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  • Sliding Hospital Room Door
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Hospital room doors are about maintaining the hygiene of the room better than the other types of doors. It is why you would want Sunnyda to help you find the right hospital door. We make some of the best models in the market. All our hospital doors come in handy in different hospital rooms, including surgery rooms.

You can buy the standard hospital room door or opt for others, such as the automatic hospital door and the sliding hospital door. Sometimes it can be the combination of several types into one model. A good example is a sliding automatic hospital door.

How about cleanliness? That is not something to worry about it when you pick a hospital door from Sunnyda. This is because the materials used are generally easy to clean. The top materials are stainless steel and galvanized steel. There can be other materials depending on your needs for a hospital door.

Are you ready to give your hospital a makeover with recommended doors? Contact the customer support team today if you have any more inquires.

Model SRD001 SRD002 SRD003
Material steel/304 stainless steel,1.2mm painted door frame,double-sided 1.0mm painted steel plate, steel honeycomb
Interlock system with/without
Door closer with/without
Size(mm) 900x2100mm 1500x2100mm 1800x2100mm
Color can be customized
Door leaf thickness(mm) 50mm
Door frame thickness(mm) can be customized

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Modular Hospital Room Door
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Industrial Hospital Room Door
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Medical Hospital Room Door
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Prefab Hospital Room Door
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Prefabricated Hospital Room Door
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Double-opening Hospital Room Door
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Electrical Hospital Room Door
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Hermetic Hospital Room Door
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Commerical Hospital Room Door
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Mobile Hospital Room Door
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Stainless Steel Hospital Room Door
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Automatic Hospital Room Door

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Hinge for Hospital Room Door

Hinge for Hospital Room Door

Hospital Room Door Lock

Hospital Room Door Lock
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Hospital Room Door Vision Window

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Sealing Strip for Hospital Room Door
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Application Areas for Hospital Room Door

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Quality Control for Hospital Room Door

Hospital Room Door FAQ Guide

Any hospital room might need a door and thus we end up with the hospital room doors. These types of doors are made to deliver on the best functionality generally to ensure that the hospital room can function as required. That is why you do not go around picking any type of door and use it for hospital rooms. This guide focuses on helping you understand more about the hospital room doors so that you can make an informed decision.


What are Hospital Room Doors Made of?

Figure 1 Surgery Hospital Room Door

Hospital room doors are mostly made of high-quality materials vital for durability and safety in a hospital environment. That is why you may find that such hospital room doors are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, HPL, carbon steel, and so much more. There are some that would be made of wood, but they are not common today.


How Wide are the Hospital Room Doors?

The width is variable in most cases. However, the minimum width a hospital door needs to have is 3 feet 8 inches. This is when there is the need for accessing the room with beds and stretches. If the doors will mostly be accessed with wheelchairs, the minimum width is supposed to be 2 feet 10 inches.


Do Hospital Room Doors Have Locks?

There are some that would have locks while others might not have them. It will depend on the use of the door. If it is a general ward, it would not necessarily need a lock. The locks are mostly meant for restricted access or when a patient is violent and might harm others. So, there is the need for proper evaluation of the various scenarios in the hospital to decide if the locks are necessary or not.

Handle for Hospital Room Door

Handle for Hospital Room Door

What are the Features of Hospital Room Doors?

Maybe you are new to hospital room doors and you have no idea what to expect. In such a case, you may want to look at the various features the hospital room door has to offer. Here are some of them.


Safe and easily accessible

The doors Sunnyda makes are designed around safety and convenience. This means that the doors are easy to use by the patients and staff. There are times where fast access might be necessary and the last thing you would want is for the hospital room door not to work as you want.

The best part is that these doors are ISO-certified. The certifications are for different categories to ensure that you always have the right hospital room door meant for hospitals.


