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Sunnyda known as the top Clean Room Manufacturer has been working for years to provide you with the top quality clean room equipment and accessories. We know how much you are concerned about the manufacturing standards of your clean room supplies. This is why we ensure you, our manufacturing process meets the recommended ISO conditions and your requirements.

The products manufactured by Sunnyda have matchless quality and extended durability. We always use good quality raw materials so that the end product is always up to the mark. Our manufacturing process involves using professional machinery and experienced techniques to finally producing a product that meets your clean room applications. We also take care of the durability and service life of our products so that you don’t have to spend again on buying the same product. Apart from our manufacturing we also take care of your budget which makes us the best Clean Room Manufacturer.

Sunnyda being a unique Clean Room Manufacturer also helps you with customization processes to provide you a product that exclusively suits your applications. This way you don’t have to pay for anything extra, everything you get is worth your money. We listen to your demands and come forward with further suggestions to help you with your purchase. We are always open to help you choose the best for your application.

If you want to ask anything about our clean room supplies, feel free to contact our customer support to get the details. Sunnyda being the best Clean Room Manufacturer is always there to help you in making the right selection and best purchase for your clean room.

Product clean room/modular clean room
Technology Purification engineering
Usage Make a dust-free environment
HVAC System Temperature & Humidity
Frame Material SUS Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Type Modular Design/Conventional Design
Panel Sandwich Panels


Petrochemical, Precision Electronic Industry, Power Industry,

Military, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical, Thermal Power, Transportation, Building Industry, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry, Precision Industry,

Auto Industry, Rubber Industry.

Following options are available:

a. Pass through boxes
b. Air showers
c. ULPA filters
d. Sticky mats
e. Barometer
f. Gowning room
g. Pressure control device
h. Transparent/grid PVC curtain
i. Air conditioning system


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How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room
Clean Room Telecommunication System

Clean Room Telecommunication System

Clean Room Door Lock System

Clean Room Door Lock System
Clean Room Internal View

Clean Room Internal View

Clean Room Applications

Clean Room Applications
100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

100% Quality Tested Before Delivery

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Clean Room Manufacturer- A Detailed Guide by Sunnyda.

Choosing the right clean room for your application is very important and for that, you need to find the right Clean Room Manufacturer.

This is because only the best and reliable manufacturer will help you make a worthy purchase.

A clean room is used for carrying out multiple pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and medical applications.

It provides you with a clean and sterilized environment for the efficient completion of your processes.

A manufacturer takes care of your requirements and provides you with a clean room that meets your application needs.

Clean Room Manufacturer makes different types of clean rooms (from ISO 1 to ISO 9 clean room), providing various options according to your industrial requirements.

When choosing one, you should always consider someone who prioritizes quality. Also, choose someone who considers the affordability of the product during the manufacturing process.

This buying guide discusses different aspects of a Clean Room Manufacturer. To explore, keep reading.

ISO 1 Cleanroom

ISO 1 Cleanroom

Who is a Clean Room Manufacturer?

A Clean Room Manufacturer is a company who constructs and builds a clean room to help you carry out your applications demanding a controlled environment.

They are responsible for properly designing a clean room, taking care of the construction process, and finally testing if the final product is according to the ISO standards.

For this, they must ensure that the quality of raw material is according to ISO standards.

They also take care of customizing the clean room and considering your exclusive demands to provide you with a product that exactly meets your demands

In addition to this, keeping a check on the material being used for the construction is also his responsibility.

They not only play role in the construction but also provide you necessary equipment and supplies for a clean room.

These supplies can be used for all types of clean rooms ranging from class 1 clean room to class 100,000 clean rooms.

They make your clean room applications even easier and add more to the user experience.

ISO Certified Laboratory Cleanroom Designed by Sunnyda

ISO Certified Laboratory Cleanroom Designed by Sunnyda

How Clean Room Manufacturer Choose Design for your Clean Room?

For the designing process, their main aim is to focus on the level of control that the clean room will be able to provide.

The design also takes care of the space for workers to carry out their daily activities and ensures that enough particulates are kept out to improve productivity.

The design of the clean room mainly depends on the requirements of the application for which it will be used. It can be a portable clean room or a permanently installed one.

A portable clean room is perfect for those who don’t have enough area or budget to afford the permanent one.

Whereas a permanent clean room is good for those who don’t like the hassle of installation and uninstallation of the clean room regularly.

Different designing processes of the clean room also refer to the variation in the installation procedures and accessories of the clean rooms.

Portable Cleanroom

Portable Cleanroom

What are the Customization Strategies of a Clean Room Manufacturer?

Customization is the process that involves incorporating specific features in a clean room and taking out unnecessary ones.

It helps you create a product that exclusively meets your demands and ultimately saves you from spending extra money.

A Clean Room Manufacturer is always there for you to customize permanent and mobile clean room products for you.

Customization involves selecting the specific size and design of the clean room that is good for your application.

