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Fan Filter Unit

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  • Adjustable air volume
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Sunnyda has global recognition for being the top manufacturer and designer of the Fan Filter Unit. For meeting your application needs, we aim to offer you the most energy-efficient, high-quality, standardized credible, and reliable clean room and laboratory products. We supply multiple varieties of clean room equipment including Fan Filter Unit range for multiple applications including clean rooms, research laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.

To fight contamination problems and get rid of dirty workspace air, Sunnyda provides you with exclusively designed fan filter products, depending upon your special requirements. We pay keen attention to every single step during the manufacturing of our products, like the collection of raw materials, engineering of the product, assembling the parts, and finally testing the product efficiency.

Multiple verities of filters can be mounted in a Fan Filter Unit, e.g HEPA filter, ULPA filter, and MERV filter. The choice of filter depends upon the efficiency of filtration required. Sunnyda also allows you to customize your exclusive clean room filters to meet special application needs. Also, our qualified engineers are available for your unit installation and its servicing.

The reasons why Sunnyda is counted in the list of well-recognized Fan Filter Unit suppliers are mainly the standardized features that we incorporate in our products and their licensed certification from higher authorities. Our main focus is considering your benefits and concerns while manufacturing your products.

We also collaborate with various international associations for knowing global Fan Filter Unit production essentials and meeting international production criteria. Sunnyda is the most optimal and desirable company offering this unit. Contact us for giving orders for your product at an affordable cost. Our customer support team is 24/7 online to solve your issues.

Model No SND-FFU-2’*2′ SND-FFU-2’*4′ SND-FFU-4’*4′
Dimension(W*D*H) 575*575*300 mm 1175*575*300 mm 1175*1175*350 mm
Filter Size 570*570*70 mm 1170*570*70 mm 1170*1170*70 mm
Filter Efficiency ≥99.995%@0.3um(H14)
Air Volume(m3/h) 600 11000 2100
Air Velocity(m/s) 0.46±20%
Control Mode AC motor:/EC motor: step less speed
AC Motor Input Power 170 W 170 W 250 W
EC Motor Power 140 W 140 W 190 W
Noise Level (dB) <54 <57 <60
Cabinet Material Powder Coated Steel Plate/Galvanized Steel Plate/

Full SUS304

Power Supply AC220/110V,Single Phase,50/60Hz(Optional)
Weight 18 kg 32kg 56kg


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How to Control the Production Quality of Fan Filter Unit for Clean Room

How to Control the Production Quality of Fan Filter Unit for Clean Room

HEPA Fan Filter Unit Stainless Steel Cabinet

Controller of HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Controller of HEPA Fan Filter Unit
Highly Efficient Primary Filter of Fan Filter Unit

Highly Efficient Primary Filter of Fan Filter Unit

Applications of Fan Filter Unit

Applications of Fan Filter Unit
ISO Certified 100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

ISO Certified 100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

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Fan Filter Unit- An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

A Fan Filter Unit is a mechanical system to provide clean air to clean rooms, laboratories, and other sensitive places. Its main purpose is to take in the contaminated air via the fans and then with the help of pre-filter, HEPA filter box, and ULPA filters, give out filtered air.

This filtration system is made using high-quality materials to provide efficiency, comfort, and reliability for the user.

It features a low-profile design according to the IEST Recommended Practices requirements. It is available in stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, or powder-coated steel body.

With three different airspeed adjusting settings, 90+ FPM average velocity, and baffling technology features, it provides uniform, quiet, and easy operation.

If you are interested in knowing about how it works, its feature, applications, benefits, troubleshooting, and a lot more, continue reading this buying guide.

Clean Room Fan Filter Unit Inspection

Clean Room Fan Filter Unit Inspection

What is a Fan Filter Unit?

A Fan Filter Unit is air-filtering equipment that works with the help of a motor. Responsible for supplying clean air to medical clean rooms, research laboratories, and electronic industries, it removes all the harmful contaminants present in the air.

Equipped with the highest quality components, it is installed in the floor grid or the ceiling of the chamber in which it is required. There are a number of choices in terms of size and efficiency.

However, a larger clean room requires a Fan Filter Unit that is proportional to its size and meets the needs of the application. The components include a fan system, HEPA filter, and a pre-filter in each assembly.

