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  • Clean room sink
  • Customized cleanroom sink
  • ISO approved cleanroom sink
  • SS 304 Cleanroom sink

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Based on the objective of bringing unique, cleanroom solutions your way, Sunnyda is a leading Clean Room Sink manufacturer and supplier globally. We assure you that our services are above the mark with decades of experience in cleanroom machinery, cleanroom verification, and design. We pay attention to process optimization, efficiency amplification, and sophisticated design to ensure our cleanroom equipment stands out for your applications. We believe that our responsibility is to create high-end products that have no negative impact on your industrial environment.

Our Clean Room Sink has proved helpful because of its simple designs and practical operation, serving in various applications ranging from pharmaceutical cleanroom to semiconductor industries. With a stainless steel body, automatic hand sanitizing system, and compact design, it’s the perfect choice for any of your sterile rooms. It comes in an accessible wall installation assembly and requires minimum maintenance. Sunnyda makes sure that we provide all the necessary and accessory features at a fantastic price to make it affordable and convenient for you to purchase.

Currently working with thousands of clients worldwide, Sunnyda has successfully maintained an impressive profile due to successful Clean Room Sink designs and accurate customization services. We focus on practicality and understand your application’s needs and demands. You can choose the size, configuration, accessories, and features according to your preferences. We have been providing customized and most affordable cleanroom equipment for 20 years.

We are currently based in China, and our Clean Room Sink is ISO certified. It means that it is according to the standards and meets the efficiency criterion. We strictly follow the ISO system’s rules and regulations and engineer and manufacture accordingly.

Sunnyda accepts the challenge of maintaining quality, constant development, customer servicing, and environmental conservation. You can call our 24/7 customer care service for placing your order for your prime quality Clean Room Sink at an affordable price.

Types Dimension(Mm) Auto Sensor Water-Tap Auto Sensor Soap Dispenser Thermostatic Valve Water Heater Light Mirror
1 position 800*600*1800mm  Yes  Yes  Yes Optional Yes Yes
2 position 1600*600*1800mm  Yes  Yes  Yes Optional Yes Yes
3 position 1900*600*1800mm  Yes  Yes  Yes Optional Yes Yes
Note: Dimension can be customized and spare parts are optional according to customer’s requirement.


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GMP standard cleanroom sink
GMP standard cleanroom sink
Customized cleanroom sink
Customized cleanroom sink
Double tap cleanroom sink
Double tap cleanroom sink
Foot operated cleanroom sink
Foot operated cleanroom sink
Hospital cleanroom sink
Hospital cleanroom sink
ISO 4 cleanroom sink
ISO 4 cleanroom sink
ISO 8 cleanroom sink
ISO 8 cleanroom sink
Low price cleanroom sink
Low price cleanroom sink
Modular clean room sink
Modular cleanroom sink
Powder coated clean room sink
Powder coated cleanroom sink
SS 304 clean room sink
SS 304 cleanroom sink
Two compartment clean room sink
Two compartment cleanroom sink

How to Maintain Cleanroom Sink Production Quality

How to Maintain Cleanroom Sink Production Quality
Cleanroom Sink Water Drain System

Cleanroom Sink Water Drain System

Cleanroom Sink Smooth Surface

Cleanroom Sink Smooth Surface
Cleanroom Sink Drawer

Cleanroom Sink Drawer

Cleanroom Sink Applications

Cleanroom Sink Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

100% Quality Tested Before Shipping

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Clean Room Sink: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

When working in a clean room, cleanliness standards are essential to take care of. Hand hygiene is a significant part to consider here.

Different clean room equipment has been manufactured to wash and dry your hands to prevent them from sourcing microbial contamination.

A Clean Room Sink is a facility that allows you to take care of your hygiene within a controlled environment. It is beneficial for washing your hands and has storage cabinets sometimes to store your items.

It is also facilitated with other equipment like hand dryers, towels, and sanitizers to add more to the quality of your hygiene and prevent other clean room items from getting contaminated.

This article will talk about Clean Room Sink in detail, including its features, benefits, applications, requirements, etc. Please read below to know it all.


What is a Clean Room Sink?

A Clean Room Sink is a premium quality washing basin mounted on a four-legged solid assembly. It can be mounted on the wall and be placed on the floor as well.

You can choose one based on your requirements as it comes in various sizes and materials. It does not require any additional plumbing, and there is a 120-volt receptacle.

The Clean Room Sink is self-contained and equipped with electronic faucets and soap dispensers that can be controlled through advanced technology.

