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  • ISO 8 cleanroom table
  • Portable cleanroom table
  • Powder coated cleanroom table
  • Stainless steel cleanroom table

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Sunnyda is your best desiring and world-leading manufacturing company that has earned a name of fame for its wide range of sales and diversified portfolio. We have been striving for years under leveraged experience to introduce various clean room accessories for retaining controlled conditions.

Now we have designed Clean Room Tables for your required clean room class featured with 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance, perforated or solid designed tabletop. Under shelves of the table are integrated optionally. We made these tables more durable and smooth for easy cleaning and maintenance by configuring them electropolishing.

Sunnyda also provides custom-tailored solutions for your application that will surely fit your needs. You can get solid top Clean Room Tables either of H-shape or T-shape base by considering your requirements. We also struggle to meet the challenges of sterility and advancements in a clean room by designing sterile Cleanroom Tables. Your trust and encouragement are core powers that motivate us to steadfast working.

Our ISO standardized and UL labeled adjustable height cleanroom table is mediated for the auto setting of the table at a suitable size under the integration of height settings and lifting mechanism. You can adjust it easily by considering table specimens. Sunnyda also offers 24/7 off-sale servicing to our domestic and international clients. Our service engineers are directed to provide you with the guidelines, quotes, and solutions to your ambiguities.

If you need adjustable and smooth-surfaced Clean Room Tables for your desired clean room class, Sunnyda will indeed be enlisted in your search that is dedicated to meeting your needs by consolidating innovations and technologies. No need to go way around. Contact us today to get updated first and then place your order at a competitive price. You will surely enjoy our quality and credibility.


Product Cleanroom Tables
Brand Sunnyda
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Size 160mm*80mm*80mm (Customizable)
Shape Rectangular or Customized


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Corrosion resistant clean room table
Corrosion resistant clean room table
Customized clean room table
Customized clean room table
Epoxy coated clean room table
Epoxy coated clean room table
ESD clean room table
ESD clean room table
High profile clean room table
High profile clean room table
ISO 4 clean room table
ISO 4 clean room table
Paint coated clean room table
Paint coated clean room table
Portable clean room table
Portable clean room table
Powder coated clean room table
Powder coated clean room table
Prime quality clean room table
Prime quality clean room table
SS 304 clean room table
SS 304 clean room table
Stainless steel clean room table
Stainless steel clean room table

How to Maintain the Clean Room Tables Quality

How to Maintain the Clean Room Tables Quality
Clean Room Table Polished Surface

Clean Room Table Polished Surface

Clean Room Table Foot Gripping

Clean Room Table Foot Gripping
Clean Room Table Caster Wheel for Portability

Clean Room Table Caster Wheel for Portability

Clean Room Table Applications

Clean Room Table Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

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Clean Room Tables: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a perfect workspace where you can carry out your work in an organized way without any disturbance? We have got you all sorted.

A Clean Room Table enables you to give your best to your application as it is an item of handy clean room furniture. You can use it for working desks and placing objects, but it can also be ambulated from one place to another.

It comes in various types, sizes, and materials. There is an option of customization, and you can add certain accessories to make them more useful for you.

This article contains all the information you might need to invest in long-term clean room equipment. So let’s start reading.

Customized Clean Room Table

Customized Clean Room Table

What is a Clean Room Table?

A Clean Room Table is a specialized and dedicated stainless steel table used as an essential piece of clean room furniture. It is used as a desk, workstation, shelf, and support to place other equipment.

You can place your reagents, samples, and other materials necessary for a process on the Clean Room Table, ensuring that it will stay contamination-free and safe there.

As it is placed inside the clean room environment, it must be according to the ISO classification of the clean room.

Made up of premium quality stainless steel, it helps you take maximum benefit as it is corrosion resistant and low maintenance. Several types are based on mobility, construction, shelf top, and utility.

Sunnyda corrosion resistant Clean Room Table

Sunnyda Corrosion Resistant Clean Room Table

What are the Different Types of a Clean Room Table?

The major types of a Clean Room Table are listed below:

Stainless Steel Clean Room Table

High-grade stainless steel such as 304 or 316 is used to make these tables. It enables them to resist any corrosive agents; however, there should be adequate care about rigorous cleaning.