You can also choose the construction material of your clean room depending on the environment where you plan to install it.

You can also select the additional accessories that you want to install in your clean room depending on how much assistance your application requires.

The type of panels, air showers, and chambers you choose decide the efficiency and performance of your clean room.

The additional accessories help in enhancing the performance of your clean room and ultimately making your processes more efficient.

Cleanroom Air Shower

Which Construction Materials are Used by Clean Room Manufacturer?

Choosing a suitable construction material is the responsibility of a Clean Room Manufacturer that must fulfill.

The chosen material should meet the quality demands of the clean room construction standards.

A material that prevents contamination should always be preferred. This will keep your clean room protected from risks of contamination.

Some common points that a Clean Room Manufacturer must consider for your clean room construction material are that it should be anti-corrosive, non-static electricity-generating, and non-fibrous.

Some common construction materials used by a manufacturer include static-dissipative PVC, tempered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, and propylene.

Static dissipative PVC provides electrostatic discharge protection and prevents particulate contamination. Tempered glass has high chemical resistance, is easy to clean, and is non-porous.

Acrylic is economical, has excellent tensile strength, is easy to clean and tintable.

Polycarbonate has excellent shattered resistance, cleaning solution resistance, acid resistance, cleaning solution resistance and also possesses high tensile strength.

Propylene comes with an excellent acid and chemical resistance and is recommended by Clean Room Manufacturer.

Soft Wall Cleanroom Wall Material

Soft Wall Cleanroom Wall Material

What are the Accessories Provided by Clean Room Manufacturer for your Clean room?

Pass-Through Box

  • A pass box has stainless steel 304 construction, and easy to clean internal arc structure.
  • It also features a fast 304 stainless steel connector with a test and PAO injection interface.
  • There is a higher efficiency filter tank and pressure gauge installed in it.
  • It also features a fresh air inlet that is responsible for enhancing the adjustable air supply and internal positive pressure.


LED Ceiling Lamp

  • It features high uniformity of light output and is an optical grade light panel with a high whole light effect.
  • The anti-rope design of this lamp helps to reduce the momentary impact that affects the stability of the lamp during high-intensity manufacturing of the internal layer.
  • It also features a special chip that helps in producing clean lightning, national standard harmonic waves, and US LM80 standard light attenuation.
  • You can arbitrarily adjust the sterilization time with the UV sterilization lamp.
  • A galvanized steel panel is installed in this lamp to provide overall strength to the structure and increase its impact resistance.


Fan Filter Unit

  • It features an energy-saving, low noise, micro processing control system.
  • You can use it separately or install it together with an assembly line.
  • It has a maintenance-free blower with long service which enables it to perform for up to 100,000 hours.
  • The construction involves aluminum coated zinc plate that is lightweight. Also, this FFU unit has excellent anti-rust and corrosion resistance properties.

Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit

Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit

Which Finishing Options of Clean room are Preferred by Clean Room Manufacturer?

There are various finishing options available for a Clean Room Manufacturer to add an extra protective layer to the clean room.

These finishes protect the clean room from external damage caused by harsh environmental conditions.


Stainless Steel Finish

It has anti-corrosive properties and protects your clean room from rust and corrosion problems.

Stainless steel also has a good aesthetic appeal and provides excellent chemical resistance to your clean room.


PVC Finish

Polyvinyl chloride possesses excellent resistance against scratches making it user-friendly. It also offers good corrosion resistance as it is resistant to water and moisture content.


Epoxy Resin Finish

It keeps your clean room protected from corrosion problems ultimately reducing the chances of decay.

It also helps in strengthening the clean room material and protecting the surface.

The factors are given by Clean Room Manufacturer that must be considered for choosing the right finishing for your clean room involves.



The finishing you choose must be durable enough to withstand tough environmental conditions for years. This will save you from the hassle of daily maintenance.



The cost of the finishing should lie in your affordable budget range. But this doesn’t mean that the finishing can be quality compromised.

Always ensure that you go for economical finishing options with the best quality results.


Which Environmental Conditions are Highly Considered by Clean Room Manufacturer?

Prohibiting the Entry of Personal Items

A Clean Room Manufacturer ensures that no personal items like watches, wallets, or phones are allowed to enter the clean room environment.

This significantly reduces the chances of clean room contamination.


No Eating or Drinking Allowed

No eating or drinking items are allowed in the clean room environment. Entry of such items into the clean room environment increases the chances of contamination.


Keep Yourself Covered

You must wear the necessary protective equipment and keep yourself properly covered in a clean room environment.

This way you will save yourself from the chemical effects of the clean room and also protect the clean room from getting contaminated by your clothing.


No Makeup is Allowed

As per recommended environmental conditions by Clean Room Manufacturer you should not wear any makeup or perfume in your clean room.

This will prevent the hindrance of clean room processes from makeup products and perfume vapors.

No Makeup is Allowed in Cleanrooms

No Makeup is Allowed in Cleanrooms

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Clean Room Manufacturer?

