in the industry. Also, they will come highly recommended by those who have used them before.

The surgery room door could either be automatic or manual. It depends on what you consider getting for yourself to ensure that the room door makes the cleanroom’s operation easier. Some would opt for automatic as it makes opening the door easier. The automatic doors also help with keeping the contamination down when getting into the surgery room.

So, would you like a surgery room door? Let Sunnyda help you achieve the best surgery room door today.

Model ORD001 ORD002 ORD003
Size(mm) 900×2100 1200×2100 1500×2100
Opening speed(mm/s) 250-550
Closing speed(mm/s) 250-550
Open time(s) 2-20
Power supply 110-240V/50-60HZ
Control system switch/foot sensor

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Automatic Surgery Room Door
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Commerical Surgery Room Door
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How to Control the Quality of the Surgery Room Door

How to Control the Quality of the Surgery Room Door
Rail and Motor for Surgery Room Door

Rail and Motor for Surgery Room Door

Surgery Room Door with Rail

Surgery Room Door with Rail
Surgery Room Door Handle

Surgery Room Door Handle

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Vision Window for Surgery Room Door
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Application Area for Surgery Room Door

Best Value for Surgery Room Door

Best Value for Surgery Room Door

Comprehensive FAQs Guide on Surgery room door

Surgery room doors play a vital role in ensuring that the facility is correctly maintained just as you need. These doors are specially designed not to work in the pharmaceutical sector only, but also other types of similar environments. This FAQs guide gives you an idea what a surgery room door is all about and why you may want to get it.


What are the Features of a Surgery room door?

Several Surgery room doors Installed

Figure 1 Several Surgery room doors Installed

Surgery room doors are some of the well-built doors in the clean room sector. Here are the features that would make it necessary to use such doors for your cleanroom.

  • The doors come with a fully encapsulated design. This type of design leaves you with a seamless door. Such a design is important for ensuring that the door locks correctly and works as you would want. Keep in mind that pharmaceutical clean rooms have highly sensitive processes that need the best protection.
  • These doors are generally free from voids, holes, ledges, and crevices. This is to ensure that you can have a great door that does not harbor bacteria, dirt, and grime. It can hard to maintain a clean door if there are crevices where dust and bacteria will easily accumulate.
  • These doors are built using non-shedding materials. As such, they will not contribute to having a problem with more particles in the clean room. It is the reason you will get more people using them as they are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is expected that these clean room doors would have a long life-expectancy. On average, they would last for two decades with minimal maintenance. Also, they are environmentally-friendly since you do not need dispose them all the time.
  • The surgery room doors can be cGMP and still FDA-compliant. Such compliance makes it easier to use the doors when handling various sensitive applications in a cleanroom. Make sure the model you are buying has all the necessary certifications.

There can be many other features to get with a surgery room door. What is important is that you always request for a product catalog to learn more about the clean room door.


Where are Surgery room doors Used?

Other than being used in the pharmaceutical clean rooms, these doors can still be used in other clean room types. Such include;

  • Nanotechnology
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Biotech
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor manufacturing etc.

Stainless steel Auto Surgery Room Door

Which Materials Can Be Used to Make a Surgery room door?

Surgery room doors can be made of many materials. The choice of material can depend on many things such as the use and the overall environment of the pharmaceutical clean room. The material options include.


Steel material is a common choice for different clean room applications. This is because the material can work for different processes in a clean room.

The steel doors are also not affected by fire. As such, your clean room will not easily be razed down in case of a fire outbreak.

It is no secret that steel doors are durable and sturdy. You never to worry that they might start to buckle or warp easily. That is some good investment many people would enjoy having as part of their clean room.

The steel doors are generally easy to clean too. Also, they would also help in maintaining the air tightness of the room.



The aluminum material is also a great choice to get for door material. The biggest selling point of aluminum is that it is lightweight. Even if it is lightweight, the overall durability is also good.

The aluminum doors are also hard-wearing and last for a long time. You will also not have to worry that the door would be affected by different environments.

Aluminum doors also can resist various chemical products. It is why many people consider using them more often since they can clean them using various agents without worrying the surface might get eroded.

Aluminum can easily bend and also remain flexible. This means that the material cannot be easily damaged by bends or shocks.

There can be many other options as materials used to make clean room doors. Just make sure to talk to the manufacturer to learn more about the possible use of the different materials in the pharmaceutical industry.


What are the Common Types of Surgery room doors?

A Surgery room door with Glass Panels

Figure 2 A Surgery room door with Glass Panels


Whenever you are looking at surgery room doors, you can come across various types available. Below are the common types so that you can buy knowing which is the best for you.

Hinged surgery room doors

Hinged doors are probably the most used in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because the doors are easy to use and will work great for various sectors too. The hinged doors are also good in terms of durability, hygiene, and ease of cleaning.

These doors are also good in terms of being light and generally easy to operate. You should not worry that the door would be hard to use.