Energy-efficient doors

It is possible that heating and cooling can be lost due to the opening and closing of the hospital room doors all the time. As such, you could end up with high energy bills. That is not something you want especially when you have patients in the facility. It is why the hospital room doors will be designed to minimize these losses to keep the energy use in a hospital low.

Design for hospital room door

Design for hospital room door


The hospital room doors will also save you time and space. That is important to ensure that you can have efficient doors without taking up too much space in the rooms. A good example is when you opt for sliding doors in case your hospital room is small. The sliding doors are vital to take up less space and still deliver on the best functionality.


The hygiene

Of course, maintaining the best hygiene is also important. That is why the hospital room doors would have smooth and rounded surfaces. Such surfaces mean that dirt will not easily accumulate on the corners and joints. Also, you can get these surfaces being antimicrobial as a way of keeping the bacteria attachment to a minimum.



The aesthetics are also important. There is no doubt you would like to have attractive hospital room doors. The best part is that manufacturers can incorporate different designs and colors into the doors so that they can meet your needs for the best hospital room door. You can also get many finish materials vital for making the hospital room door suitable for various hospital applications.


Reliable performance

It would be nice to also like the performance you get with the hospital room door. The last thing you need is to start replacing such doors after a few months. So, make sure that you get easy to maintain hospital room doors. That should not be a problem for most hospital room doors. They can work great even if you have to use them more often.


Which Key Areas Can a Hospital Room Door be Used?

Operation Room Door

Figure 2 Hospital Room Door with Handles and Glass Panes

When you say hospital room door, some might think you only have to use it in a room having a patient. That is not the case. There are many areas that can use hospital room doors in a hospital setting. Let us look at them below.


Main entrance

When it comes to admitting people into a hospital, there is the need to make sure that the process is smooth all the time. That is why such an entrance would use sliding or revolving doors. These two-door types are known to help improve accessibility generally. Even those in wheelchairs or using crutches should have an easy time getting into the hospital.



You are also likely to come across doors leading to the cafeteria too in the hospital. Such should generally be designed around making the access easier and faster too. This is because the doors have to cater to a large number of people getting into the cafeteria for a meal. In such a case, the sliding doors would be great to use.


Loading dock

Hospitals have to receive large quantities of medications, food, and other types of equipment daily. When they are delivered to the hospital, there is the need to unload them correctly. That is where the right type of doors have to come in handy. There is a wide range of options for this case. They include sectional overhead doors, high-speed doors, and roller shutters.

hospital door use in operating room

Corridors and hallways

Corridors and hallways are also likely to experience a lot of traffic. So, the door that you decide to use for such an application should be good at the ease of opening and overall usability. The doors also have to reduce the noise from the main lobby so that the patients in the wards can be comfortable. That is why such a place would have sliding and swing doors with additional accessories as the main options.


Patient wards

As expected, you can find the patient wards having hospital room doors. These doors are designed to be wide so that you can have easy access even for the patients in wheelchairs. This is the same when you have to move the patient in and out of the ward while on a bed. The doors also need to be quiet, save on space, and improve the overall hygiene of the hospital room.

The patient wards would have the option of gliding and sliding doors.


Staff entrance

In this case, the hospital has to balance between ease of accessing the rooms while at the same time consider security. Some of the rooms may have sensitive equipment thus the need to minimize the number of people accessing them. It is why in addition to having sliding or swing doors, such rooms are also likely to have an access control system also installed.


Accident and emergency entrance

Such an entrance needs a fast opening door to ensure that the patients coming through that door can be handled as fast as possible. That is why such places would have overhead or fast opening sliding doors. The few precious seconds the door can save while opening faster might be what the patient needs. Also, these doors get out of the way completely to ensure the patients and equipment are not caught in the door.


Operating theatres

The operating theatres also need the best hospital room doors. Such doors are supposed to help maintain the best clean environment inside the surgery room. That is not all as the door also needs to reduce sound, offer radiation protection, and cannot emit magnetic fields that might otherwise disrupt the sensitive equipment.