Although grade 316 stainless steel is more expensive, the addition of molybdenum makes it resistant to chlorine. This property allows them to be safe against solvents and industrial cleaners.

Also, the stainless steel makes the table sturdy and resilient to even place heavy objects on it. It adds to the utility and convenience.


The electropolished type is preferred for a sterile environment like a laboratory or a clean room because it has a microscopically smooth surface.

As it removes the free metal ions from the surface, the chances of corrosion from chlorine are also significantly reduced.

Perforated Top

Ideal for environments like clean rooms and semiconductor industries, this type comes with a perforated top. Small holes in the shelf or the work surface allow the filtered air to pass through.

The constant air flow eliminates the chance of accumulation of any airborne particles or contaminants. The perforated surface is also brushed and electropolished for greater efficiency.

Controlled Environment

If your Clean Room Table is made up of galvanized steel, you need to take great care of the surface because it tends to erode faster due to the action of corrosive chemicals.

Therefore, the environment must be controlled to minimize harm to the equipment.

It shall be either used in a dry area or a safe place without chemical splashes. You can use it for assembly and staging outside the clean room as well.


Having anti-static properties and conductive or electrostatic dissipative qualities, it is coated with polypropylene or epoxy resin. This lamination allows chemical resistance and stability.

This type is most suitable for clean rooms of ISO class 5 and higher.

Stainless Steel Clean Room Table

Stainless Steel Clean Room Table

What are the Features of a Clean Room Table?

Some of the prominent features of a Clean Room Table are as follows:

  • Ultra-clean operation is used to design and build stable assembly.
  • The table’s supports are plated with chromium and nickel after proper fabrication.
  • The stainless steel work surface is supported by channel supports according to the contrasting dimensions.
  • The frame or the bottom shelf can be adjusted with an easy tool-free procedure. This is due to the split sleeve design.
  • The tapered sleeve creates a positive lock between the shelf frames and posts. It increases the stability and strength as more and more weight is added.
  • Mechanical sealing is done using room temperature vulcanizing silicone adhesive. This allows a seamless bonding and fine finishing.
  • The support structure is designed with maximum accuracy to reduce wobbling and drumming.
  • You can add more shelves as the built-in supports are provided. This feature helps you take advantage of greater surface area.
  • You get an ultra-clean finish and an optional brushed finish up to the standard of a class 1 clean room.
  • It comes in an ergonomic design, and there is very low particle generation, thus maintaining the cleanliness level.
  • An adjustable height Clean Room Table is also available.


What is the Purpose of Using a Clean Room Table? 

The purpose of using a Clean Room Table has been explained below:

Shelf Area

Equipment like centrifuges, reactors, mixers, and blenders can temporarily be placed on the table for easier access. It is not stable if the table is ambulatory.

Other than the equipment, you can also place your reacting substances, mixing bowls, spatulas, and other necessary supplies used in a process.


It can serve as great support if you are working long hours and you require to sit down and work with complete attention. The height of the tabletop can be adjusted according to your liking.

Work Space

It gives a secluded space to carry out your work in peace. You can concentrate on your work with minimum disturbance and interference.


The ambulatory tables with wheels are a great source of moving objects, equipment, and supplies from one area to another within the clean room. It saves you from the hassle of carrying each item separately.


The table is used to temporarily store linen, reacting substances and vials, and microtubes. As it is contamination-free, you can make a small stock of the supplies you need for the process. Easy access to these supplies saves a lot of time and energy.

Clean Room Table With Storage Space

Clean Room Table With Storage Space

What are the Design Features of a Clean Room Table?

Some of the design features of your Clean Room Table are written below:

  • The tops are made of sturdy stainless steel construction with heavy gauge hat channels.
  • The edges at the front and the back are rolled down and smooth. It prevents the chance of blunt edges hitting the person working in the environment.
  • The ends are turned down at an angle of ninth degrees so that there is sufficient facility for flush installations.
  • The lateral movement is reduced with the help of a stainless steel gusset system which is firmly bonded to the hat channel.
  • The bullet feet allow maximum stability and reduce the chance of wobbling.
  • You can also get it customized according to your application.


