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  • Mild steel Weighing Booth
  • 316L SS Weighing Booth
  • Large Weighing Booth
  • Soft steel Weighing Booth

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Sunnyda is one of the leading suppliers of clean room and laboratory products all over the world. Quality construction compliances with ISO standards and durability within affordable prices are what make us stand out among other suppliers. We can provide you with a wide range of products including clean rooms, clean room wall panels, air shower room, FFU unit, air shower nozzle, hospital doors, Weighing Booth, and a lot more.

Sunnyda is a team of expert and professional manufacturers who develop the best thing using their years of experience. Our products are loaded with all the basic and latest features to easily meet your industrial demands. For your convenience, we also offer you different customization solutions. So, if you want to upgrade your Weighing Booth as per your choice, we are always there for you.

We never compromise the quality of the product. This is why durability is found in every product. We use high-quality materials to design equipment for your industry. Also, we prefer using materials that are resistant to rusting issues. Sunnyda always ensures the safety of the user and the product. This is why you will find safety devices, including sensors and controllers in our Weighing Booth.

Sunnyda supplies a premium quality Weighing Booth, which will be beneficial in performing contamination-free procedures. You can use this equipment to generate a clean environment when dealing with antibiotics, raw materials, or hormonal drugs. It is simple to install, easy to use, and demands simple maintenance. Also, it possesses an efficient filtration system comprising three different filters.

If you are interested in buying a prime quality Weighing Booth for your industry, contact Sunnyda. Carefully mention the size, weight, application, or customizable features you want us to add to your product. Our customer care team is 24/7 available to sort out your queries.

Model Number DB-1200x610x1000
Type Carbon Outside Dimension
125*110*255 cm
Working Area W*D*H 110*60*100 cm Cleanliness Level ISO 5 ( Class 100)
ISO 6 ( Class 1000)
Primary Filter G4(95%@5μm) Middle Filter F8(95%~98%@1~5μm)
High Efficiency Filter H14(99.99%~99.999%@0.5μm) Average Velocity of Airflow 0.46±21%m/s
Illumination ≥300Lx Noise Level ≤74dB(A)
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz or AC 380V/50Hz Control System High End Configuration
Material Rock Wool Board Exhaust Air 10% Adjustable


sunnyda Weighing booth material inspection certificate

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How to Control the Manufacturing Standards of Weighing Booth

How to Control the Manufacturing Standards of Weighing Booth
Rapid Responsive Pressure Gauge of Weighing Booth

Rapid Responsive Pressure Gauge of Weighing Booth

Advanced LCD Display of Weighing Booth

Advanced LCD Display of Weighing Booth
Stainless Steel Interior of Weighing Booth

Stainless Steel Interior of Weighing Booth

Applications of Weighing Booth

Applications of Weighing Booth
ISO Approved 100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

ISO Approved 100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

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Weighing Booth-A Complete Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Do you want to make all the processes involving raw materials and compounds free of contaminants? A Weighing Booth will help you in this.

It is a machine that provides pure and hygienic conditions for weighing, sampling, filling, or refilling various raw materials.

It is available with laminar airflow and the reverse laminar airflow, for the protection of the product only, and the protection of both the product and the surrounding environment.

The stainless steel construction ensures high efficiency, longer life, and durability. Also, this material provides protection from corrosion and rusting problems.

With sufficient lighting, bearable noise production, easy usage, and simple operation, it provides super convenience to the operator.

Also, it contains some sensors and controllers to monitor certain conditions such as temperature, pressure, or humidity within this controlled space.

In this guide, you will get its features, specifications, working principles along with the maintenance and safety instructions, so let’s get started.

Testing of Weighing Booth

Testing of Weighing Booth

What is a Weighing Booth?

Weighing Booth establishes a contamination-free, pure environment for handling, weighing, or filling plentiful raw materials or compounds.

It is used to achieve a clean environment in scientific experiments, pharmaceutical industries, food manufacturing departments, and also in the hospital operating rooms.

