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  • Adjustable cleanroom chair
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Sunnyda has different types of Ergonomic Clean Room Chairs, which are durable and are available in various designs and sizes. Here we have an exclusive range of top-quality chairs that are very comfortable and appropriate to be used during your clean room operations. Quality is not the only thing that distinguishes our chairs from others being sold in the market; affordability, reliability, and durability are also add-ons.

Clean Room Chairs available at Sunnyda have ergonomic designs with casters for easy mobility and movement. They are compliant with ISO standards applicable for a versatile range of your clean rooms. These chairs are specially designed to help contamination reduction in the surrounding environment. They come with a large and comfortable backrest and waterfall seat. The seat can be adjusted to 360 degrees and offers you the best lumbar support. The seat height is also adjustable to provide you with maximum compliance.

Sunnyda also offers customization services to ensure that the Clean Room Chairs you will get is precisely according to your requirements and demands. According to your application needs and conditions, you can easily adjust these chairs’ back angle, back height, and seat height. We also offer multiple options when it comes to the material selection for the chairs; they can be foam or leather, available in concave and ergonomic seating options.

Our Clean Room Chairs are compliant with the ISO standards making them suitable in different cleanrooms. They ensure maximum maintenance of cleanroom hygiene and the environment. They are best suited with class 10, class 100, class 1000, and class 10000 standard compliance.

For any further questions or order placing, call Sunnyda for help. Our highly qualified customer support team is 24/7 available to help you out. Our help desk ensures to solve your questions without any delays.

Product Name: Cleanroom Chair
Model: SND-041215
Construction Material: Synthetic leather/High elastic sponge / Eucalyptus wood
Color: Black and Blue
Seat Size(w*d): 510*470mm
Back Size(w*h): 425*385mm
Function: Backrest tilt adjustment/backrest up and down adjustment
Foot Ring: Φ510mm, High-quality cold-rolled steel plate, elastic steel on cross center
Height Adjustable Range: 560-810mm
Base: Φ600mm / 20*40mm High-quality cold-rolled steel pipe
Wheels: PA Nylon, conductive stud
Armrest: Up and down adjustment/turn left and proper adjustment
ESD Version: system resistance 10E4 ——10E9  Ω


Sunnyda cleanroom chairs material inspection certificate

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Adjustable clean room chair
Adjustable clean room chair
Anti static clean room chair
Anti static clean room chair
ISO 8 clean room chair
ISO 8 clean room chair
Conductive leather clean room chair
Conductive leather clean room chair
ESD clean room chair
ESD clean room chair
Flexible clean room chair
Flexible clean room chair
Heavy duty clean room chairs
Heavy duty clean room chairs
High quality clean room chair
High quality clean room chair
Laboratory clean room chair
Laboratory clean room chair
PU foam clean room chair
PU foam clean room chair
Rotatable clean room chair
Rotatable clean room chair
Sit stand type clean room chair
Sit stand type clean room chair

How to Maintain Cleanroom Chair Quality

How to Maintain Cleanroom Chair Quality
Cleanroom Chairs Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Cleanroom Chairs Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Cleanroom Chair Heavy Duty Armrest

Cleanroom Chair Heavy Duty Armrest
A Variety of Cleanroom Chairs Seats

A Variety of Cleanroom Chairs Seats

Cleanroom Chair Applications

Cleanroom Chair Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

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Clean Room Chairs: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

A healthy and comfortable working environment leads to exponential results, and therefore, every concerned application must be equipped with the right Clean Room Chair.

It allows the worker to be convenient and comfortable on the workstation to concentrate on the work, reduce working hours, and increase productivity. The construction and design are customizable to allow maximum utility for your application.

It has numerous features and accessories that can enhance the working. Knowing it all would be highly beneficial in terms of health, time and money. This article contains all the information you must have to enjoy a memorable seating experience. So let’s get started.

Customized Cleanroom Chair

Customized Cleanroom Chair

What is a Clean Room Chair?

A Clean Room Chair is a thoughtfully designed and intricately constructed seating suitable for long working hours and minimum particles transfer to the environment.

It has a shape suitable for maximum lumbar support and comes with an ergonomic design. Along with all-day comfort, it ensures that no contaminants are added to the environment due to the stable assembly and sturdiness of the material.

The Federal Standard is considered to create the most suitable seating for Class 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 clean rooms. You can customize it and adjust it according to the comfort and liking of the individual seating in it. The unique features and unmatched comfort help you work with concentration for longer hours.

Sunnyda Cleanroom Chair

Sunnyda Cleanroom Chair

What are the Features of a Clean Room Chair?

