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Sunnyda is your reliable and leading manufacturing company that has made its substantial recognition among the world stakeholders by its cooperative association and optimal cleanroom furniture production. We have manufactured a full line of seamless designed Clean Room Cabinet for you that ensures feasible cleaning and maintenance. It is configured with shelves, hanging rods, and doors for placing your clean room garments and accessories in a sterilized environment.

Our cabinet is also featured rounded edges, waterproof and anti-bacterial resistivity, silver hinges, a robust design, and cabinet compartments that are suitable for your application material placement. We also offer customization services for your application. HEPA filter integration and UV lights can be tailored to controlled environment requisites. Sunnyda ensures Clean Room Cabinet construction under ISO standardization for offering you better quality, durability, and standardized credibility.

Sunnyda has assigned service engineers and technocrats to provide you with maintenance and repair services to justify Clean Room Cabinet with specified ISO clean room class. Our service engineers will reach your address for inspection and regulation of your product after installation.

Our services are not confined to our national customers; our overseas clients can also get maintenance and product delivery services. Our main goal is to offer you successful innovative conclusions by introducing prime quality cabinets for your clean rooms.

Are you looking way around in search of high quality and smooth-surfaced Clean Room Cabinet for placing different types of material utilized in your clean room?

Sunnyda will always be your long-term collaborative and trustworthy company to offer you custom build designs. Contact us today by making phone calls or chatting with our live assistant for your order confirmation at a suitable price. Our trained staff will assist you with product selection and sorting out your queries.

Cleanliness level Class 100
Air velocity 0.46 ± 0.04 MPs (90 ± 20 FPM)
Airflow Vertical
Filtration ·       Pre-filter

·       HEPA filter

Illumination LED light
Disinfection UV light
Storage ·       Hanging rods

·       Adjustable shelves(customizable)

Material SS 304
Doors SS glass doors
Power supply 220 Volts 50Hz
Optional Accessories ·       Mirrored-Door

·       Pressure gauge

·       Double-sided design

·       Caster wheels

·       Electric socket


Sunnyda cleanroom cabinet material inspection certificate

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Class 100 cleanroom cabinet
Class 100 cleanroom cabinet
Cleanroom cabinet for cloth storage
Cleanroom cabinet for cloth storage
Cleanroom cabinet with safety lockers
Cleanroom cabinet with safety lockers
Customized cleanroom cabinet
Customized cleanroom cabinet
Dust free cleanroom cabinet
Dust free cleanroom cabinet
Glass door cleanroom cabinet
Glass door cleanroom cabinet
Laboratory cleanroom cabinet
Laboratory cleanroom cabinet
Laminar air flow cleanroom cabinet
Laminar air flow cleanroom cabinet
Portable cleanroom cabinet
Portable cleanroom cabinet
Semiconductor cleanroom cabinet
Semiconductor cleanroom cabinet
Stainless steel cleanroom cabinet
Stainless steel cleanroom cabinet
Wall mounted cleanroom cabinet
Wall mounted cleanroom cabinet

How to Maintain Cleanroom Cabinet Production Quality

How to Maintain Cleanroom Cabinet Production Quality
Cleanroom Cabinet Pressure Guage

Cleanroom Cabinet Pressure Guage

Cleanroom Cabinet Filtration System and UV Light

Cleanroom Cabinet Filtration System and UV Light
Cleanroom Cabinet Bright Finished Surface

Cleanroom Cabinet Bright Finished Surface

Cleanroom Cabinet Applications

Cleanroom Cabinet Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

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Clean Room Cabinet: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Clean Room Cabinet is the ultimate solution for organizing and safely storing your clean room equipment, supplies, tools, garments, linen, etc.

Equipped with the latest locking technology and fingerprint scanning, it helps you monitor access to the stored products.

It has good space distribution and allows maximum filtration through an in-built HEPA filter system. UV sterilization can also be obtained.

As it is a one-time investment, you must be aware of all the features and benefits. This article will help you obtain all the knowledge you need to operate it. So let’s get started.

Cleanroom Cabinet UV Light

Cleanroom Cabinet UV Light

What is a Clean Room Cabinet?

A Clean Room Cabinet is specialized and safe clean room equipment used for storage, support, and organization. Although various materials can be used to make it, stainless steel is the most reliable.