It increases the productivity of your application by reducing contamination and saving your time and money.

For enhanced operation, it is compatible with different accessories including ionizing bar, eye bolt package, steel mounted frame for installing in the clean room ceiling.

Sunnyda Motorized Clean Room HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Sunnyda Motorized Clean Room HEPA Fan Filter Unit

What are the Key Features of the Fan Filter Unit?

A Fan Filter Unit possesses the following key features:

  • Powder-coated steel or stainless steel construction
  • Top and room side filter replacement access option
  • 120 Volts, or 240 Volts power supply
  • Low, medium, and high-speed adjustment
  • 49 dbA noise level
  • Minimum vibration
  • IEST compatible
  • Cold rolled steel construction available on demand
  • 99% HEPA filter efficiency
  • 999% efficient ULPA filters
  • Suitable to be used in numerous industries
  • Efficient centrifugal fans
  • Simple and minimum maintenance
  • Heat protected ¼ HP direct-drive motor
  • Customizable size, weight, and construction material
  • Low profile design for low ceiling rooms
  • Easy to open clips for fast installation and replacement of this FFU unit
  • UL 900 verifies leakproof filters
  • Easy to install
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant

Outstanding Features of Fan Filter Unit

Outstanding Features of Fan Filter Unit

What is the Optional Equipment for the Assembly of a Fan Filter Unit?

Some optional accessories that can be used for improving this filtration system include:

  • External Terminal Box
  • Large-Sized Inspection Door
  • Filter Replacement Alarm
  • Ionizing Bar
  • Filter Loss Gauge
  • Challenge Port
  • Inlet Connection Adapter
  • Replacement Filter
  • Pre-Filter Safety Cover

Power Plug Adapter of Fan Filter Unit

Power Plug Adapter of Fan Filter Unit

How is a Fan Filter Unit Designed?

Pre-galvanized steel is used to fabricate the body of this filtration equipment.

When the construction is completed, strong but compatible chemicals are used to clean the whole structure. Baked enamel or epoxy is used to paint the structure for final finishing.

Then high-pressure fans are fitted to maintain the pressure inside the system. Then a speed controllable motor is added to control the airspeed.

Resilient mounts are used for fixing it to the site, with minimum vibration production. Finally, a cover is placed for preventing air leakage.

Clean Room Fan Filter Unit Design Details

Clean Room Fan Filter Unit Design Details

What are the Major Parts of a Fan Filter Unit?

Here are some of the major parts that make up a Fan Filter Unit, this will help you to understand the system.


Primary Filter

HEPA filter configuration is protected by the primary filter. This is attained by removing the majority of the debris that may be collected during the building or maintenance of a clean area.

With this added protection, the HEPA filter continues working for a longer time.



The numerous components of this equipment are housed within its shell. It’s understandable that such a component would be expected to be strong and long-lasting.

One may use aluminum alloy, steel plate, stainless steel, or even hard plastic to build this shell, depending on the manufacturer.

It is entirely dependent on the user’s demands and requirements to select the material of their choice.


Air Duct Connection Parts

Sometimes, extremely clean environments are not an essential part of installing a Fan Filter Unit.

For example, when talking about Federal norm 209E 1000 grade, there is no purpose in installing a pressure box in the ceiling in this scenario.

Air duct connections can be used to complete the installation. The air ducts are available in variable lengths as per the user’s requirements and compatibility with the product.



The motor in your Fan Filter Unit can be either ac or direct current. DC motors are larger and more expensive to implement. These motors, on the other hand, are extremely straightforward to control.

A more affordable option is to use AC motors which occupy less space and offer lower energy consumption.

They also require a control configuration that is compatible with the system’s technology, which might be challenging or simple to execute depending on the application.

The average life of this motor ranges between 40,000 and 100,000 hours.

Protection against high heat, oil-free lubrication, longer life span, and sealed bearings, these features can be added to the motors to increase the productivity of your applications.

HEPA FFU Heavy Duty Motor

HEPA FFU Heavy Duty Motor


When it comes to the impellers of the Fan Filter Unit, you have a choice between forwarding tilt or backward tilt. The forward-tilt impeller improves the system’s sagittal airflow.

As a result, the capacity to remove dust from a clean room or from the location where it is put up will be improved.

