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Sunnyda Auto Sliding doors generally make it easier to open the doors and also utilize less space. As part of improving the sliding door design, there is now the auto sliding door. This type of door would automatically slide open whenever someone approaches it. Most people feel good when a door opens for them. Now you have a chance to make that possible for your clients.

Sunnyda has been in the business of making such types of doors for two decades now. The brand understands what you need to make the right auto sliding door. Other than experience, the turnaround time is also fast. Your doors will be delivered within a few weeks of making an order.

Besides making these doors durable, they are still stylish. This means that the auto sliding doors can easily get different applications. That is why more people would be willing to use them, especially in a highly trafficked area. They could still be used in cleanrooms for offices.

Auto sliding doors can transform your cleanroom or office for the better. Give Sunnyda a call if you need one.

Model ORD001 ORD002 ORD003
Size(mm) 900×2100 1200×2100 1500×2100
Opening speed(mm/s) 250-550
Closing speed(mm/s) 250-550
Open time(s) 2-20
Power supply 110-240V/50-60HZ
Control system switch/foot sensor

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Pharmaceutical Auto Sliding Door
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Modular Medical Auto Sliding Door

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Auto Sliding Door Handle

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Rail and Motor for Auto Sliding Doors
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Auto Sliding Door with Rail

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Vision Window for Auto Sliding Door

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Excellent quality for auto sliding door

Quick Guide to Auto Sliding Door FAQs

An auto sliding door is a great option for your business, mall, or any other public space. This is because the door will automatically slide open or close when you approach or get past the door respectively. In case you are handling many people in a building, this would be the perfect door to use. This guide below gets in-depth into auto sliding doors and why you may want to use them. Let us see what this is all about.


Auto Sliding or Auto Swinging Automatic Doors? What is the Difference?

Figure 1 Auto Sliding Door in a Clean Room

An auto sliding door is a popular choice when you want to set up a door at a highly trafficked entrance. That is why such doors would be used in hospitals, supermarkets, and more where people are constantly going through the door. The sliding door would be manufactured to fit the needs of the client. It is why some might be large while others small.

The automatic swing doors can also be used in a highly trafficked area, but most of the time they would be used in offices or even clean rooms. They are like other swing doors with the only difference is that they are automated. They will also help in making the building ADA-compliant to make sure that you can serve everyone.

So, you can use the two interchangeably depending on your needs. But the auto sliding door will always be a better choice for those in highly trafficked areas.


What are the Common Types of Auto Sliding Doors?

You are likely to come across various options when looking for auto sliding doors. As much as there can be many other types, the following as the most common you will get from a brand.


Overhead concealed sliding door

The overhead concealed auto sliding doors are mostly used in the expansive entrances. Such a system will generally create a welcoming feeling to the users. This system can also be retrofitted to match your needs for an auto sliding door.

The door will also have impressive aesthetics and great robust performance. There is no doubt you would enjoy using the sliding door more often. It is also able to handle the most demanding human traffic into a building.


Surface mount sliding door

If you have an already existing structure that could use an auto sliding door, this is it. The package comes with everything the technicians need to set it up fast. You will not have to make any modifications to your existing structure just to set it up.

Since the system is ADA-compliant, you are likely to get more people going for it to improve access to their buildings.

The materials used are high quality and durable. Thus, the door system should serve you for many years.

Transparent glass auto sliding door

Transparent glass auto sliding door

Telescoping doors

You can always opt for a telescoping auto clean room sliding door when the space is limited. This type of door would have an additional sliding door leaf to help save on space. Also, you would get enough room to clear the pathway for people to easily get in and out of the building.

The new telescoping auto sliding doors would mostly come with innovative designs to make them great for various applications too. Just because they are telescoping, durability does not have to suffer.


Commercial glass entry doors

As the name suggests, you can be sure this will be a great choice to consider for commercial buildings. Since you would be having a lot of traffic through such a building, it is best to use a door that can keep up. Such doors would open faster and repeatedly throughout the day without breaking down.

They can also be stylish. Just because they are used on commercial building it does not mean they need to be boring. These doors can also be customized to your company colors, logos, and so much more.


Clean room sliding door

Clean rooms could also use auto sliding doors. Since you want to keep the contaminants to a minimum in a clean room, it is best if you get yourself a clean room auto sliding door. Other than minimizing cross-contamination, the auto sliding door would be great for increasing productivity and make it easy to transport delicate and expensive pieces of equipment.

In case you ever need a custom door, talk to your manufacturer. You might be surprised by the number of options you can get from a company.


How Much Does it Cost to Set Up an Auto Sliding Door?

Figure 2 Auto Sliding Door for Commercial Use

Most auto sliding doors can start at around $500 to as much as $4000. It depends on the type of door, the features, mechanisms used, and so much more. What is important is that you get the right auto sliding door based on your needs for one. This might mean more consultations to find the right door for your application.


Which Troubleshooting Tips Should You Keep in Mind?