What are the Benefits of a Clean Room Table?

A Clean Room Table is very beneficial in terms of convenience and utility. Some of the significant advantages are explained below:

UL-Tested For Maximum Safety and Quality

It is essential to take care of the safety of your equipment and personnel. When it comes to safety testing and certification, UL is the most trusted organization worldwide.

Thus the Clean Room Table is UL tested for ensuring the strictest stability and safety standards.

Auto-Adjusting Height Feature

You can automatically adjust the height of this vibration-sensitive equipment. On the control panel, you have four pre-saved height settings.

There are no cervices in the isolated lifting mechanism that can be a home for particles and microbial contamination.

Stainless Steel Material Construction with Perforated Top

0.25 inches diameter cutouts are left in the perforated tops that improve the airflow by opening up to 40% of the surface. The primary construction material used is stainless steel.

C-Frame and Electropolished Finish

The 304-Grade stainless steel body is ultra-cleaned, fully welded, and electropolished to ensure an aseptic and sterile working environment.

Featured with Stainless Steel Drawers and Cantilever

You can add shelves and drawers to organize your accessories according to your needs, and it will provide you with a convenient and clean storage space that you can use as per your requirement. The best thing about cantilever shelves is adjusting them to any height.

Backsplash Vibration-Free Work Area

For easy cleanup, the backsplash offers a seamless radius cover. With the help of pneumatic vibration control, you can work in a vibration-free work area.


What are the Fixed and Adjustable Height Clean Room Tables?

The difference between the two types determines the potential to be used in various applications. Therefore sufficient knowledge of both types is necessary.

Adjustable Height Clean Room Table

You can easily adjust its viewing position amidst changing workflow requirements or multi-shift operations. A total of 4 pre-saved height settings are provided on the onboard controller for easy and quick adjustment.

Fixed Height Clean Room Table

It is available in different weight capacities ranging from 1000 to 2000 lbs. In the case of heavy-duty, biosafe construction, the weight capacity is multiplied by three times to offer additional safety.

It is pre-packaged in a clean room and then shipped fully assembled. It has fixed legs, so you can not adjust the surface height.

Adjustable Height Clean Room Table

Adjustable Height Clean Room Table

What is a Clean Room Table With Telescope Legs?

A Clean Room Table with telescoping legs gives you a free choice of adjusting the work surface height as required. It offers improved ergonomics, integration with available casework, and low shipping costs.

It is best to support more than one operator with varying work surface height requirements. Each unit is individually tested to ensure a weight load capacity of 1200 lbs.


What is the Construction of Clean Room Tables?

A Clean Room Table has a simple construction and follows a safe yet creative design with maximum stability and higher efficiency.

  • The most commonly used metal is stainless steel used to design the shelves and the legs.
  • The surface has a white pressure lamination, and the edges and bottom are correctly sealed.
  • The high-density thick core of the tabletop breaks the quality.
  • There are four leg levelers to allow maximum stability.

Clean Room Tables Construction Material

Clean Room Tables Construction Material

What is the Clean Room Class Rating for Clean Room Tables?

A Clean Room Table must follow the clean room classification distribution so that it can be used effectively:

ISO Class 3 Type

It has a single piece, fully welded construction. Its safe design is free from crevices or cracks that may be a source of microbial colonization.

The perforated models are best for maintaining laminar airflow in low-particulate and non-aqueous areas.

Its typical applications are nanoparticle research, microchip production, manufacturing circuit boards, and water fabrication.

ISO Class 5 Type

It comes with complete stainless steel construction and is most suitable for critical manufacturing environments like non-sterile or sterile pharmaceutical preparations, biotechnology research, and electronically sensitive parts. It also features crevice-free and crack-free construction.

ISO Class 7 Type

It comes in multiple construction options, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, or chrome-plated frames for ensuring easy wipe down and cleaning.

As the class 7 clean room environment is not as strictly monitored as lower ones, the particle size for contamination is also larger.


What are the Materials Used in the Making of Clean Room Tables?

The frequently used material is for making the Clean Room Tables are as follows:

304-Grade Stainless Steel

The 304-grade stainless steel construction has various benefits, including high chemical resistance, conductivity, durability, and cleanliness.