In contrast, the rearward tilt is beneficial in terms of lowering the system’s energy usage as well as keeping noise levels low.


Airflow Equalization Device

The airflow equalization device, as its name implies, aids the Fan Filter Unit in tailoring the output airflow to your preferences.

As a result, you will notice that the room in which the unit is installed has improved airflow dispersion.

There are various types of airflow equalization devices to choose from, each serving a different purpose.

It is advisable to consult your fan filter unit manufacturer to help you pick the best airflow equalization device suitable for your Fan Filter Unit.


High-Efficiency Filter

The high-efficiency filter is an important part of this system essentially required while working in a clean room and other sensitive sites.

To provide you with superior air quality, the filter removes even the smallest particles from the air, making it contaminant-free.


Metal Protective Net

Anti-static nets like this keep the equipment from becoming worn over within less time, increasing its overall life.


Blade Edge

Occasionally, a Fan Filter Unit may be required for special events. As a result, liquid tanks can be used to seal the blade edge, giving it a high sealing performance which it requires to work properly.


Control Unit

By using a control unit you can run your Fan Filter Unit simply and easily. You can make all of your application-specific configuration selections with the help of a control unit.

In terms of what you aim to accomplish, this will be different depending on the system.

For appropriate working of your fan filter unit for clean room, make sure your manufacturer provides you a detailed instructions manual along with it.

Stainless Steel Cabinet of Fan Filter Unit

Stainless Steel Cabinet of Fan Filter Unit

What are the Applications of a Fan Filter Unit?

A few common applications where a Fan Filter Unit is being used to increase their productivity include:

  • Multiple Classes of Clean Rooms
  • Cancer Research Centers
  • Micro Environments
  • Medical Centers
  • Semiconductor Industries
  • Micro Electronics
  • Medicine Industries
  • Hospital Pharmacies

Fan Filter Unit Applications

Fan Filter Unit Applications

What are the Benefits of a Fan Filter Unit for your Applications?

A Fan Filter Unit is very beneficial to be used in multiple industries, some benefits it offers include:


Flexible and Adjustable System

There are different sized models of this FFU fan filter unit that can be installed on the ceilings or mounted on the walls. LED ceiling light in different dimensions is available for these different models.

As a result, moving the light, or ceiling board to create a new clean room arrangement is simple. Increasing or decreasing the amount of this product in the clean room might also affect its cleanliness.

Using a cleaning system that depends on a centralized air supply is nearly impossible for this purpose.


Air Output is Even and Stable

It’s important for many people’s comfort if the airflow is even and predictable, due to the presence of an integrated fan in the Fan Filter Unit.

As opposed to a centralized air supply system, you no longer have to worry about unbalanced air volume.

Because of this, it is a better alternative for creating a clean environment with a unidirectional airflow.


Energy Saving

Other purifying solutions, like a centralized air supply system, might quickly become more expensive to set up when using air ducts.

A Fan Filter Unit system uses lesser ducts that are only meant for sending fresh air. While for the recirculating air, only a short loop is enough, and ducts are not required.

Prime quality and high-capacity motor increase the circulation in it. So, for moving air, a few ducts are enough. Due to the reduced price of this clean room HEPA fan filter unit, you can save a lot of money.


Space Saving

This is possible because you don’t have to add as many air ducts as before, so you will end up saving more space.

Moreover, it takes a little time to install a Fan Filter Unit. With the construction time reduced, you should be able to resume using the clean room quickly.

Space Saving Fan Filter Unit FFU

Space Saving Fan Filter Unit FFU

Easier Installation of Accessories

It is well-organized and compatible with lights, smoke alarms, sprinklers, and electrostatic neutralizers. Using a centralized air supply can cause many problems.

The Fan Filter Unit, on the other hand, makes it easier to set up additional components to guarantee that the clean room has all the stuff it required.

There is no need to be concerned about purchasing additional items separately anymore.


Provides Negative Pressure Seal

A proper installation of this system will be incomplete without a good pressure seal. This seal prevents the leakage, and also in case of leakage occurs, the leaked air will still trap into the pressure headbox.

This is a suitable solution to keep your environment non-contaminated forever.


How is a Fan Filter Unit Beneficial in your Electronic Industry?

It is preferably used in the electronic industries as it offers the following advantages:


Highly Flexible

It provides you the choice to adjust the airflow depending upon your requirement and size availability.