The auto sliding doors play an important role in ensuring there is convenience in getting in and out of a building. As such, they are vital to your business. What if the door is not working right? In such a case, there is a need for proper investigation into the problems.


The door alarm keeps chiming

If the door keeps chiming its alarm, you may want to consider pressing the reset button. This will reset it to the default settings where it will help mute chiming. However, you need to understand why the alarm is chiming in the first place. So do not just ignore it forever.


The door has no power

There are times when it is not possible to open or close the door because there is no power. The first thing you should check if the power is turned on. Sometimes a breaker might flip and you end up with a door having no power. Head over to the breakers and turn on the breaker for that specific clean room door.

If that was not the issue, there could be other electrical problems. As such, it may be time to call an electrician or a professional who deals in the maintenance of such doors to help pinpoint any other electrical issue.


The door has rough movements

The auto electrical sliding door is supposed to slide smoothly on its rail with minimal noise. If you find that the door has rough movements, it might be a combination of several things. First, disconnect power to the door to do more investigations. Try to open the doors manually. If the doors have too much resistance, check the door tracks to see if there is any debris that might be preventing it from working properly.

You should also examine weather stripping. There are times when debris, grease, or rock salt can easily get lodged into the door mechanism. This would prevent it from moving smoothly. Use a good degreaser to clean the excess grease from the tracks. You can now apply new grease and check to see if that solves your problem.

You also have to consider checking the level of the door frame on the floor. Sometimes the floors can warp over time thus causing an imbalance in the door frame. When the door frame is no longer on level, the door starts to have rough movements. In such a case, you need professional help to handle these rough movements.

There can be many other problems you may experience with an auto sliding door. What is important is that you always get professional help to handle these problems.


How Often Should You Service Auto Sliding Doors?

It is advisable to service the auto sliding doors every six months. This will ensure that door can work great generally. Sometimes you can service them sooner if you notice that the door is not working as expected. Simply call in the maintenance team to help service it correctly.

Auto sliding door with foot sensor

Auto sliding door with foot sensor

Which Sensors are Used in an Auto Sliding Door?

Auto sliding doors work mostly based on sensors. These sensors are what will trigger the opening and closing of the door. There are various types of sensors available each working based on a different principle. Here are the common options as sensors for auto sliding doors.


Radar sensors

These sensors are designed to detect people in a specific location. As such, so long as you are walking around the detection area, the doors will open so that you can get in or out of the building. These sensors are also liked as they can detect even plastic, wood, metal, and more. this makes them highly versatile for various applications. The sensitivity is also adjustable to suit your needs.


Pressure sensors

These sensors are placed under a mat next to the door. The sensor works by detecting the weight on the mat before opening the door. The door will only open if the weight is more than the default value. The door will remain open so long as there is additional weight on the door sensor mat. As such, the door cannot close in on a person who is still within the doorway. This generally improves safety.

Motor for auto sliding door

Motor for auto sliding door

Motion detectors

This is probably the most common type of sensor for auto sliding doors. The sensors can be installed on the side of the doors so that they can detect motion before opening. You have to drive the traffic to the door to be perpendicular to the door. This will make it easier for the sensors to detect those approaching the door.

Keep in mind that these sensors only detect motion. So, if a person is just standing, the door will not open until there is movement.


Infrared movement sensors (passive)

These sensors work differently from active infrared sensors. They are designed to store the images it detects for a given range. As such, it will be using this information to create a precise detection range. This makes such sensors highly accurate. As such, they can be used for auto sliding doors and even garage sliding doors too.


Active infrared sensors

These sensors are equipped with receivers and transmitters. The receiver will contain high-performance optics that enables it to recognize whether there is infrared light from the transmitter or not. This is to ensure that there is enough protection for those going through the auto sliding doors or even the revolving doors too.

Do not worry about the door crashing into you while passing through the doorway. You will be happy to know that the sensors are always designed with safety in mind. Also, proper maintenance can help avoid experiencing such inconveniences.


Are the Auto Sliding Doors ADA Compliant?

Figure 3 Auto Sliding Doors for Hospitals

Most, if not all auto sliding doors are most likely to be ADA-compliant. This means that the doors are designed to allow ease of entry into a building even for the disabled. Let us say someone has a wheelchair, he or she should be able to get through the doorway with ease and not worry about barriers being removed first before the wheelchair can pass through. That is not the only reason, even those with other disabilities should be able to use the door with ease.

The auto sliding doors have to meet certain requirements to make them easily accessible. Below are the locations that should have ADA-compliant doors.

  • Each of the entrance in the newly built facilities should be accessible to people who use wheelchairs or have other mobility impairment issues
  • Tenant spaces in malls or other buildings having multiple businesses. This should ensure that the disabled can also easily access the businesses.
  • Any accessible rooms or spaces in different buildings. The disabled in a wheelchair or any other mobility impairment should be able to access such spaces
  • Public entrances serving people in transit should also have ADA-compliant doors.

As you can see, there is the need for auto sliding doors almost everywhere we visit today. Therefore, make sure that the door that you pick is also ADA-compliant to make it easy for the disabled also to access the building.