These doors are usually available as pairs or singles. They can also be single swing or as double swing too. So, you can see that there are a wide range of options for you to consider getting.


Sliding surgery room doors

The other option to consider is the sliding surgery room doors. These doors are suited for areas with limited space. You will not need a lot of space to operate a sliding door compared to a hinge door described above.

Also, you can end up with wider openings too thanks to the runner system. Just make sure you check out any other safety features included in the door design to make it better.

Stainless Steel Surgery Room Door

Pharmaceutical fire surgery room doors

Depending on the processes that go on in a pharmaceutical clean room, you would also have to consider a fire-rated clean room door. Make sure that the fire clean room door is compliant with the various regulations worldwide on fire prevention. Such regulations include UL, BS, EN, and so much more.

On average, you can get such fire-rated doors lasting up to 4 hours in case of a fire.


Hermetic sealing sliding surgery room doors

The hermetic sealing doors are important to prevent any cases of air leakages. Such pharmaceutical doors would come with unique patented track systems to help maintain an airtight seal. This type of seal would be able to reduce cross contamination in pharmaceutical facilities.

The doors could still be a combination of the other types mentioned above. So, look at the various options available under such doors before making up your mind.


Where Can You Get a Surgery room door?

Staff Walking in a Pharmaceutical Facility

Figure 3 Staff Walking in a Pharmaceutical Facility

If you are interested in getting a surgery room door, there are various places to get one for yourself. If you are unsure where to start, let Sunnyda help you. The company has over twenty years of experience in handling the clean room doors. It is possible to get yourself the right clean room door just as you want.


Surgery room door vs. Regular Steel Door. Which is Better?

Sometimes you can come across regular steel doors also being used in pharmaceutical environments. However, should you do so? We will look at the reasons why you should always consider using the correct surgery room doors rather than the regular steel doors.

  • The surgery room doors are smooth, easy to clean, and seamless. This means that you can keep bacteria accumulation to a minimum compared to when you are working with the regular steel doors.
  • A surgery room door is not likely to rot or rust. Also, it does not warp or swell. These are important features that help keep such a door sealed and strong against the elements. You could be using it for years and the clean room door maintains its look for long too. The problem with regular steel doors is that they tend to rot from the inside over time, making them unsuitable for a clean room.
  • You may have to expose the door to various solutions and cleaning agents. It is for this reason; you need a surgery room door. It is not affected by disinfectants, moisture, VHP and so much more. Regular steel doors are not designed to be waterproof. As such, they are likely to oxidize even when cleaned more often. That is not what you want in a surgery room door.
  • It is possible to get great custom colors for your surgery room door. These colors are professionally painted into the door ensuring that they do not hamper the overall functionality of the clean room door over time.
  • The surgery room doors are likely to be 40% lighter than the regular steel clean room doors. Being lightweight generally makes them easy to operate by different people. The regular steel doors are found to be heavy and sometimes hard to operate. That is not what you need for your pharmaceutical facility.
  • Overall durability of a clean room door is better. This is because manufacturers of the doors do not expect the client to start replacing the door anytime soon. Most of the time, a manufacturer can offer a guarantee of 25 years against swelling, rotting, expansion, corrosion, and delamination.

From the comparison above, you can see why it would be best to invest in a recommended pharmaceutical door that will make your clean room operate just as you need.


What are the Accessory Options for a Surgery room door?

Handle Installed on a Surgery room door

Figure 4 Handle Installed on a Surgery room door

The chances are you will come across different surgery room doors. The difference is mostly based on how they operate and the accessories included on the doors by the manufacturer.

So, what are these accessories? Here are a few common options.

High speed rollers

There are times when you need the doors to open and close faster. That is when you consider the high-speed rollers. These rollers are designed to make the doors use less energy while at the same time open the doors faster.

These high-speed doors are still designed in a way that prevents possible cross-contamination, save on energy use, and generally reduce the noise from opening the surgery room door all the time.



Glass in this case can be used to help offer a clean room or generally improve visibility inside the clean room. That is why some doors come with a viewing window that can be used by those outside to prevent the need for opening the clean room door all the time.

Under such door options, you can also get more accessories that can block the window pane when you have to keep the project private.



There is the need to sometimes automate some of the functions of the clean room. This includes the doors too. The doors can have several automated parts to make it better at its job. A good example is when the door has a sensor to open the door as you approach or a touchless opening method to minimize contamination. Others would have interlocking mechanisms to maintain the overall cleanroom integrity.

Surgery Room Door Handle


Of course, the handles are also important to keep in mind. Not all surgery room doors need handles, but some will. In case you opt for handles, ensure they are the rated handles for clean rooms. Most manufacturers would have various handle options for you to consider.

Sunnyda is a top brand that can help you pick the right surgery room door handle and other accessories. Just talk to Sunnyda today to learn more on clean room doors.


