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  • Adjustable cleanroom bench
  • Customized cleanroom bench
  • Polished surface cleanroom bench
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Getting a fine quality Clean Room Bench is essential while furnishing your clean room with the basic equipment or furniture items. Sunnyda is supplying premium quality benches explicitly designed to meet the requirements of your contained area. We have been developing and providing different clean room equipment and accessories for more than 20 years.

Our extensive experience, professional work, skilled team, affordable prices, multiple designs, durable construction, and efficient work are some of the main factors that help us satisfy our previous customers and gain new clients quickly. Sunnyda offers you a wide variety of benches with a wire, perforated, or solid top. We have different finishing options to complete the look, including chrome, electropolishing, or stainless steel finishing. You can perfectly maintain containment with our freestyle designs due to their non-contaminating nylon construction.

Sunnyda provides quality benches for your various needs. Depending upon the cleanliness requirements, you can look for different Clean Room Bench designs and select the one which perfectly fits your needs. Also, the size and lengths can be adjusted according to your space availability and the number of people working in your clean room.

With our cooperative customer support, you can get complete guidance about the accessories and customizations that you can add to your Clean Room Bench. Also, our punctuality and efficiency in delivering your product to you are what help us make our name in the world market.

Contacting Sunnyda to get your products is always accessible and effortless. Get your customized Clean Room Bench to send us your details, and get in touch with our customer support. We are just a phone call away, pick your phone call or email us and get your clean room furniture at a very affordable price.

Product Name Cleanroom Bench
Manufacturer Sunnyda
Construction Material 304 Stainless Steel
Size 180mm*90mm*100mm (Customizable)
Design Rectangular or Customized


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304 Stainless steel cleanroom bench
304 Stainless steel cleanroom bench
Class 100 cleanroom bench
Class 100 cleanroom bench
Epoxy coated cleanroom bench
Epoxy coated cleanroom bench
ESD cleanroom bench
ESD cleanroom bench
GMP standard cleanroom bench
GMP standard cleanroom bench
Heavy duty cleanroom bench
Heavy duty cleanroom bench
Hospital cleanroom bench
Hospital cleanroom bench
ISO 4 cleanroom bench
ISO 4 cleanroom bench
ISO 8 cleanroom bench
ISO 8 cleanroom bench
Laboratory cleanroom bench
Laboratory cleanroom bench
Lightweight cleanroom bench
Lightweight cleanroom bench
Vibration free cleanroom bench
Vibration free cleanroom bench

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room Bench

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room Bench
Clean Room Bench With Extra Features

Clean Room Bench With Extra Features

Clean Room Bench Smooth Surface

Clean Room Bench Smooth Surface
Clean Room Bench Anti Vibration Foot

Clean Room Bench Anti Vibration Foot

Clean Room Bench Applications

Clean Room Bench Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

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Clean Room Bench: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Clean Room Bench is an ergonomic sitting solution inside your clean room or gowning room that prevents microbial contamination in the controlled area.

Its smooth surface allows easy cleaning without tearing the cleaning cloth or your gowns. You can avail of this stainless steel bench with electropolishing or finishing design, as per the demand of your clean room and your budget.

To perfectly match your gowning demands (whether you are using it for wearing clean room clothes or shoes), you get multiple surface options such as perforated tops, stainless steel tops, or solid tops. This right type of Clean Room Bench for your application also depends on the materials that will come in contact.

This guide presents multiple features, applications, and advantages of using a Clean Room Bench. Also, you can read the maintenance and safety instructions to maintain the life and quality of this equipment.

Electropolished Cleanroom Bench

Electropolished Cleanroom Bench

What is a Clean Room Bench?

A Clean Room Bench, also known as a gowning bench, is clean room equipment used for maintaining the hygienic standards of the clean room during the gowning process.

As per your requirement, you can buy it in different sizes, ranging from small tabletop models to large-sized models.

It can be placed in different controlled environments, such as pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, and nanotechnology production industries. Also, you can use it in testing, inspection, and laboratories.

If you want to make sure to avoid contamination while wearing clean room clothing or shoes, you can use this Clean Room Bench for easy and controlled gowning.

You can also look for Clean Room Bench models with a solid top for gowning and bootie shelves to keep your shoes protected from coming in contact with the controlled environment.

Sunnyda Cleanroom bench

Sunnyda Cleanroom Bench

What are the Different Types of a Clean Room Bench?