It has a control panel to monitor and control different internal conditions. Also, it comes with pressure gauges for adjusting and maintaining the required pressure ranges.

The efficient filtration system comprises a primary filter, intermediate filters, and HEPA filters, for providing three staged precise filtration to the air.

Other than numerous standard features, it offers multiple customizable features, making it more reliable for your application.

For your convenience, it offers different advantages such as simple operation, easy maintenance, efficient performance, durability, and many more.

Sunnyda Weighing Booth

Sunnyda Weighing Booth

What are the Excellent Features of a Weighing Booth?

There are numerous excellent features to increase the efficiency of your processes including:

  • A fully automatic frequency system monitors and the frequencies can be changed accordingly.
  • High-quality materials used in construction.
  • It avoids all kinds of environmental pollution and dust particles.
  • 304 stainless steel materials give strength and protection against rust.
  • It holds different pressure gauges to adjust the pressure.
  • Effectively controls the noise input by floodlight and printer.
  • Intelligent control modes and alarm systems for 100% reliability.
  • A smooth transition of ground and walls is ensured to eliminate binge angle.
  • Full customization is accessible.

Customized weighing booth

Customized Weighing Booth

What are the Specifications of a Weighing Booth?

Following is the list of all the common specifications of the Weighing Booth:

  • Total power consumption is about 1100 Watt.
  • It has very top-grade filters which provide 99.999% efficiency with stunning filtration performance.
  • The air supply volume is very good too.
  • It throws air with a pressure of 7500 m3.
  • Optimal exhaust air volume is adjustable, where pressure is approximately 2250 m3.
  • It is made with very supreme quality material, the stainless steel with 1.2 mm width.
  • Noise levels are 75 decibels.
  • Strong power supply, works on 110/220 volt +/- 10% 50/60 Hz.
  • It has an illumination level of 8001 UX, and it also has a UV lamp with a total emission level of 253.7 nm.

illumination level of weighing booth

Illumination Level of Weighing Booth

How to Customize your Weighing Booth?

Customization options for the Weighing Booth include the following things:

  • Size
  • Airflow Option
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Filter Mediums
  • Special Extraction Filters
  • Special Lighting
  • Sensitive Alarms for Detecting Changes in Environmental Conditions

Especial lighting in Weighing Booth

Especial Lighting in Weighing Booth

What are the Main Components of a Weighing Booth?

Some major components that join together to form the Weighing Booth are:

  • Control Panel
  • Fan
  • Blower
  • Differential Pressure Meter
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Pre-Filter
  • HEPA Filters

Explosion proof blower of weighing booth

Explosion Proof Blower of Weighing Booth

What is the Purpose of a Weighing Booth?

It is used in a number of applications. It deals very ideally with the raw materials that need to be processed in powder form.

Mostly, these materials are of a highly destructive nature for the environment and also for the operators. In this regard, it is crucial to prevent even little leakage or spill.

As these compounds are very toxic and their chemical nature is hazardous, the dispersion must be controlled to the full extent. The particles released from the operators are very harmful to human health too.

Several industries are releasing these toxic compounds into the environment.

For instance, the pharmaceutical industries are the primary producers. They manufacture medicines, capsules, drugs, and tablets.

During the manufacturing procedures of these drugs, contaminants are released into the environment.

To filter these harmful compounds, particularly in the sampling procedure, the Weighing Booth is very significantly used.

So, its main purpose is to provide the operators with safety and protection when dealing with hazardous substances.

Powder processing in a weighing booth

Powder Processing in a Weighing Booth

Which Industries Require a Weighing Booth?

The Weighing Booth is very helpful in cleaning the air from toxic matter.

There are several industries that require it:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Microbiological Labs
  • Research Laboratories
  • Raw Material Weighing and Sampling Units
  • Hormone Drug Treatment Processes
  • Antibiotic Sampling

Antibiotic Sampling in Weighing Booth

Antibiotic Sampling in Weighing Booth

What are the Benefits of a Weighing Booth for your Applications?