Which Other Types of Automatic Doors are Available?

In this guide, we are looking at the auto sliding doors, however, there are many other automatic door options too. Some of them include the following;

White auto sliding door used in factory

White auto sliding door used in factory

Auto swinging doors

The auto swinging doors are designed to open in one direction. They can be a great choice for narrow passages where it would be hard to set up a sliding door. The manufacturer will supply you with everything you need to set up the auto swinging doors effectively.

These doors can either be single, double, or paired. It depends on your needs and the available space to set up the swinging doors.

Unlike the sliding doors, these ones are set up on hinges. They can be specialized hinges depending on where the door is used. A good example is when you set up the door in a clean room, such would need clean room hinges to live up to the clean room needs.


Auto folding doors

The auto-folding doors are also a top choice for those who might have a space problem. This is because they will fold when opening so that you can save more on space. There are various forms of such doors. It can either be a single folding design or a bi-fold design.

Do not worry about setting up such a folding door. This is because it will mostly have every hardware you need to make it functional.


Low energy swinging doors

The low-energy swinging doors are also a great choice to consider. They are slightly different from the others mentioned above because of their low-energy components. You can now be sure that your door can be opened as many times as possible and will not lead to high energy costs. They can be single, double, or paired swinging doors.


Auto revolving doors

The revolving doors are also a great choice when you have a building with high human traffic. This type of door is great in the sense that it would allow people to come in and get out at the same time. Also, the door is suitable to prevent loss of cooling and heating in the main lobby. This helps in keeping the energy bills low while at the same time make the lobby comfortable.

The common options as auto revolving doors include two, three, and four-wing revolving doors.

So far, it is now possible to pick the best automatic door because you know the different options that are available. If you are ever unsure which to take, consult further with the manufacturer such as Sunnyda for more information.


What is the Best Lubricant for Auto Sliding Doors?

Figure 4 Auto Sliding Doors with Both Aluminum and Glass Panels

Your auto sliding door needs the best lubricant to ensure it works correctly and smoothly. Well, not all the lubricants you get in the market would be ideal for your auto sliding door. It is recommended that the lubricant should be silicone-based. This is because the oil-based lubricants are likely to make dust and grime stick to the door easily. Also, silicone-based lubricants are long-lasting, making them a great choice to use more often.


Are Auto Sliding Doors Fire-Resistant?

This largely depends on the material the manufacturer uses to make the auto sliding door. On average, the manufacturers will have multiple door options. As such, you could have a fire-rated auto sliding door. It will be great to have such a door for protection in case of a fire. This is because the door will not accelerate the spread of fire. Also, it would help keep the fire contained until the firefighters get on site.


Should You Buy Sunnyda Auto Sliding Doors?

Now that you have more information about auto sliding doors, there might be a need to get one. Sunnyda makes some of the top-rated auto sliding doors in the market. It is the reason the company has many positive reviews. Below are the reasons Sunnyda auto sliding doors are a top consideration for many people.

Grinding for auto sliding door

Grinding for auto sliding door


The doors are made of strong materials. You will find them being made of durable aluminum or stainless steel rail and strong glass panes. The materials generally vary from one type to another. However, you will get all the information that you want from the company for you to make up your mind.


Operating modes

Like most automatic doors, the auto sliding doors from Sunnyda have multiple operating modes. This means you can customize how you want the door to operate generally. Make sure to ask for more information about the various modes on the door before buying.

You will also find it easy to program the door for it to work just as you want. This includes adjusting the motion sensors, the safety sensors, and much more.


Programming options

This is another important feature anyone would want from an auto sliding door. This means you can program the opening and closing speed and sensitivity. This will depend on the area in which the doors are used. You can increase the opening speed if you have a highly trafficked area.

You can also program the opening sequence if you have two panels or a telescoping door. This ensures that your auto sliding door works great.

All models have the reset capability. This is where you can reset the auto sliding door to its default settings.


Locking mechanisms

You will have to lock the door at some point. That is why you also have to look at the locking mechanism too. Most models would have an electronic lock that can be programmed to lock under certain conditions. Once the door is locked, it would show a certain color let us say red. When it is open, it would show green color.

You could also opt for a mechanical lock with a key. This one you have to lock manually at night when no one is no longer using the door.


The safety features

When choosing an auto sliding door, consider the safety features too. Some of the options include electronic safety reverse, finger trap safety, door speed safety, power failure, and the mechanical safety screen. Once you have an idea of what the door holds in terms of safety, you would know you are always safe when using it.


Fire alarm functionality

Sunnyda also makes auto sliding doors with this functionality. The fire alarm functionality is important to keep the door open in case of a fire. This ensures that people can get out of the building safely. The last thing you want is for the door to get stuck and there is a fire.



The auto sliding door is something you will always like when looking to make access to a building faster and simple. What is important is that you have to get the auto sliding door from the right manufacturer. So, do not be in a hurry to get one. Once you get the best auto sliding door, you can be sure to enjoy its many benefits.

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