A Clean Room Chair has the following significant features:

  • It comprises heavy duty and sturdy material that guarantees many years of comfortable seating.
  • There is a production-style back that comes with a robust scuff-resistant back pan.
  • The seat is designed in a waterfall style to promote better circulation in the lower body. It improves overall wellness as well.
  • You can control the ergonomic functionality through various built-in control mechanisms.
  • Stress-free height changes can be achieved with an easy-to-use pneumatic height adjustment mechanism.
  • The vinyl upholstery is according to the terms of
  • CAL 117, FMVSS 302, and NFPA 260 are antibacterial and antifungal. It helps in maintaining the required level of cleanliness.
  • All the CAL 117 and NFPA 260A/UFAC Class 1 standards are met using fabric upholstery.
  • It allows optimum maintenance of cleanliness as it follows all the ASTM G21 and AATCC TM147 standards.
  • The base is specifically designed in a five-legged design to allow maximum stability no matter what the height range is.
  • For tall and mid-height models, an eighteen inches footprint is mandatory.
  • 2-Way—Seat Height, Back Height/Depth, Non-tilt
  • 3-Way—Seat Height, Back Height, Articulating Seat/Back Tilt
  • 4-Way—Seat Height, Back Height, Independent Seat Angle, Back Tilt
  • An exceptional filtration system that traps particles in contamination-free environments.

Cleanroom Chair Excellent Features

Cleanroom Chair Excellent Features

What are the Different Dimensions of a Clean Room Chairs?

A Clean Room Chair is available in various models and styles. However, for the standard chair, the common dimensions are mentioned below:

Seat: 20″ W x 19″ D x 2 ¾” thick

Back: 16″ W x 10″ H x 2″ thick

Medium back upgrade:  17 ½” W x 16″ H x 3″ thick


When the seat height and backrest are height-adjustable, it has the following dimensions:

Seat depth 400mm

Seat width 340-380mm

Seat height with glides 470-570mm

Seat height with castors 520-620mm

Backrest height 280-466mm

Backrest height adjustment 180mm

Backrest width 320mm

Fixed footrest width 320mm /radius 160mm

Height from ground 220mm

Standard Dimensions of a Clean Room Chair

Standard Dimensions of a Cleanroom Chair

What are the Different Categories of Clean Room Chairs?

The different categories of a Clean Room Chair based on the fabric material are given below:

Static Dissipative Fabric

The use of static dissipative fabric ensures additional protection due to the safe discharge of free active charge. It tends to flow towards the ground due to the particular flooring and the metallic component in the clean room floor. The surface resistivity of this category is almost ten ^5 to 10^9 Ω (ohms).


ESD Vinyl Fabric

It ensures easier cleaning and enhanced chemical resistance and makes sure that the free current is effectively transferred to the grounded floor.

As each clean room has a different allowance for particle size and varied cleanliness levels, there are various categories for each clean room. Some of them are described below:

Class 10:

A class 10 clean room chair is ideal for critical environments, and it is certified by a valid testing laboratory to ensure cleanliness.

The warranty is so good that it crosses the ANSI/BIFMA standards. It does not require any assembly tools because it has a simple design. The contamination control is excellent due to the separate filtration system in the backrest and the seat.

The cylinder for pneumatic control of the height adjustment comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Class 100:

The most striking feature of the class 100 clean room chair is its contoured back with a long-lasting scuff-resistant back pan. It also comes with complete certification and an additional filtration system for enhanced contamination control.


Class 1000:

It has all the features of other categories below it, but they are more suitable for a class 1000 clean room.

The warranty, certification, comfort level, and contamination control are not compromised.

Class 10,000:

It uses vinyl under wrap for effective contamination control and other standard Clean Room Chair features.

ESD Vinyl Fabric Cleanroom Chair

ESD Vinyl Fabric Cleanroom Chair

What are the Main Characteristics of a Clean Room Chair?

The main characteristics of a Clean Room Chair are described below:

  • It needs 10e8 ohm or less for standard models at factory testing.
  • The PVC is alcohol resistant, and therefore, you can use alcohol to clean it. It helps in the disinfection and resistance against the growth of any microorganisms.
  • The back of the chair has an ESD vinyl leather covering. It adds to the protection and aesthetics.
  • You can adjust the back seat according to your choice of posture and support.
  • The legs are made up of aluminum diecast, which helps for improved ESD control.
  • The seat tilting mechanism is advanced, and therefore, you can enjoy comfortable seating for long hours. During stand-up work, the seat tilts forward to allow better comfort.
  • The ESD control model has a spring coil that connects the chair’s base to the floor. It is for enhanced conductivity.