It comes in various sizes and is equipped with advanced features like HEPA filtration, sterilization units, and temperature and humidity control.

It is ideal for pharmaceutical clean rooms, medical clean rooms, GMP clean rooms, and research laboratories. You can get it customized according to the requirement of your application.

Sunnyda Stainless Steel Cleanroom Cabinet

Sunnyda Stainless Steel Cleanroom Cabinet

What are the Basic Features of a Clean Room Cabinet?

The essential features of the Clean Room Cabinet are listed below:

Ultraviolet Sterilization With HEPA Filtration

It sterilizes the material that is to be stored in the cabinet through ultraviolet germicidal lamps that are installed in the cabinet.

The HEPA filtration system keeps the items dry and prevents the entry of contaminated air. It also helps to create a clean and positive-pressure atmosphere in the cabinet.


Chemical Bottle Stocking and Storage:

It has a larger area to store bottles up to one- gallon and large amounts of chemical drums. Cabinets are made to prevent hazardous occasions from occurring, like vents emitting the smoke, spark arrestors to avoid the emission of sparks, and spill containment areas to secure the spilled chemical.


Requirements for Storing Unique Materials:

It is made in a specialized way to store reticles, semiconductors, and wafer boxes. Other technical materials like aseptic biological samples can also be stored.


Garment Storage and Shelves:

The Clean Room Cabinet can also store garments. It is built such that garments can be hung on hanging rods, shelves installed in the cabinets, or both functions can be done. The installation of HEPA filtration prevents contamination of specialized garments.


Shelving of Super Erecta Wire Wall With Metro Seal 3:

For wet environments, metro seal 3 microban shelves are installed in cabinets. They have an antimicrobial finish. These shelves are easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and very stable. Other shelving systems like shelves attached to walls or small shelves can also be installed.


Wire Shelving and Corner Release System:

Along with the adjustable shelving, a corner release system is also available. A corrosion-resistant material called Metro Super Erecta is used for this purpose.


HEPA and ULPA Filters:

The filters dry the air by absorbing moisture to prevent contamination of storage products and are installed with microfilters for adhesive curing and drying. There is an inbuilt exhaust that removes the smell and vapors of chemicals.


Storage Rack for Semiconductor Wafer Boxes:

Semiconductor wafer boxes are best stored in a stainless steel storage box like that of a cabinet. It provides a clean, non-contaminating, and break-proof storage compartment that can secure the work-in-progress material.

Cleanroom Cabinet HEPA Filter

Cleanroom Cabinet HEPA Filter

What is the Purpose of Using a Clean Room Cabinet?

The purpose of using a Clean Room Cabinet is as follows:

Safe Storage

It is a sturdy assembly and prevents the items from dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminating agents; it can be ideal for safe storage.

It can be locked, making it accessible to only the authorized person. In this way, only the trained person would be able to access and deal with the clean room equipment.


Organized Items

With shelves and dedicated areas in the cabinet, it gets easier to store and organize certain items. For example, if one shelf contains all the vials and glassware, the other may have all the linen, and it would be easier to grab at the time of use.


In-Process Storage

All the in-process products can be stored safely as the temperature and humidity can be strictly regulated, and there is no external intervention. The process can be continued inside the cabinet under the required conditions and controlled factors.



Due to the sterilization facility, any item you require can be used straight after taking it out of the cabinet. It would be safe to use and not harm the process. Also, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness level of the clean room.



Even if there are any contaminants, the filtration facility gets rid of them, whether chemical, environmental or micro contaminants.


What are the Types of Clean Room Cabinets?

A Clean Room Cabinet has certain types based on the materials, shelving, mobility, and utility.


A stationary cabinet and a mobile one with heavy-duty wheels allow easy transport.



You’ll need a more manageable stainless steel body if you want to store glassware, vials, and other sensitive equipment.

However, if you want to use it for garments only, there would be glass doors for aesthetics and easy access.

Cleanroom Cabinet Caster Wheel

Cleanroom Cabinet Caster Wheel

What is the Classification of a Clean Room Cabinet Based on Shelving?

Based on the shelving, there are various types of Clean Room Cabinets. The shelves determine the utility and size and must be considered before purchasing.