The different types of a Clean Room Bench include:


Solid Top Clean Room Bench

  • The front and back of the seats have rolled edges with ends reduced to 90°.
  • Three hundred four stainless steel (14 gauge type) channels underside the seats to provide maximum stability.
  • The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 227 kg (500 lb).
  • The legs feature 304 stainless steel (14 gauge type) construction with a height of 432 mm (17″) and a diameter of 41mm (8″).
  • The Clean Room Bench is 12″ wide with 1829 mm (72″) and has six legs.
  • Front-to-back crossbracing in stainless steel material is used to join the legs to the main body.
  • The channels run underside the seat to which gussets are attached in which the legs recess.
  • Flanged heavy gauge stainless steel footplates are installed, which permit you to attach the Clean Room Bench to the floor if required.


Wired Clean Room Bench

  • The width of the seats is 356 mm (14″).
  • Legs are made out of stainless steel (16 gauge type) with a height of 457 mm (18″) and a diameter of 25 mm (1″).
  • 13 gauge stainless steel material is used for making the triangular footplates. This makes it easier to bolt the bench to the floor if required.
  • 14 gauge stainless steel is used for constructing the 25 mm (1″) channel frame.


Clean Room Bench with Standard Undershelf

  • The back and the front seats have rolled edges that are turned down to 90 degrees at the ends.
  • All seats feature stainless steel finish and electropolishing.
  • The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 227 kg (500 lb).
  • Perforated seats are installed, having a width of 457 mm (18″) and perforations of 25 mm (1″).
  • The legs are 457 mm (18″) high with a diameter of 25 mm (1″) made using 304 stainless steel (16 gauge type).
  • Six legs are provided to a Clean Room Bench 1829 mm (72″).
  • The footplates installed are triangular, featuring 13 gauge stainless steel construction for easy bolting to the floor when required.
  • Type 304 stainless steel wire undershelf is installed with S-hooks.

Solid Top Cleanroom Bench

Solid Top Cleanroom Bench

What are the Features of a Clean Room Bench?

  • Each side is completely open, and there are shoe storage areas.
  • Overshoes, clean room shoes, and shoes for going outdoors can all be stored in stepovers.
  • The bottom is composed of the stainless steel grade 304.
  • Each pair of shoes has its area so that they can be kept separated depending on their indoor or outdoor use.
  • It is independent, making it simple to remove and clean.
  • Different heights of feet provide support.
  • You can choose from regular sizes or get it customized if you have any unusual requirements.
  • Safety and health people who use clean rooms should be encouraged to sit down while changing their shoes.
  • 400 mm broad and 400 mm tall self-supporting with changeable feet
  • You can choose the size depending on your convenience.
  • The gowning area of your clean room creates a barrier between clean and unclean places.
  • Users should thoroughly clean it before using it.
  • Remove the protective covering before use.


What are the Benefits of a Clean Room Bench?

Boot Shelves and One-Piece Design Construction

It follows a one-piece design construction containing boot shelves. The solid-top is made using stainless steel solid-top and has two open shelves for bootie storage.

Styles for Tops and Frames

Free-standing models have non-contaminating, adjustable nylon feet and come in solid, perforated, and tubular forms.

Convenience and Hygienic Design with a Cylinder Base

Medical centers should use a cylindrical-base Clean Room Bench with rod tops that are best to meet the high cleaning criteria and prevent sharp corners.


Floor Clean Room Bench with a Solid-Top

It solves the problem of limited floor space. Its modular, curved, or straight areas can be used to create a clean floor space where clothing does not come in contact with each other.

Reinforce Clean Gowning Protocol

No-step zone is marked on the platforms so that coveralls remain free from contamination when touched there.


Configurations that Save Space

With a limited floor area, it is helpful in various clean room applications. Cleaning the floor is also easier due to the only support leg, the opposite end of which is connected to a wall bracket.

Easy-to-Clean Rod Top Design

It reduces particle buildup because of its sleek, modern form and lower surface area. Its wide apertures allow it to dry more quickly once washed.


Because of its capacity to survive regular cleaning, the thick-gauge rod-top is ideal for sterile industries, including food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Finish with Electropolish

Treatment is administered and generates a bright, mirror-like surface that is more resistant to corrosion and easier to maintain.

Bio-Safe Construction

Specifically created for use in controlled environments, the round corners of the bio-safe Clean Room Bench make disinfection easy.

Also, there are no gaps or crevices to harbor bacteria. It also meets all applicable cGMP, ISO 14644-1, IEST, and ASTM requirements.


How to Determine the Size of your Clean Room Bench?

The size of the Clean Room Bench is determined by the following:

  • Type of work to be done
  • People working in the clean room
  • Number of processes being carried out at a time

Some most widely considered size options related to a Clean Room Bench are:

Width (In Inches): 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″

Depth (In Inches): 24″, 30″, 34″, 36″, 44″

Height (In Inches): 30″, 32″, 34″, 35″, 36″, 37″, 40″, 43″, 51″

What are the Construction Material Options for a Clean Room Bench?