What are the Components of a Clean Room Chair?

The main components of a Clean Room Chair are elaborated here:


The conductive vinyl or fabric covers the rear and front panels. Many rows of staples secure the fabric through the copper bands, and metal T nuts secure the copper bands. The back bar is connected to the t nuts through metal screws.


Back Bar

It acts as a passage to allow the flow of electrical discharge as it is a steel bar and has a sturdy assembly. It is connected to the metal frame as well.



It is intricately designed and constructed with the help of conductive or vinyl fabric, T nuts, metal screws, and multiple copper bands.


Mechanism Control

It works by using a metal frame that allows the gas to lift.


Gas Lift

A spring plunger and a ball allow constant contact between the cylinder and the gas lift mechanism. It helps in the gas lift as well.



The base is in direct contact with the gas lift and anchors the chair onto the floor. The angle and construction of the base allow stability and balance.



The glides and ESD casters are conductive and therefore valuable for some applications.

Major Components of Cleanroom Chair

Major Components of Cleanroom Chair

What are the Benefits of Clean Room Chairs?

Stated below are the most common benefits of the Clean Room Chair:

Enhanced Lumbar Support

As the chair must be used for long hours of intricate work, the worker needs well-balanced and comfortable seating.

It provides optimal lumbar support and helps maintain a good posture that is necessary for the backbone. The backside can be upgraded to a medium size that provides more elaborated liner support.


Average Pan Size

The pan size is adjusted so that a petite and average body-sized person can fit in perfectly. It is neither too tight nor too big for most individuals.


Sturdy and Stable

It is made up of electropolished 316L stainless steel. It has improved stability against most corrosive and reactive agents like acids and chemicals commonly used in such working environments. The electropolished finish also gives a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing look.


Smooth Finish

It gains a bent shape and smooth surface with careful design and continuous welding. As there are no cracks or crevices, there is additional protection from the growth of algae, mold, and bacteria on the chair.


Compliance With ISO Classification

The material used in the construction of the different parts, including the seat and the legs, is tested and proved safe for the ISO classification it is to be used.

Therefore, for each classification, the characteristics of the chair might vary. However, the stability and the properties to maintain the cleanliness level remains the same.


IEST, ASTM cGMP, and ISO 14644-1 Certification

As it is constructed according to cGMP, IEST, ASTM, and ISO 14644-1, there is a proper certification as proof that it won’t be harmful to your application that needs complete sterilization.


Sturdy and Anti-Skid Base

The base is either 3-legged, 4-legged, or 5-legged and can be chosen according to the design preferences. It is made of solid material to bear the individual’s weight and the chair.


High-Quality Hardware

All the hinges, glides, latches, and ports are carefully chosen for increased reliability and strength. Since these hardware pieces make or break the piece of furniture, they hold great importance. These are repeatedly tested and carefully fitted.


What are the Applications of a Clean Room Chair?

The Clean Room Chairs are not only used in a clean room but also in the areas that require strict sterilization protocols like a medical room, sterilization room, and factories for packing and assembly of pharmaceutical drugs.

These are extensively used in the following areas:

The purpose is to obtain comfortable seating for long hours to maintain cleanliness.

Applications of a Cleanroom Chair

Applications of a Cleanroom Chair

What are ESD Clean Room Chairs?

An ESD Clean Room Chair stands for electrostatic dissipation that controls the static charge and comprises particular components, bases, and fabrics.

They use specially designed casters to reduce the static charge that might be generated in an area by sitting on the chair. Then it is discharged safely through the ground.

It gives a safe passage for the flow of the static discharge, which might be harmful to your application.

The industries dealing with the static charge problem are mainly the following:

  • Large PCB manufacturing companies and the factories that deal with the production of other electronic components.
  • Technical production facilities related to education, research, and science experimentation.
  • Medical electronics and hospital areas with well-developed medical machinery.
  • Many types of clean rooms and research sites such as laboratories.

ESD Fabric Cleanroom Chair

ESD Fabric Cleanroom Chair

How to Choose Suitable Clean Room Chairs for your Clean Room?

To choose the most suitable Clean Room Chair for your application, you must consider the following factors:


The Attire of the Workers

The attire and the fabric of the worker’s clothing significantly impact the chair selection. If the worker is wearing a clean room jumpsuit and is using a forward seat tilt for better posture, he will end up experiencing more sliding downwards due to the forward tilting and slippery gown.


Time Duration

Evaluate the average time a worker spends sitting while working. It will help you choose a more appropriate option since you can select based on comfort and posture. The chair shall have a design that supports the body and equally distributes the body weight to allow stability and comfort.