You can get a number of advantages from using the Weighing Booth in your applications:



It is very easy to manage and maintain in a simple way. The filters in this product are exchangeable. Moreover, there is a control panel control feature too, which makes monitoring easier.



It ensures the high-grade cleaning environment of the working space. This is maintained due to the continuous negative pressure preventing cross-contamination.


Uniform Airflow

The single direction of airflow helps in creating a single air circulation.


Precise Filtration

It provides an efficient performance due to the presence of three- filtration. Here, three different filters participate in the filtration process to remove contaminants.

The purpose of using three filters is to remove the contaminants from different sized particles.



Weighing Booth is very durable because of its top-class construction material. This material prevents rapid destruction of the product due to harsh environmental conditions within the sterile room, making the life span of the product longer.

Modular design of weighing booth

Modular Design of Weighing Booth

What are the Operational Principles of a Weighing Booth?

Here is an explanation of some of the basic operational principles of the Weighing Booth.

The operation is started with the airflow from fans. This air passes through the entirely safe HEPA filter box.

From the laminar flow, the air enters into the working zone in the vertical direction. From the total percentage of 10-15% of the total quantity of air is spread in the surroundings.

This air passes through the HEPA filters and is thoroughly cleaned. Some of this air spreads in the surroundings and the rest of the air is sucked up with the pre-filters at the bottom of the booth.

This 10-15% air is combined and completes the total air input quantity exhausted previously.

This air cycle and its filtration through the filters are repeated. At the booth entrance, the air curtains prevent the pharmaceutical toxic substances from entering the workspace.

In this way, the original space for work is increased automatically.



  • From the overhead module, the air circulates from top to bottom and carries all the contaminated air to the pre-filters. This air is taken away from the operators.
  • This air, after passing through the pre-filters of 3 microns, is filtered by more delicate holes and becomes more purified.
  • The final step is when the air travels from HEPA filters back into the clean working space and finally, this air is purified to its best level.

Operational principle of weighing booth

Operational Principle of Weighing Booth

What are the Standards for Designing the Weighing Booth?

Following are the major standards for the design of the Weighing Booth:

  • The China GMP Standard
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Standards
  • FDA Regulations
  • The Latest CGMP Guidelines
  • EU GMP Standards

Standard design of weighing booth

Standard Design of Weighing Booth

What is the Basic Configuration of the Weighing Booth?

The basic configuration of a Weighing Booth consists of the following parts:



It has a waterproof and dustproof socket configuration. The configuration number can be provided on the customer’s demand.


Weighing Bench

This is used for the placement of electronic balance and fills the recordings.


Current Polymer Film

It improves the speed of wind on the surface creates uniformity in the airflow speed.


Pressure Gauge

It is used to monitor and adjust the air pressure within this system.


Control Section

The control section deals with adjusting the fan speed, lighting, power supply, and other controls.



Sufficient illumination is always essential for its easy operation and should be significant than 300 LUX.



The air is filtered with 3 different leveled filters including the pre-filters, intermediate filters, and the most high-grade HEPA filter.

Water proof sockets of weighing booth

Waterproof Sockets of Weighing Booth

What is the Role of PLC Control Feature in the Weighing Booth?

The PLC control feature in the Weighing Booth plays many functions including the following:

  • It involves an LED control panel for managing the starting and stopping of the fan.
  • It also adjusts the working and speed of the blower fan.
  • PLC control also provides adjustment in the wind speed system.

PLC Controller of weighing booth

PLC Controller of Weighing Booth

What Airflow Options are Present in the Weighing Booth?

There are two airflow options that can be used within the Weighing Booth:


Laminar Air Flow

The laminar airflow allows the air to travel in a parallel direction. It is designed in such a way that the air flows only one time in every cycle.

It is only capable of the protection of the product. Always consider that it is not suitable for the protection of surroundings, also is not meant for raw material dispensing.


Reverse Laminar Air Flow

On the other hand, there is the reverse laminar airflow option. This throws the air pressure both in the horizontal and vertical directions.