I Shelving System

It is a heavy-duty system made up of a high-capacity polymer. Along with protection against corrosion and rust, it has an anti-microbial coating to prevent the growth of germs. High-quality 304 type stainless steel is used for guaranteed properties.


Q Shelving System

It is not just affordable but also very sturdy and durable and maintains the highest levels of cleanliness. There are epoxy-coated shelves made up of all polymer material.


Wire Shelving

It includes a modular design and a flexible storage rack made from numerous materials of your choice.


Adjustable Shelving

It comes in either wired shelves or stainless steel racks. The height of each compartment can be adjusted according to the requirement, and there are hooks on the walls of the cabinet to allow the way adjustment.


What are the Materials Used for Making a Clean Room Cabinet?

The materials used for the making of a Clean Room Cabinet are as follows:

Acrylic Materials

It is not just lightweight but also a beneficial material. Along with being shatterproof, it is a much better option than glass. It requires less maintenance and care and can be easily transported without the fear of damage.


Chrome-Plated Steel Materials

Chrome plating makes the cabinet look more aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance than stainless steel.

Also, it is an affordable option and allows you to use it for an extensive range of applications involving processing and dry storage.


Polycarbonate Materials

Polycarbonate offers thermal resistance, high impact resistance, and a wide range of chemical resistance. It appears light grey and is much less likely to crack than glass.


Polymer Materials

A chemically resistant polymer with improved physical properties can be an excellent choice for your Clean Room Cabinet. It is lightweight and makes a sturdy body.


Polypropylene Materials

The main property of polypropylene is the high industrial grade surface quality. It offers excellent resistance against broad-spectrum chemicals and microorganisms.


Powder-Coated Steel Materials

The white powder coating helps you achieve a durable barrier against many microorganisms and chemical corrosion along with a clean and finished look.

It enables you to avoid chipping and scratching as it is made on the highest standards of ISO and ASTM. Also, it doesn’t wear off and fades with time.


Static Dissipative PVC Materials

PVC is easy to manage using the static dissipative properties and resists particle aggregation and contaminant pile up.


Stainless Steel, 304 Grade Materials

It offers easy disinfection and wipes down and, therefore, is an excellent choice for making cabinets.

304 Stainless Steel allows easy disinfection, wipedown, and sterilization for pharmaceutical and biotechnology use.

It offers better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel or chrome plating and has good chemical resistance for most applications.

Cleanroom Cabinet Raw Material

Cleanroom Cabinet Raw Material

What is the Role of HEPA Filter in a Clean Room Cabinet?

A HEPA filter is capable of filtering micro particles from the air. It can help you meet the cleanliness requirements requested by the GMP, ISO, ASTM, etc.

It offers 99.99% cleanliness by removing all the particles at 0.3 or 0.25 micrometers. It also helps in drying and curing, allowing smooth working of a process in the medical clean room, hospital clean room, and clean room laboratory.

It can be used for drying stents, catheters, medical devices, vials, and linen so that there is no microbial growth on any surface.

The items in the cabinet are prevented from electrostatic particle attraction and static discharge and, therefore, less likely to get damaged.

This is due to the ionizing bars that neutralize the positive and negative charge; thus, there is no free charge between the surface and the object.


What are the Filtration Principles Used in a Clean Room Cabinet?

The filtration principles used in a Clean Room Cabinet are described below:

Inertial Impaction

It refers to the deviation of a regular particle from its air stream. These particles may end up colliding with fiber and get filtered. The provision of impaction is more pronounced in high-velocity particles.



This refers to the collision of a slightly bigger particle to the filter’s fibers. The smaller particles pass through the filter easily, whereas the bigger one gets stuck. In this way, only fine particles are allowed to enter the cabinet. It occurs due to Wan Der Waals forces.



It is ideal for smaller particles always being in a random motion called Brownian motion. The vibration of microscopic particles allows them to collide with the filter fibers, thus maintaining the highest cleanliness levels.


Electrostatic Attraction

The electrostatic charge on the particle flowing in the air stream allows it to get attracted to the opposite charge on the filter fibers. This allows collision and prevention of contamination.

The electrostatic air filter of a Clean Room Cabinet is made of polypropylene or polyester, and therefore, it gets charged as the air passes through it.


What are the Design Specifications of a Clean Room Cabinet?