Moreover, it offers cleaning for a spacious area. This way it becomes flexible and easy to use in different areas.


Reduced Installation Time

It also cuts down on the time it takes for a manufacturer to set up a filtration system. Because this unit requires fewer air ducts to operate, it saves you money and time in the long term.

Setting it up will take a few days only if performed by a trained professional.


Reduce Operating Costs

When you consider the running costs, you discover that it would be less expensive to run than alternative systems.

For initial purchase, it is costly, but with proper maintenance even after long-term usage, it will be very beneficial.

Portable HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Portable HEPA Fan Filter Unit

What are the Two Common Types of Motor Used in a Fan Filter Unit?

Two common types of motors used in a Fan Filter Unit are:


Electronically Commutated Motor

It consumes less energy, is slightly costly, and is ideal for large projects where you have to meet numerous conditions.


Permanent Split Capacitors

It is affordable, saves space, and is suitable for smaller time periods.

Electronically Commutated Motor Fan Filter Unit

Electronically Commutated Motor Fan Filter Unit

How is the Fan Filter Unit Better than the Fan Clean System?

FFU has several advantages over the fan clean system, some of them are explained below:


Air Flow Creation

Its laminar flow enables it to fulfill the requirements of a 100-grade clean room.

On the other hand, a fan clean system is not able to create enough airflow. Also, it has a larger gap between the air filter and fan, so it can’t tolerate 100 degrees.


Offers More than One Fan for Clean Room

The fan clean system has a major drawback, which is the presence of a single fan in it. If any problem occurs with this single fan, the whole equipment stops working.

But in Fan Filter Unit it is more convenient to continue operating even if one of the fans stops working.


Longer Life Span

In comparison to a fan clean system, the high-efficiency filter of the Fan Filter Unit has a longer service life.

The main reason behind this is the requirement of a pressure block for installing the filter in a fan clean system.

Also, the fan clean system has higher chances of an unsteady airflow, which can result in its non-operational state.


Better Sealing

The Fan Filter Unit has better sealing, which refers to fewer leakage problems. Many individuals are concerned about leakage in a fan clean system.

Leakage can make maintenance difficult, so make sure that you are purchasing a leak-free system.

Airtight Clean Room HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Airtight Clean Room HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Less Noise

Always keep low noise production in your mind when you are deciding to purchase or not purchase a system.

A fan clean system has higher power consumption along with greater noise production. This is one of the significant reasons why a large number of individuals will choose it for a variety of applications.


How is a Dry Coil Fan Filter Unit Better than Other Methods?

A dry coil Fan Filter Unit has multiple benefits over other systems such as:

  • Improved flexibility and ability to cover a broader area define the system. A clean air-conditioning system has no doubts about its adaptability.

Because of its high degree of adaptability, you may make this one fit your requirements exactly.

  • The ceiling and the negative pressure of the FFU required a sturdy and durable seal which can be achieved with the dry coil as compared to the wet coil system. In other words, the clean room is cleaner than the regular room.
  • The dry coil Fan Filter Unit has lesser chances of air resistance than the wet coil one. This implies that you could have a unit that is extremely energy efficient.
  • It consumes less energy, therefore you can operate it for weeks without fearing high energy consumption.
  • Other than all these things, it enables you to customize the various parameters to meet your own energy needs.

Dry Coil HEPA Fan Filter Unit for ISO 3 Clean Room

Dry Coil HEPA Fan Filter Unit for ISO 3 Clean Room

What is the Operational Principle of a Fan Filter Unit?

Although the Fan Filter Unit appears to be complicated at first, it is pretty simple once you learn how it works.

  • To begin, air will be drawn into the static pressure box and through the air intake cowl by a fan installed in the box.
  • A high-efficiency filter then purifies the air even further, resulting in cleaner air.
  • The cleansed air will now be distributed evenly around the room by the Fan Filter Unit.
  • For consistency’s sake, this is done with a steady airflow. As a result, your workplace will be spotless, and purely free from contaminants.

HEPA Filter of FFU Unit

HEPA Filter of FFU Unit

How to Replace the Filter of your Fan Filter Unit?