304 stainless steel construction is a standard for different industries like laboratory clean room environments.

It has high compatibility with a wide range of chemicals, has an easy cleanup, and shows excellent oxidation resistance. Some minimum crevices and gaps are prone to allowing particulate, microbial, and residual contamination.

Corian Construction

It features a 0.5 inches thick top with non-porous construction, preventing mildew and bacterial growth. This surface is easy to wipe down and highly resistant to chemicals. It is a hybrid composite with non-toxic properties formulated with natural minerals and acrylic resin.

Epoxy Resin Surface

It has non-absorbent, self-extinguishing, and corrosion-resistant properties. It also features bacterial and fungal resistant properties, making it perfect for use in proteomic research and high-volume biochemistry labs.

Laminate, Non-Dissipative Surface

The laminate non-dissipative surface shows high compatibility with the class 100 clean room. It is also highly resistant to hot solder and most solvents. But one thing to consider here is that it is not suitable for use with mineral acids.

Laminate, Static-Dissipative Surface

A laminate static-dissipative surface is ideal for static-sensitive materials that are likely to be destroyed and degraded by the charges carried by conventional worktops.

The inherently static-dissipative polyurethane construction creates a permanent ESD-protected, humidity-independent surface for sensitive manufacturing environments.

Phenolic Resin Surface

It is highly compatible with multiple chemicals and shows excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and impact damage.

Polypropylene Surface

It shows excellent resistance to most acids and acidic materials. Therefore it is ideal for processes dealing with these substances that tend to change the chemical and physical properties of the equipment.


What are the Different Surface Designs for Clean Room Tables?

Different surface designs suit an extensive range of applications.

Perforated Top

The perforations are for the laminar flow of air through the work surface. The contaminated air also passes through these perforations, and it is returned to the wall-mounted or floor-mounted air returns.

Better airflow and ventilation decrease the chance of contamination. In this way, there is minimum air obstruction, and it causes the movement of accumulated particles that gather up due to turbulence or eddy currents.

Solid Top

The solid tops provide reliable support for clean room supplies with a high weight token range and sterile powder-coated surface.

This top is ideal for a desk as it allows close observation. You can place vials, ampules, and other research-related objects like microtubes.

Top With Customized Organization Compartments

You can opt for a top with built-in compartments to organize the equipment to be placed on the table. This helps pick up the equipment more easily without looking for it at any other place.


What are the Frame Materials Used in Clean Room Tables?

The most commonly used frame materials are listed here:

304-Grade Stainless Steel

Whether you need complete sterilization or a sound environment for biotechnology, the 304-grade stainless steel frame allows you to have easy disinfection. The wipe down is also convenient, and it is suitable for medical use as well.

Chrome-Plated Steel

It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also is a very economical choice. This material is best for storage areas and dry processing areas. However, it needs higher maintenance and cleaning since it is not as stable as a stainless steel body.

High-Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene, abbreviated as (HDPE) is a highly reliable material since it is thermoplastic and lightweight. Its modern chemical compatibility and impact resistance quality are unique.


A polymer refers to a molecular structure built by repeating units having similar properties. Examples of a polymer can be plastic or resins extensively used for structural purposes.

A chemical-resistant polymer, selected with sufficient knowledge and expertise, can be very helpful for higher reliability.

Powder-Coated Steel

Powder-coated steel is preferable as it is presentable and quite resistant to any damaging agents. The advanced heat-infused formulation is more beneficial as it reduces chipping and scratching.

Chrome-Plated Steel Used in Clean Room Tables Frame Construction


Chrome-Plated Steel Used in Clean Room Tables Frame Construction

What is the Difference Between Workbenches and Clean Room Tables?

Clean Room Tables and workbenches are similar furniture with similar functions and utilities. They are often used interchangeably and serve the purpose of one another very well.

However, you can get better results and higher efficiency by taking care of the minor differences. Also, both of these terms depend upon the application and design.

Workbenches are for higher pressure and weight, and therefore, they can tolerate more significant equipment and support complicated processes more efficiently. They are mostly preferred for processes requiring manufacturing and assembly.