What are the Benefits of Surgery room doors?

Surgery room doors are highly appreciated for the various functions they can achieve. It is why such doors are a top option for various fields. Below are the benefits for using surgery room doors.

  • These doors offer proper humidity control levels. Your clean room needs proper humidity to function well. The doors can help maintain such levels to prevent bacteria growth, corrosion, product degradation, and static electricity build up.
  • Other than helping with the control of humidity, these doors are good for controlling temperatures. It depends on the applications. Some processes are easily affected by high temperatures. It is why the surgery room door needs to maintain the best temperature range.
  • These doors often come with high quality seals. The aim of the seals is to help in keeping the contaminants out. Also, you can expect to maintain a high level of cleanliness with such types of doors. There is no doubt you will now have a high-quality production performance in the pharmaceutical clean room.
  • These doors would also have the best regulatory compliance. In this case, you will find that the doors comply to various standards so that they can be used in various clean room types. Some of the standards include ISO, USDA, NSF, cGMP, and much more.
  • These clean room doors would generally be easy to clean. The last thing anyone would want is to have a clean room door that is dirty all the time. Some even have hands-free operation to minimize contamination even further.


Can You Use Airlocks in Addition to a Surgery room door?

Pharmaceutical Swinging Surgery Room Door

Figure 5 Pharmaceutical Swinging Clean Room Doors

The use of airlocks is nothing new. Even if you want a surgery room door, you would still want an airlock too depending on the project you need to handle.

An air lock is important for protecting the clean area during the entry and exit of materials and personnel from such an area. So, in addition to your clean room door, get yourself an air lock to keep the contaminants even lower.

You may come across three main types of air locks. They include cascade airlock, sink airlock, and bubble airlock.

The cascade airlock is the most common in cleanrooms. It comes with a high pressure on one side and then a lower pressure on the other side. Such an airlock will now prevent the entry of dust or contaminants from the airlock exterior and from the airlock to the inner side of the clean room.

There is also the bubble airlock. This type of airlock contains a higher air pressure inside than the outsides. So, this will help prevent possible flow of the air between the two areas hence creating a vital pressure barrier.

The sink airlock will have a lower pressure in the airlock and then high pressure on the outside of the airlock. This is the opposite of the bubble airlock. Such a mechanism means that the airlock pulls air from the adjacent areas thus leading to low pressure barrier.


How is Cross Contamination from Surgery room doors and Outside Minimized?

It is understandable that cross contamination is possible when many people are using the same surgery room door. That is why more companies are pushing for the use of touchless automatic clean room technology. As the name suggests, this technology automates the processes of the surgery room door to prevent the need for opening the door manually.

These automated doors are known to help a lot with improving the hygiene of the door and its users. Also, such doors help with noise control. Most of these doors run on sensors which eliminates the creaking sounds you get when opening the normal doors.

You will also like the fact that such doors do not use a lot of electricity. Each time someone sees an automated door, they think it uses a lot of power. However, improved technology has made it possible to automate the doors while at the same time use less power to run the door.


How Long Does the Surgery room door Last?

Surgery room doors are built with durability in mind. This means that the cleanroom door is likely to last for decades. Various reports show that such doors can last for even 25 years or more. What is important is that you always check out the construction, materials, and so much more. So, do not be scared about replacing your surgery room door anytime soon.

double shower air shower

Double Shower Air Shower

What Else Do You Need to Setup a Pharmaceutical Clean Room in addition to the Surgery room door?

A surgery room door is just one of the important clean room building blocks. You still need to get other things in order to make the clean room functional. Below are the additional stuff you may want to get for a clean room.

  • Ventilation is vital for the operations of a clean room. You can be in a position to maintain the best air quality if there is proper ventilation in the clean room. It is estimated that a lot of money in a clean room budget would go to ventilation and air filtration to ensure the cleanroom is working as required.
  • There is the need for proper measuring of the pharmaceutical clean room so that the cleanroom can be improved further. Some of the tests include air flow, particle count, temperature, and cleanliness. They all have to be within the appropriate levels.
  • Lighting is also vital to ensure that your clean room has the best visibility for handling many projects. There is no doubt more people are now investing in LED lighting to ensure the clean room can provide the best working conditions. Ensure that there are fewer dark spots in the cleanroom to show that the lighting was done right.
  • There is the need for future proofing too. That is why you need to come up with a flexible design for the pharmaceutical clean room. This allows for the addition or expansion of your clean room just as you wanted.
  • Temperature and humidity control are vital for anyone who is looking to make your cleanroom better. So, look at the various measures put in place in the cleanroom to make it control the temperature and humidity better. With the introduction of different new technologies, it is now easier than before.



The best surgery room doors go a long way in ensuring you get the best clean room environment. Always make sure that you buy the surgery room door from top rated manufacturers. This will ensure that you always get the right surgery room door for various applications. Talk to Sunnyda today to see more room doors available.

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