In terms of use and component, a wide Clean Room Bench variety is available, listed below:


Work Surface Top Material

  • 304-Grade stainless steel
  • Epoxy resin
  • Laminate; non-dissipative
  • Laminate; static dissipative
  • Phenolic resin
  • Propylene


Frame Material

Clearoom Bench Raw Material

Clearoom Bench Raw Material

What are the Features of a Stainless Steel Stepover and Seating Clean Room Bench?


Step-Over Clean Room Bench with Stainless Steel Construction

It has an electropolish finish, non-shedding leveling feet, and continuous weld seams available in stainless steel. It is also helpful in separating the clean and dirty sides of the gowning area. This helps to ensure correct gowning processes and frees up significant storage space.

Stainless steel is preferred over other metals because of its ease of cleaning, strength, and long-term resistance to corrosive chemicals and cleaning agents.

A wide variety of conventional and bespoke sizes and configurations are available for stepovers, allowing them to be customized to match any space or design.

These custom options include customized L-shape configurations and designs that include built-in lockers or pigeon holes for additional storage.


Stepover with Compartments

  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Stability increasing bar under the frame
  • Grade 304 stainless steel legs, frame, and surface
  • Fully welded seams
  • An integrated clothing rack is optional
  • Available in grade 316 stainless steel construction, also


Why is Propylene Stepover Clean Room Bench Preferred?

Polypropylene has excellent clean room compatibility, chemical resistance, non-porous surfaces, strength, and durability and is fully non-corrosive, just like stainless steel.

To extend the life of the polypropylene Stepover models, which are hot welded with a continuous thermoplastic weld, the top surface is encased in grade 304 stainless steel.


Propylene Stepover Models with Compartments

  • Polypropylene surfaces and sides
  • Grade 304 stainless steel work benchtop
  • Under-Bench storage compartments
  • Hot welded connections and seams


Propylene Stepover Models with Storage

  • Powder-coated steel frame with hidden storage compartments
  • Polypropylene surfaces and face
  • Grade 304 stainless steel benchtop surface
  • Single-sided or double-sided pigeon hole storage
  • Seams and joints that are hot-welded
  • Four leveling feet that can be moved


What are the Applications of a Clean Room Bench?


Applications of Cleanroom Bench

Applications of Cleanroom Bench

How to Choose a Suitable Clean Room Bench for your Clean Room?

It is essential to understand the proper selection of your Clean Room Bench, explained below, to make it most suitable and beneficial for any application.

When looking for the best Clean Room Bench for your applications, consider how you will use it. Also, think of any additional features that can provide ease to your operation. Some important considerations are:

Base Frame and Material

The classification of your clean room decides the type of material allowed to be used. But it must be non-shedding, non-rusting, or react negatively to cleaning agents.

Selecting a suitable base frame is critical because this is a long-term decision and cannot be changed frequently. The first thing is to select a base frame for your Clean Room Bench. You need to measure the appropriate size that will fit your work surface.


Consider if you’ll be undertaking massive operations or small ones. Keep in mind that a larger Clean Room Bench will require more space in your cleanroom than a smaller one.

The space should be sufficient enough for you where you can place all your equipment and perform your work easily. But also, it should be compact so that it doesn’t occupy much space. So make sure that you don’t select large working surfaces without considering what suits your requirements.



Models with adjustable heights are more comfortable for workers and can be used for various tasks.

Selecting the Type of Work Surface

The next thing is to check the number of workers using this work surface. This will help you in case there is more than one workstation. You can use a multi-operator and electric station with a height adjustability feature.


Wear-Bearing Strength

Consider what types of projects you will perform in your cleanroom and how much equipment the Clean Room Bench will have to support.


Choose Appropriate Feet

The next thing is to select feet or caster that perfectly go with your Clean Room Bench.

Ensure that the quality of feet you are attaching is good enough to bear the weight of the bench and all the equipment you will be placed on it.



Construction involving conductive laminate or materials that eliminate static electricity is required in some cleanrooms in the plastics sector.



Some models also have storage drawers or shelves built-in.


Get the Accessories

Make sure that you add all your favorite accessories that suit this equipment. These can include anything which can increase the quality of your product and the quality of work you will be performing on it.

Heavy Duty Cleanroom Bench

Heavy Duty Cleanroom Bench


Always choose your Clean Room Bench carefully, considering the details mentioned above. You can also opt for customized models to meet the specific needs of your clean room application.

Make sure that the Clean Room Bench you are selecting is compliant with your clean room ISO standards and has a robust construction and efficient design to prevent contamination in your clean room.

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Bench

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Bench

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