When it comes to manual labor, workbenches are more suitable. Clean Room Tables, on the other hand, are better for low-profile processes. Therefore, they are easier to handle and more convenient to work with.

What is the Utility of Anti Vibration Clean Room Tables?

An anti-vibration Clean Room Table is helpful because it allows maximum stability and keeps you unbothered while you’re working.

There is no risk of falling off any object or equipment as the surface vibrates. There is a chance of sound production with solid vibrations due to objects placed on the table. This sound can be disturbing and must be avoided.

A GMP clean room environment needs to avoid all types of contamination, but due to continuous vibration, the objects might shed some particles, or there might be some spilling of any contaminants.

Anti Vibration Clean Room Tables

Anti Vibration Clean Room Tables

How to Choose the Right Clean Room Table for your Application?

To choose the most appropriate Clean Room Table for your application, take care of the following:


Consider the type of work and the available space in your clean room. If it has a larger surface area, you might face inconvenience, so you should keep it as minimal as possible.


You can adjust the height of the adjustable Clean Room Tables, but in the case of non-adjustable ones, you must consider the comfort of the worker and the type of application.


You can store some of the clean room linen, equipment, and supplies on the table shelf for a while, but it must not be used as permanent storage.


Make sure that you have sufficient space for the work you need to do, and you might need some additional shelves as well.

Adding the shelves is a good idea because it takes less space and makes it more compact.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Consider the weight of the clean room equipment that needs to be supported by the table to handle the weight quickly.


You may need anti-static properties or electrostatic dissipative materials. Therefore order accordingly.

Clean Room Classification

As your furniture needs to be according to the clean room classification, make sure you consider the ISO classification system before purchasing it.

Construction Material

The class of the clean room also determines the construction material. So pay due attention to the material to be easy to handle and safe against any chemicals and reactants.


What are the Customization Offers Available for your Clean Room Tables?

A Clean Room Table can be customized according to the requirements and demands of the application.

As the perforated type is ideal for laminar flow clean rooms, every clean room has its preference.

  • You can add a slide-out desk, cable management system, shelves, and extension to the table as required.
  • The size, material, design, and accessories can also be chosen so that you have a perfect space to work. It helps you focus better and thus increases your productivity.
  • You can choose between an adjustable height Clean Room Table and a non-adjustable one. The option for mobile and stationary ones is also present.
  • The addition of certain accessories can increase the efficiency of your table, and therefore you can order the accessories according to the cleanliness level that you need.


What are the Instructions to Assemble a Clean Room Table?

A Clean Room Table has effortless assembly and does not take much time. Follow the given steps to save your time and energy.

  • As soon as you receive it, open the packaging and ensure that you have received all the equipment parts.
  • Confirm that it reached you safely without any damage.
  • Take out all the parts and go through the user manual.
  • Join the parts according to the instructions.
  • You should assemble it outside and run it through an air shower before introducing it into the clean room.
  • Make sure that it is stable and can handle any weight by applying slight pressure.


What are the Best Protection Tips and Cleaning Ideas for your Clean Room Table?

The best protection tip for your Clean Room Table is to get a fragile layer of chromium oxide over the stainless steel. It helps in resisting corrosion. Also, this layer must be maintained well.

  • For cleaning the table, wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth to get rid of any visual material or contaminants. A piece of cloth soaked in warm water can be more effective if there are any mild stains.
  • It must be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid any water stains.
  • You can also use solvents for stains like greases, oils, fingerprints, or other reagents.
  • Refrain from using chlorine, acetone, and mineral spirits because they damage the protective layer and the stainless steel surface.


How Can you Protect your Clean Room Table from Corrosion and Chemical Damage?

If the protective chromium oxide layer gets oxidized with time,  you can reapply it and add to the life of the table.

The passivation method is the most reliable and extensively used method to restore the integrity of the stainless steel surface.

It is simple to treat the stainless steel with a mild oxidant such as nitric acid. This process helps in maintaining the protective layer.



A Clean Room Table is valuable equipment in a clean room, and it is used for support, space, transportation, and storage. Due to its simple design and exceptional attention to detail, it proves to be of maximum utility and convenience, thus adding to the productivity of your application.

100% Quality Tested Clean Room Tables

100% Quality Tested Clean Room Tables

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