The base comprises laminated plywood and comes with locking technology that makes it safe and protected. There is an acrylic blockage at the bottom, and the bowl is made up of high-quality metal.

Being equipped with a hot and cold water supply, it is an ideal choice for all kinds of GMP clean room environments.

Sunnyda Compact Design Cleanroom Sink

Sunnyda Compact Design Cleanroom Sink

What are the Different Types of a Clean Room Sink?

The different Clean Room Sink types include:


What are the Features of a Clean Room Sink?

  • Square Corner Construction
  • 1½” Rolled Front, Rims, And Sides
  • 16 Gauge, 43 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1-5/8″ Diameter Legs
  • 8″ Backsplash
  • Adjustable Bullet Feet
  • 14″ Deep Bowl


What are the Specifications of a Clean Room Sink?

  • Up To 1500 X 600mm Of Overall Dimensions
  • 155 mm Floor Clearance
  • 100 mm Inset Rear Legs
  • 900 mm Height
  • 50 mm Upstand
  • Non-Sterile
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Conductive Properties
  • Premium Grading


What are the Components of a Clean Room Sink?

  • 5″ Connection Basket Drain
  • 4 D-Size Batteries
  • Hard Roll Towel Dispenser
  • Splash-Mount Gooseneck Faucet
  • Hand Sanitizing Dispenser
  • Dual-Beam Infrared Sensor
  • Hand Soap Dispenser
  • Glove Rack

Cleanroom Sink Major Parts

Cleanroom Sink Major Parts

What is the Purpose of a Clean Room Sink?

  • It maintains hygienic conditions.
  • Clean Room Sink is also helpful in the management of biofilm risk.
  • It prevents potential contamination of the controlled area.


What are the Design Features of a Clean Room Sink?

  • Fully welded 304-grade stainless steel
  • Brushed dull polish finish
  • Non-marking rubber base featuring stainless steel adjustable feet
  • Crevice free surface
  • Pierced for taps
  • Open-backed cupboard unit
  • Right or left-hand drainer
  • Hinged doors


What are the Benefits of a Clean Room Sink?

A Clean Room Sink has many excellent benefits, some of which are discussed below:

  • No gaps and cracks serve as a growing and reproduction area for microbes and germs. Therefore it is very safe against any contamination.
  • As it has a smooth surface, sterilization and disinfection are effective according to the ISO, cGMP, and ASTM standards.
  • It is ADA compliant making it possible for disabled people to use it conveniently.
  • The soap dispensers and the faucets are electronic and automatic, allowing no touch function. It is due to the advanced technology and touch sensors.
  • The body is made up of stainless steel, which is not just easy to clean and maintain but also resistant to any reacting substances.
  • There is enough space between the basin and the floor to allow sufficient leg space.

ISO Certified Cleanroom Sink

ISO Certified Cleanroom Sink

What is an Open Base Clean Room Sink?

An open base Clean Room Sink has the following unique features:

  • It is constructed of 300 series polished stainless steel, thus making it sturdy and oxidation resistant.
  • The tabletop and the pan can be easily removed since they are removable.
  • A premium quality towel rack is provided for a rolled paper towel.
  • A convenient faucet with a gooseneck spout is mounted on the deck.
  • A stainless steel soap dispenser is fitted on the deck for more convenience.
  • There is a 5-gallon freshwater tank and a grey water tank with an almost 7-gallon capacity.
  • Clean Room Sink comes with a water heater and an accumulator tank.
  • The support consists of heavy-duty legs made up of stainless steel.
  • There are electronic faucets as well that are accommodated with wrist handles.

Open Base Cleanroom Sink

Open Base Cleanroom Sink

What are the Features of an Enclosed Base Clean Room Sink?

An enclosed base Clean Room Sink is equipped with the following significant features:

  • It has a stainless steel top with a box marine edge in both the front and the end.
  • There is a high-quality deck-mounted faucet with quarter-turn and spout handles.
  • Good quality stainless steel soap dispenser is present on the deck.
  • 5-7 gallon capacity hot and cold water tanks are also a part of the assembly.


What are the Details Regarding a Laminated Base Clean Room Sink?

A laminated base Clean Room Sink has a plywood cabinet base with a lamination covering. The doors can be locked for protection and safety. It comes in various sizes and is equipped with the most recent features.


What Materials Used in the Making of the Clean Room Sink?

The different types of a Clean Room Sink, based on the construction material, design, area, etc., are explained below:

Epoxy Resin Clean Room Sink

Epoxy resin is a suitable material to handle, and therefore it is extensively used in making a Clean Room Sink.