To replace the high-efficiency FFU filter, you should consider the following options:

When changing the filter, and particularly when handling the filter, stay cautious. The same implies when unpacking and installing the system. Hand contact with the filter paper is strictly prohibited.

Visually check it in strong light prior to installation to ensure it is still in good shape. Occasionally, a broken filter can result during the careless transporting procedure. Also, if it is leaking, it cannot be used.

If you are replacing the filter, turn off the power supply first. To access the old filter, detach the cabinet cover that covers the high-efficiency filter. After removing the old filter, install a new high-efficiency filter in its place.

Ensure that the cabinet cover on your Fan Filter Unit is reinstalled in the same manner as it was previously.

After the new filter is installed, you should check for leaks using a dust particle counter.

You should also consider checking the frame for leaks. If there are leaks in any instance, apply sealing materials or seals to plug them.

Filter Replacement of Fan Filter Unit

Filter Replacement of Fan Filter Unit

When Should you Replace your Fan Filter Unit?

Under normal conditions, it is suitable to replace your filters after 3 to 7 years. However, more precisely, the best time for replacing your filters is when they no longer fall according to your requirements and needs.

This depends on the number of applications and for how much time you are using them.

For example, some units function at their full capacity while some function with partial capacity.

This time duration can be increased by installing prefilters, which will be helpful in reducing the workload on the main filters.

Filter Replacement of Fan Filter Unit

Filter Replacement of Fan Filter Unit

What is the Installation Procedure for your Fan Filter Unit?

You must approach the installation at a construction site in two sections. The high-efficiency filters must first be installed, followed by the Fan Filter Unit installation.

Before installing, properly clean the working area to remove the contaminants. Dust can readily build within the cooling system at times.

Therefore, regardless of where you can choose to install the filter, make certain that it is completely cleaned.

On this point, the clean room must be shut down. It’s because you may need to perform a test run of the system to ensure it is functioning properly.

After cleaning the surfaces, immediately install the high-efficiency filter. People who will install the filter must practice caution to avoid causing damage.

Consider the above-mentioned instructions, as well as the guidelines composed in your clean room FFU manual.

Installation of HEPA Fan Filter Unit

Installation of HEPA Fan Filter Unit

How to Maintain your Fan Filter Unit?

To acquire a perfectly clean environment in your clean room, your Fan Filter Unit demands routine maintenance including:

  • Always keep a check on the filter, and make sure it is clean and compatible enough to work with your unit.
  • You should replace a failed high-efficiency filter to improve the efficiency of the filtration system, and to get the processes done in lesser time.

HEPA Fan Filter Maintenance

HEPA Fan Filter Maintenance

How to Troubleshoot your Fan Filter Unit?

The following are some of the problems that are likely to be encountered, as well as their solutions are explained below:


Insufficient Air Velocity

A power source that is perfectly compatible with your system is necessary including proper voltage, current, and speed.

If the power source is in good condition, you still can increase the speed of the system. This could be because demand has increased, necessitating the adjustment of the system’s performance as well.

Increased airflow from the fan impeller is expected as the speed percentage increases. In case the rate of airflow is extremely low even after repairing it multiple times, then replace it.


Extremely High Air Velocity

If the velocity of air is extremely high, it is suitable to decrease the speed ratio of the Fan Filter Unit.

This leads to a reduced air output volume released by the rotor installed in it.


A Non-Laminar or Impure Air Flow

This is a regular occurrence when huge impediments in the channels obstruct air passage upstream. The most probable solution is to remove these contents.

Verify whether another piece of airflow equipment is located in the same clean area, as it may impair the Fan Filter Unit’s normal airflow.

Always maintain the airflow frequency to a suitable level. In case it is very high, decrease the fan speed, and if it is very low, increase the fan speed.

Fan Filter Unit FFU Troubleshooting


Fan Filter Unit efficiently cleans the incoming air, only if it is properly maintained. Paying great attention to timely replacement of various parts is also essential for good working.

You can use multiple accessories to increase its effectiveness and life, also customization is available to design your unit according to your needs.

For greater life, it is always advisable to use a prefilter along with the other filters, this will reduce the main load by filtering some of the air.

Timely servicing of your product conducted by professional technicians is crucial for its maintenance and durability.

CE Certified 100% Quality Tested Fan Filter Unit

CE Certified 100% Quality Tested Fan Filter Unit

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