A good option for such rooms in a hospital includes using hermetic sealing doors. Such doors will do a good job of preventing cross-contamination and still maintain constant air pressure.


What are the Types of Hospital Room Doors?

Figure 3 Swinging Hospital Doom Doors

Understanding the various types of hospital room doors helps a lot in determining which would be the best for your application. Here are some of the common options in the market right now.


Revolving doors

This type of door offers an always open and always closed design. As such, it allows for ease of movement for people into the facility. The door is also designed to minimize the loss of cool and warm air from the hospital lobby. As such, you will not have to spend so much on your energy bills.

Another thing is that such doors allow for the smooth operation of the hospital. This is because the door can also be quite compared to the other types of doors.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors are generally the most common options in a hospital setting. This is because they are easy to operate and do not take up a lot of space when set up. They are also good for matching the existing hospital architecture. These doors can also have glass panels vital to help with visibility into the wards or wherever they are set up.

These doors are also seen as a great option for saving on energy too. This is because they will reduce the opening width and can close faster. It might not seem as much, but you can expect a lot more energy-saving once you compare to other options used before.


Swing doors

The swing doors are also great to provide the hospital room with all the important functionality. Such doors can be automatic or manual. It all depends on where they are used. If it is a place that needs better control over contaminants, there is the need for ensuring that the swing door is automatic.

Also, such doors are likely to have access control mechanisms too. This is where they can provide additional security since only those authorized to get into the room can do so.

Hermetic Operating Room Door

Hermetic sealing doors

The hermetic sealing doors are also a great option to consider. These doors are designed for hospital rooms that need proper sealing generally. A good example is an X-ray room, operating room door, labs, and so much more. So long as it is treated as a clean room environment, it could use a hermetic sealing door.

The door will come with various features important to provide the best sealing performance. You can also expect reduced noise inside a hospital room with a hermetic sealing door.


Gliding doors

Gliding doors are generally smooth in their operation. They are suspended by magnetic fields and would not need a lot of effort to open and close. Their design also makes them good at providing the best hygiene in a hospital room and also eliminating the damage that would come from colliding the hospital beds into the doors.

Since they can also be wide doors, they make it easy to move patients while on their beds or in wheelchairs. You will find such doors common inpatient wards or lavatories.


Roller Shutters and Sectional Overhead doors

The other option in form of a hospital room door is the overhead doors and the roller shutters. These are great doors when you need a smooth flow of goods into a hospital. Due to the design of such hospitals, you will find that they are highly durable, use less energy, and can be versatile depending on your needs. So long as you can maintain the right, they should live up to your needs for a long time.


What are the Finishing Options for Hospital Room Doors?

The finishing options play an important role in the usability and look of the hospital room door. Some of the finish options include HPL or high-pressure laminate, antibacterial finish, stainless steel finish, and glass for the panels. As for the profiles, some of the options include painted and anodized finishes. Since they can vary from one manufacturer to another, further consultation is recommended to get yourself the best finish for your hospital room door.


Are Accessories for a Hospital Room Door?

Yes, you are likely to come across several options as accessories for your hospital room door. Some of the options include handles, locks, windows, and protection bands. Keep in mind that such accessories largely depend on the manufacturer. So, consult with your favorite manufacturer to understand the type of accessories available for hospital room doors.


What are the Applications of Hospital Room Doors?

Figure 4 Sliding Hospital Room Doors

The name of the doors should give you an idea of where you can find such doors mostly being used. Well, you will find them in a hospital. Such doors would be used in places such as;

  • The main entrance into the hospital
  • The cafeteria entry
  • The loading docks
  • The hallways and corridors
  • The patient wards
  • Operating rooms
  • ER entrances
  • Restricted room entrance etc.

stainless steel and steel clean room door

Stainless Steel Hospital Room Doors vs. Laminate or Timber Hospital Doors. Which Should You Pick?

It is possible that you may come across different types of hospital room doors. Some might be made of stainless steel while others might be made of laminate or timber materials. However, most people prefer using stainless steel hospital room doors. Why is that the case?