This turbulent air is recirculated, and this results in the protection of both the environment and the product. This is perfect for weighing, sampling, and also dispensing the raw material.

Weighing booth airflow

Weighing Booth irflow

What are the Air Filtration Stages Required in the Weighing Booth?

There are 3 stages of air filtration required in the Weighing Booth:

  1. The pre-filter provides the first stage of air filtration which catches the particulate contaminants from the air.
  2. The intermediate filters, where a finer filtration in comparison to the pre-filters is achieved.
  3. The HEPA filters, the most efficient filters, are involved in the final stage of filtration to completely filter the air before recirculation.

The performance of these three filters varies according to the size of the air particles they can handle. Also, how clean and maintained they also decide their performance.


Which Tests a Manufacturer Should Perform for your Weighing Booth?

Following is the list of some tests that must be performed on a Weighing Booth, before supplying to the user:

  • Particle Count Test
  • The HEPA Filter Integrity Test
  • Smoke Profile Test
  • Air Velocity Measurement Test

HEPA Filter Integrity Test

HEPA Filter Integrity Test

Which Things Affect the Working of your Weighing Booth?

Here are some things that can decrease the working of your Weighing Booth:

  • Movement of the Materials
  • Movement of People
  • Cleaning Standard and Operating Procedures
  • Frequency of Usage
  • Outside Air Conditions
  • Finishing and the Quality of Materials Used in its Designing
  • Air Filtration
  • Flushing Rate/Air Change Rate
  • Relative Humidity
  • Gowning Procedures
  • Whether the Process is Carried Out in Open or Closed Systems
  • Air Terminal Location
  • Temperature

In case you find any problem in the performance of your Weighing Booth, check out these parameters so that you can resolve the problem much easier.

Gowning for weighing booth

How to Maintain your Weighing Booth?

The maintenance of your Weighing Booth is very essential for its proper functioning, so some essential maintenance protocols to follow are:

  • It is important to have a properly planned preventive maintenance program.
  • You should carefully keep all the records of system maintenance.
  • The maintenance person should be trained appropriately so that the best maintenance services must be delivered to the system.
  • Make sure to replace the HEPA filters after regular intervals. The HEPA filters are extremely sensitive, so they should be replaced only by a trained person.
  • After changing the filter, carefully perform the filter leaking test to make sure if it is correctly installed or not.
  • Reports, records, protocols, operating and maintenance manuals, and other related reference documents must be kept safely as they are important for future maintenance schedules and system up-gradation.
  • Carefully and deeply check everything, so that you can detect even minor faults that can cause trouble in its normal operation.
  • Make sure that you are cleaning every component of your Weighing Booth, so the performance is maintained.
  • Always maintain the temperature, humidity, and pressure levels according to the manual.
  • Wear proper safety dresses when entering the booth, and ensure the strict prohibition of the entry of unnecessary people.
  • If you see any turbulence in the system’s functioning or if it is not working at all, call for a technician, and avoid solving it on your own.

maintenance of Weighing Booth

Maintenance of Weighing Booth

How to Choose the Best Manufacturer for Buying a Weighing Booth?

To find the best manufacturer for your Weighing Booth, you must consider the following factors:

  • The manufacturer must provide an instructional manual with complete details about the unit’s operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • He should provide some basic accessories along with the product so that you don’t have to buy them separately.
  • The product should be made from good quality materials; the most suitable one is stainless steel.
  • A manufacturer should have a wide variety of models, with different sizes and weights, so that you can select the one that fits your requirements.
  • He should provide a customization option so that you can design some features of your Weighing Booth according to your usage.
  • To ensure your safety, installing safety devices and sensors should be a must thing from your manufacturer.
  • The internal working space should be sufficient to provide enough filtration.
  • He must provide the product in affordable price ranges.
  • The manufacturer must inform the buyer about instant solutions to common problems when using this product.
  • The manufacturer should be responsible for providing proper servicing after suggested periods.

Working area of weighing booth

Working Area of Weighing Booth

How to Install your Weighing Booth?