The design specifications of a Clean Room Cabinet include the following:

Rolled Down Edges

The edges are seamless and rolled down for easy transportation and safe handling. It helps in adding to aesthetics and gives a clean finish to the cabinet.


Double Lock Doors

A double lock door is a necessary feature to manage access to the items stored in the cabinet. The two doors may have different things, for example, linen in one and glassware in the other.



The specialized compartments and drawers help you save on time and energy as you directly reach out to the concerned area without searching for the required item in the entire cabinet.



There shall be a nicely located niche for the germicidal lamp, which is required to kill all the microorganisms on the stored items. The correct position of the lamp will allow the light to access all the parts of the things.

Germicidal Lamp for Cleanroom Cabinet

Germicidal Lamp for Cleanroom Cabinet

How can you Perform Humidity Control and Desiccation With the Help of a Clean Room Cabinet?

The humidity of a Clean Room Cabinet can be controlled through the automatic purging of the cabinet environment with argon or nitrogen gas. Maintaining a certain humidity level is crucial for maximum efficiency in a clean room.

Humidity can have a negative effect on the process being carried on, and it can give rise to the growth of fungus and microorganisms in clean room equipment and linen. Therefore there shall be sufficient arrangements for removing unwanted humidity.

A Clean Room Cabinet is equipped with an automatic high flow purging system activated upon opening the cabinet’s doors. This allows effective and quick purging of the items and the atmosphere in the cabinet.

There is a humidity monitor equipped with a highly advanced sensor and controller. It has a built-in data logging and saving system that helps you attain a specific humidity level by adjusting it.


How Does a Clean Room Cabinet Take Part in Temperature Control?

A Clean Room Cabinet takes part in temperature control through a built-in centralized adjustable system. The thermostats can be set for a specific temperature required for a process, and the temperature is regulated accordingly.

Drying and curing the items inside the cabinet also plays an integral part in adjusting the temperature as it affects other conditions like humidity etc.

The HEPA filter can help sustain a temperature range between 140° ± 4° F (60° ± 2 °C) and class 100 clean room environment standards.

Cleanroom Cabinet Temperature Controler

Cleanroom Cabinet Temperature Controller

Why is it Necessary for a Clean Room Cabinet to be Anti-Static?

The anti-static properties of the PVC help to avoid abrasion and direct damage. The surface resistance ivory is retained, and the surface is protected against any ESD damage caused by the physical or chemical particles.

It also makes the cleaning and maintenance easier as the attraction between the surfaces and the particles is reduced, and more particles tend to stay in the air rather than sticking to the surface.

ESD Cleanroom Cabinet

ESD Cleanroom Cabinet

How Does a Clean Room Cabinet Help in UV Sterilization?

The UV germicidal lamp installed in the Clean Room Cabinet allows UV sterilization of sensitive clean room supplies. It works well for devices that are difficult to clean, porous, easily damaged by water, or electronically complex.

It helps kill the germs on the surface and helps you get rid of the spores. It leads to an extended period of decontamination and a safer way of cleaning.

There is wire shelving and a mirror finishes on the insides to allow hanging racks. This helps in the exposure to UV light from all sides. Clean room garments like frocks, coveralls, and gowns can be sterilized. It helps in obtaining accurate results since the chance of contamination is very low.

What are the Protective Mechanisms in a Clean Room Cabinet?

The protective mechanisms in a Clean Room Cabinet are as follows:

Door Locks

There is a safe door lock for high-value things, controlled substances, and finished products that an authorized person can only access.


Fingerprint Scanners

With an advanced lock mechanism, you need a biometric fingerprint scanner to allow fast and controlled access to the cabinet. It has two solid locking bolts and an all-welded 304 stainless steel body for a corrosion-free experience.


Fire Resistance

It comes with adjustable shelves and an internal locking drawer that allows flexible storage. The design is fireproof and can withstand a temperature of 1700°F. The internal temperature can be maintained at 350°F for up to two hours.


What is the Significance of Positive Pressurization and Ventilation in a Clean Room Cabinet?

Positive pressure plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of a Clean Room Cabinet. Due to this positive pressure, the air rushes from inside to the Clean Room Cabinet environment whenever the cabinet door is opened and not vice versa. This prevents the entry of contaminants from the clean room into the cabinet.