Clean Room Classification

As each clean room has its preferences and protocols, it is essential to comply with the rules. Therefore choose the chair according to the required class.


Certification and Approval

All the verifications and factory testing must be complete and follow the given protocols. It helps you stay safe and enjoy a well-protected experience in terms of your safety and the clean room safety.


Ergonomic Design

This implies that the design is more suited for the user’s benefit working in an environment. As a clean room is highly controlled, it needs ergonomic controls.


No Addition to Contamination

The surfaces are smooth, and the materials are non-chapping and stable. Thus there is no risk of linting and chipping.


Maintenance Requirement

As the back is self-filtering and doesn’t allow particulate matter to clutter and clog it, you don’t need an external mechanism for cleaning.

The surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected quickly using convenient agents like alcohol, chlorine, etc.


How to Assemble a Non-Tilt and Tilt Clean Room Chair?

To assemble a non-tilt and tilt Clean Room Chair, follow the given instructions:

  • Carefully unpack the package and ensure that you have received all the components, nuts, and screws.
  • Start by inserting the glides into the casters on each leg of the base.
  • The tubular part of the foot ring shall be held upwards and tightened with the cylinder. Make sure it is secure in its place by tightening the handwheel.
  • Now slide the cylinder into the upper part of the center of the base.
  • Place the seat and the control mechanism of your so far assembly. To tighten it further, you may sit on it to apply pressure through your weight.
  • Don’t forget to remove the white washer and handwheel from the backrest hinge.
  • The back bar shall be aligned with the hinge assembly.
  • Secure it by placing the washer on the back bar and turning the handwheel.
  • The lower part of the backseat shall be slid into the control mechanism. The height can be adjusted according to the choice, and then it can be tightened through the handwheel.


What are the Accessories of Clean Room Chairs?

The accessories of a Clean Room Chair add to the utility of the chair, eventually resulting in better productivity of your application. You can get the following accessories for 1000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series chairs:

Arm Rests

They make it more ergonomic and come with polyurethane pads for added comfort and softness.

Cleanroom Chair Arm Rests

Cleanroom Chair Arm Rests

Mushroom Glides

These are also made up of polypropylene and have a diameter of two inches.


For 4200, 4600 Series Chairs:

Although there are no armrests, the metal mushroom glides have a rubber cushion. The diameter is one inch.


Drag Chains

Drag chains make sure that the connectivity between the flooring system and the chair is maintained. They allow continuity from the ground point if the casters fail to perform their action. It happens when the casters are dirty. The condition for drag chains is that the floor must be conductive.


In-Seat Filtration and Particle Traps

As 25% remain suspended in the air when a person sits or walks, it is essential to prevent contaminated or particle-laden air from passing through the chair’s cushion.

The media of the chair, predominantly polyurethane, allows only particles smaller than 0.1 microns to pass through it. This helps in maintaining a rigorous environment in the clean room.


How to Customize your Clean Room Chair?

To customize your Clean Room Chair, you may consider the following points:

  • Reduce or shorten the width and height of the seat.
  • The shape and softness of the heart can be modified by using foam and cutting it according to the body type.
  • The back center of the chair can be removed. This allows lifting any pressure from the lower part of the spine, permitting a more comfortable posture. It is ideal for people with already facing lower back problems.
  • You can get the single curve backrests for people suffering from spinal fusions, scoliosis, etc.
  • The standard arm adjustment range can also be modified.
  • The armrest position can be adjusted according to your choice and requirement.


What are the Precautions Related to a Clean Room Chair?

The precautions related to a Clean Room Chair are written below:

  • Don’t use any corrosive or reactive material directly on the chair’s metal.
  • Avoid standing on the foot ring to prevent breaking due to unequal weight distribution.
  • Please don’t go overboard with the tight ending of nuts and bolts, and keep adjusting them to allow better aeration. It will prevent the oxidation of certain parts.
  • Follow all the protocols of the clean room to avoid any contamination.


What are the Testing Protocols for a Clean Room Chair?

Testing is a crucial step before purchasing your Clean Room Chair, and therefore, it must be conducted with complete protocols. Stated below are a few essential tests and certifications:


ESD Test

The performance of the ESD test must be less than 10e8 ohm. As it is a safety mechanism, it must be tested before shipping.



You can get a significant increase in the productivity of your application by paying due attention to the comfort and convenience of the workers. Using the right Clean Room Chair can work better, protect the controlled environment, and save yourself from exhaustion and long-term backbone disease.

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Chairs

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Chairs

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