It is ideal for environments with actual water conditions containing a higher concentration of salts. The epoxy resin Clean Room Sink is quite suitable if the water is harsh as it stays stable against any reactants.

The size may vary according to the requirement, and it comes with a center drain location. With under-mount applications, it has a ¼ inches lip on all sides.


Stainless Steel Clean Room Sink

It is more commonly used in all types of clean room equipment because it is stable against reacting solid substances.

There is a minimum chance of corrosion, and it forms a sturdy body, thus reducing the risk of damage. It comes with under-mount applications and a wide variety of stainless steel that can be used.

SS 304 Cleanroom Sink

SS 304 Cleanroom Sink

What are the Finish Options for a Clean Room Sink?

  • Chrome
  • Propylene
  • Epoxy Resin


What are the Faucet Types for a Clean Room Sink?

  • Pedal-Operated Faucet
  • Knee Valve Faucet
  • Touchless Faucet
  • Sensor Faucet


What are the Applications of a Clean Room Sink?

Cleanroom Sink Applications

Cleanroom Sink Applications

What are the Requirements of a Clean Room Sink?

  • Choose stainless steel as the construction material.
  • The size must be accommodating to the cleaning buckets in use.
  • Removable shrouds should cover the pipes and water controls.
  • Mounting should be facilitated with additional weight-bearing support.
  • It should be ADA-compliant.


How to Install your Clean Room Sink?

For installing your Clean Room Sink, you must choose an appropriate location first. For this, look for a spot with no chances of damage or wetting of electrical connections and components.

The surface must be flat to support the unit’s weight even when complete with water. It should also be dry to avoid any electrical hazards. The handle on the back of the Clean Room Sink works as a wrap bracket used to keep the power cord in place, which must not be connected to the power supply.

For more installation process, follow these steps:

  • On the back of the unit, unscrew the black knob and remove the rear panel by tilting it backward and pulling it away at an upward angle. As a result, you will get access to the inner parts of the system.
  • Now remove the hot water cap by twisting it in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Then fill the tank using the flexible plastic funnel up to a level indicated on the tank.
  • Secure the filler cap again.
  • Connect to a power source and confirm that the green light indicator is on.
  • After power connectivity, the element installed in the hot water tank will heat the water until it reaches the operating temperature in 15 minutes.
  • Then prime the pump by repeatedly running it for 8 seconds until you see water coming out of the spout present above your Clean Room Sink, and then it is ready for operation.


How to Customize your Clean Room Sink?

You can customize your Clean Room Sink by adding the following stuff:

  • CSA or NSF Approved
  • Drains
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Overflow Hole
  • Valves
  • Detachable Drain Boards

Customized Cleanroom Sink

Customized Cleanroom Sink

What is the Hygiene Protocol for your Clean Room Sink?

Whenever adding furniture or products to your clean room, one crucial consideration is sterilizing everything.

If you fail to stay careful about this point, you will enhance the risk of microbial contamination, which will disturb the containment of your area.

It is essential to decide which sterilization method fulfills your requirements best. Among the commonly used sterilization procedures, chemical, ultraviolet light, and steam sterilization are practiced frequently.

The most suitable way will be to sterilize all the equipment and space of your clean room sufficiently. Also, make sure that the procedure you have chosen is not very high or damaging to all your gear.

There are multiple reasons for choosing stainless steel material to be placed inside your clean room due to its beneficial properties.

The best thing is that it is chemically inactive, possesses a long life, and is super convenient for cleaning. Not only is the stainless steel material super hygienic, but it has multiple applications.

This material can tolerate very high temperatures, strong chemicals, and high mechanical pressure. The maximum temperature it can handle without any deformation is 870°C. The average chlorine exposure it can withstand is 200 mg/l.

For on-site sterilization, chemical sterilization gives even better results with (VHP) hydrogen-based vaporized hydrogen peroxide for sterilizing Clean Room Sink.

For this reason, 316-grade steel material construction with molybdenum and nickel content is a better option as it can last up to 500 mg/l of chloride content. Also, ensure clear drainage points and be careful with any flat surfaces as they are more likely to source microbial contamination.

Cleanroom Sink Cleaning

Cleanroom Sink Cleaning


A Clean Room Sink is an essential piece of equipment that helps maintain the hygienic conditions of the clean room. Its easy assembly and convenient use make it user-compliant and improve the quality of your application.

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Sink

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom Sink

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