Here is the complete procedure to install your Weighing Booth:

  • Firstly, remove the wooden cases, and set up the air feeding chamber accordingly. Then connect the air-feeding section and the sides walls with the help of pins, make sure that you screw them tightly.
  • Now install the HEPA filters on the already connected frame.
  • The front edge of HEPA filters and the sidewalls need separate triangular support, you can use M8 screws to connect these.
  • The power cables should be installed very carefully. See if all the wires and cables are connected in the right way.
  • Similarly, the lamps must be attached with the right cable numbers.
  • After the chamber cleaning from the inner and outer sides, put the silicon glue in order to seal the connection.
  • To start the operation of your Weighing Booth after cleaning, first, remove the air feeding. Clean the edges and put the HEPA filters inside the frame. Do this step carefully as these filters are very delicate to handle.
  • To see whether it is working ideally, thoroughly test all its features and parts. Also, make sure that the power supply you are providing is sufficient and compatible.

Quick Installation of Weighing Booth

Weighing Booth Installation

What are the Basic Safety Instructions When Using your Weighing Booth?

When you are using your Weighing Booth, remember to follow the basic safety instructions to keep your workers safe and secure:

  • Select the most appropriate location to install the unit. You can install it on plain and strong ground or even on a wall.
  • It should not be placed in a sloppy or inclined place, as this might result in its non-functionality.
  • The electrical devices should not be washed with water. This might damage the product, as well as the operator’s life will be in danger, so always avoid direct water contact.
  • It should be installed indoors in a room, and not outside the place.
  • The user should not use it in some particular conditions. For instance, in chemical corrosion, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity level, condensation, dust, oil, fog, etc.
  • There might be a spark or explosion as there is no explosion-proof So it is forbidden to place any flammable material or substance near your Weighing Booth.
  • To change the lamps, cut off the power supply first and let the bulbs cool down, and then change the bulbs carefully.
  • If you encounter anything unusual in the device, cut off the power and contact the service-providing team to check if there is any problem.
  • Don’t put anything on the airway to avoid any blockage.
  • Use the controllers carefully, it is not allowed to switch on/off the device within a minute when the power supply is cut.

Wear proper PPF before using weighing booth

Wear Proper PPF Before Using Weighing Booth

What are the Important Electrical Safety Considerations for your Weighing Booth?

Here are some essential electrical safety considerations for your Weighing Booth:

  • Before starting, check all the active connections and wirings. The connections must be tested by a professional engineer.
  • Make sure you have checked the voltage, power supply, input phase, and other relevant power supplies to avoid electrical issues.
  • For safe operation, the earthing set-up must be very efficient and well adjusted.
  • Don’t change the cable circuit yourself.
  • Avoid all clamps, and do not put heavy objects on the power cable.
  • Ensure all the wires are fully covered because uncovered wires might result in a spark and breakdown.

Efficient earthing set-up for weighing booth

Efficient Earthing Set-Up for Weighing Booth

How to Operate your Weighing Booth?

To operate your Weighing Booth, follow the given steps:

  1. Turn on the main power supply.
  2. Turn on the light sources.
  3. Clean the internal space, remove any traces of powder from the previous task.
  4. Turn on the air button.
  5. Verify the pressure readings in the Magnehelic gauges.
  6. For sterilization, turn on the UV lamp for around 10 minutes, and then turn it off.
  7. Now your Weighing Booth is ready to perform any operation.

Operating of Weighing booth

Operating of Weighing Booth


A Weighing Booth can be very beneficial for you but only if you are aware of the right operating procedure.

Proper maintenance and cleaning schedules will help you in getting the most from your product.

Also, these will help in enhancing the life of your booth. Consider servicing it on time by experienced technicians.

For safety reasons, always double-check that the wiring and power supply are accurate.

Always consult the instruction manual to know about the detailed procedures and instructions before your turn on, turn off, maintain, clean, or troubleshoot your Weighing Booth.

ISO certified excellent quality Weighing Booth

ISO certified Excellent Quality Weighing Booth

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