  • One of the biggest reasons to consider the stainless steel hospital room door is because of the hygienic construction. You would not have to worry about the crevices, voids, and seams as those found in a timber door. This also means that there will be no accumulation of dirt and other grime on the surface of the stainless steel doors.
  • Another reason is that stainless steel doors do not have timber organic core. They would have other materials such as rockwool, EPS, PU, and so much more. In such a case, you can be sure that the product would generally be great in keeping the bacteria away since it has no nutritional value to the microorganism.
  • Many people will find stainless steel as being generally easy to disinfect and clean too. The same cannot be said for timber doors as they are likely to have a porous surface. Such a surface can also splinter leading to injuries.
  • Corrosion resistance will also leave you with a great stainless steel hospital room door. Such a door would also not rust, swell, or easily corrode. The timber doors are prone to warping, rotting, and sometimes decaying.
  • The stainless steel doors are also lightweight and strong. This is great for ensuring that the doors can withstand regular use in the hospital without easily denting or even bending. Timber doors would easily get damaged in case of an impact.
  • The manufacturing process of stainless steel doors can leave you with a permanent built-in color. Just make sure you choose the best color that you want. Such color does not need repainting once it is done right. That cannot be said for the timber doors which would require repainting at some point to end up with good-looking hospital room doors.
  • The stainless steel hospital room doors would have an impressive lifespan. Most of them will last for over 25 years with minimal maintenance. The timber doors will have a short lifespan in high-traffic applications and would also need more maintenance.

The worker is cleaning the hospital room door

The worker is cleaning the hospital room door

How Can You Clean a Hospital Room Door plus the Patient Room?

Of course, the hospital room doors and patient rooms will need proper cleaning. To make this possible, you have to keep in mind a few things. Here are some of them.

  • You should always consider using hospital-grade disinfectants. These disinfectants will be used for cleaning the top, sides, and front of the doors, side rails, headboard, and so many other surfaces.
  • You can also use the same disinfectant on the TV remotes, drawer pulls, phones, armchairs, light switches, and any other touchpoints you might have to use in the patient room and door.
  • You still have to consider cleaning the bathroom. Start with the sink and the counter areas. Then clean the support bars and the shower fixtures. Finally, clean the toilet.
  • Another thing to consider is to remove and bag the privacy curtains. It is time for fresh curtains in the patient room.
  • Other than disinfecting the door, proceed to also disinfect and clean the clinical equipment thoroughly. Make sure that you follow the cleaning protocols as set out by the hospital. This is to make sure that everything is done right.

Do not stop at the patient room, clean the other rooms in the hospital too. This is to ensure that the hospital can always have the best hygiene to make the patients comfortable.

It is possible to have some hospitals opting for specialized cleaning companies. These are the companies with experience in ensuring that everything is cleaned correctly up to the hospital standards.

Practical Uses for Hospital Room Door

Can You Use Hospital Room Door for Surgery Rooms?

Yes. It is possible to use hospital room doors for surgery rooms doors. You simply have to make sure it is the right door meant for surgery rooms. These types of rooms require proper sealing to keep as many contaminants as possible out. For this reason, you will find that such rooms would need hermetic sealing hospital room doors. Such doors would always ensure you have the right environment to perform various surgeries without worrying about contaminants.


What is the Price for Getting a Hospital Room Door?

The hospital room door price varies a lot. It will be based on the type of hospital room door, the materials used, size, accessories, and so much more. As a result, you can find some costing a few hundred dollars while others with a price tag over a thousand dollars. So, consult a manufacturer first with all the details about where you want to set up the hospital room door to get the right quotation.



We hope that by now you have all the information you need about hospital room doors. They can be great for your hospital provided you get the right door for a specific section of the hospital. If you are ready to place your order or you have more questions, let Sunnyda help you. Call the company today to talk to a trained support team.

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