The positive pressure works by pushing the contaminants from a higher pressure level to an area of lower pressure.

Also, it makes it difficult for the contaminant particles to enter the cabinet as there is positive pressure. The particles require some active energy to work against this force.

Ventilation has a similar role; however, it works by carrying away any contaminant particles that might get caught up in the cabinet. The constant flow of air prevents the accumulation of these substances, thus maintaining cleanliness.


What are the Accessories for a Clean Room Cabinet?

The accessories that can be used for a Clean Room Cabinet are elaborated below. These accessories not only increase the utility but also help in obtaining higher reliability.

Additional Shelves

You can opt for electropolished stainless steel of grade 304 to make racks and shelves. These are not just easy to adjust and transport but also help in the organization while dealing with batch processing. It optimized the storage space.

Powder-coated shelves in solid form or perforated form are also available. For garment storage, the perforated shelves are most suitable as they allow laminar airflow so that the contaminants can fall through the perforations.



There is an option of adding stainless steel or plastic drawers to your cabinet. It helps in better organization and is available in many sizes and configurations.


Hanger Rods

Chrome-plated or stainless steel hanger rods are usually required for accessible and easy storage of clean room garments. It helps in allowing sterilization and aeration from all sides.

There are two types of hangers, closed-loop, and single-piece. The former is a better option. They are more secure and prevent damage. Single-use hangers have a lower chance of lint generation and thus low contamination.



A divider can be used to organize the storage space according to your requirement. It is usually required for garments. You can also get a combination garment shelf or rack.

With dual side doors, a central divider allows two different sterilized spaces that are independently configurable. It is best for PPE, various tools, and dispensed products.



Trays can be slides and adjusted according to your application and allow easy access to all cabinet parts.


Ionizing Bar

Ionizing bars emit equal quantities of positive and negative ions to neutralize static charges within the work area and require no adjustments.

Cleanroom Cabinet with Drawers

Cleanroom Cabinet with Drawers

How to Purchase the Most Suitable Clean Room Cabinet for your Application?

To purchase the most suitable Clean Room Cabinet for your application, you must keep the following factors in mind:


The cabinet size must be according to your application’s items you need to store. For example, you might need to keep large quantities of chemicals for a pharmaceutical clean room and, therefore, need a giant cabinet.



The material shall be long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Stainless steel is mainly preferred due to its anti-corrosion and anti-damage properties.


Divider and Hanger

Go for a cabinet with the correct partition so that you can’t compare all your clean room equipment and attire in a safe place. A separation helps to avoid cross-contamination and thus helps maintain cleanliness.


Germicidal Lamp

A germicidal lamp is necessary if you need sterilization for all your stored items. Make sure it is of high quality and efficient enough to maintain the required level of cleanliness.


Clean Room Compliance

Your Clean Room Cabinet must be compliant with the clean room it is being used in. The ISO standards must also be considered. It helps in obtaining higher efficiency and smooth operations.


Filtration System

Make sure you have the right filtration system for your application. You might need a perforated shelf or a prefilter for better performance.


What are the Requirements of a Clean Room Cabinet?

The requirements of a Clean Room Cabinet are explained below:

Only Place Clean Items

Ensure that the objects, materials, and items you place in the cabinet are clean and free of contaminant particles. Even a single microorganism entering the cabinet can give rise to a whole population and contaminate all the storage.


Make Sure the Items are Dry

Putting wet or moist items in the cabinet can allow fungal and bacterial growth as they need moisture to reproduce and grow. Therefore always dry the items before placing them in the cabinet.


Standards of Clean Room Class

Every clean room has its requirements according to the cleanliness level. It is essential to keep the class in mind to choose the material accordingly.


ISO Certification

The ISO certificate of your cabinet must be issued to guarantee that it is safe to be used in a sensitive environment like a clean room.


Factory Testing

It is essential to check the sterilization lamp, the grade of stainless steel, and other features like dedication and temperature regulation to see if the cabinet is in perfect condition to be placed in a clean room.



Whether you want sterilization, storage, or organization in your clean room, a Clean Room Cabinet is necessary.

It will transform your workspace and decrease the waste of products, time, and money by providing safe and accessible storage.

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Cabinet

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Cabinet

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