Whether you need an industrial clean room, a modular clean room, or a pharmaceutical clean room, choosing the right Clean Room Manufacturer is the main task.

Consider the following factors before choosing your Clean Room Manufacturer:



A clean room has a pre-arranged corrosion-resistant and premade fabricated assembly that needs to be adjusted and joined together to get the final product.

It should be easy to install so that you don’t need professional help for this purpose.


Factory Testing

It is necessary to check the efficiency of a clean room through various factory tests.

These tests are conducted under monitored and regulated conditions to check all the aspects of the final product.


Customer Service

Your Clean Room Manufacturer must have a friendly and qualified staff for the guidance of the customers.

Also, there shall be an online service for the maintenance and installation of your clean room.

Prefabricated Anti Rust Cleanroom

Prefabricated Anti Rust Cleanroom

What are the Top Concerns of a Clean Room Manufacturer During the Manufacturing Process?

To maintain durability and quality the top concerns of a Clean Room Manufacturer are listed below:


Body of the Clean room

A clean room shall have a damage-proof, corrosion-resistant body that can fight against the toxic effects of chemicals and other harmful substances.

It must have a smooth finish. The coating shall be made with the best combination of metals such as molybdenum, chromium, and nickel, etc.



A clean room must be designed in such a way that all of its components can be easily assembled to make a working unit. It can either be mounted on a wall or in a specified niche.

The premade assembly is not just easy to install but also saves a lot of time thus reducing the cost of labor and professional services.



The Clean Room Manufacturer must keep the size of the clean room under consideration. Its size shall be according to the requirement of its application.

For example, an industrial clean room is much bigger than a modular clean room.



The location of the clean room determines the class and application. Therefore it must be kept in mind while designing and constructing the clean room.



Every clean room has various components and accessories which must be accommodated in the given space.

The manufacturer must take notice of each component, accessory, and other requirements of the clean room according to its application.


What Should you Ask your Clean Room Manufacturer When Making a Purchase?

When purchasing your clean room, you must ask your Clean Room Manufacturer to ensure the following things:



Your clean room can be customized according to the requirements of your application.

The size, class, and model shall be decided according to the need for decontamination and the size and number of contaminant particles.

You shall ask your Clean Room Manufacturer if they offer customization. Even the clean room wall material can be customized.



You should demand at least a twelve months warranty so that you can get back to the manufacturer if the product does not meet your needs and you require better decontamination.


Updated Features

Check if they offer recent technology and they have well-educated engineers that can incorporate advanced technology in your clean room.

It shall be designed and developed in such a way that tour clean room does not need upgradation for several years.


Safety Measures

Ask your Clean Room Manufacturer to provide all the safety equipment with the clean room.

This is to ensure the safety of the people working in the environment and the long life of the clean room itself.



Decide the delivery time beforehand so that you don’t have to face any loss of money or time. The mode of delivery and the components of the unit must be decided before confirming the order.



Check the list of the accessories provided by the Clean Room Manufacturer so that you can arrange the accessories that they don’t offer.

In this way, you can save time and increase productivity as soon as it gets delivered.

Customized Medical Cleanroom

Customized Medical Cleanroom

How Does a Clean Room Manufacturer Decide the Right Clean Room for your Applications?


Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance is a big catch to grab the attention of the buyers. The Clean Room Manufacturer can use such components in manufacturing the clean room, which requires easy maintenance.

This will provide minimum chances for contamination growth, which results in a better-controlled environment in your sterile room.


Special Components

The requirements of special features or components depend upon the function you are using your clean room for.

So, the Clean Room Manufacturer must consider whether the user wants special features such as a shower, fume hood, or only the basic features available in the standard models are enough.



The Clean Room Manufacturer needs to integrate various methods and components for controlling different factors in it.

Controlled humidity and temperature levels not only ensure the safety of the product but of the user also. Moreover, these measures assure longer life along with good quality.

Also, you should add temperature or moisture sensors that detect and notify you about the changes occurring in the parameters.


What are the Quality Control Measures Taken by Clean Room Manufacturer?

Fine Finishing

The Clean Room Manufacturer is responsible for introducing fine finishing.

Fine finishing not only enhances the look of your product but also provides good protection against the outer environment.

This way better safety can be achieved from the changes in the external environment which can result in different corrosion or rusting problems.

Also, this will decrease the contamination chances via clean room walls up to much extent.


Good Quality

For good quality, they must ensure that only good quality materials are being used up in the construction process.

Make sure that these materials are durable enough to bear the stresses. Also, that they have a long life, which can, in turn, increase the life of the entire clean room.

Considering this point is essential to minimize the contamination sources in your space, due to the presence of efficient components.


Which Safety Standards are Considered by Clean Room Manufacturer?

Taking care of the safety standards is very essential to the efficiency of the clean room process.

For this, here are some clean room safety standards are given by Clean Room Manufacturer that you must follow:


Explosion Prevention

There are reasonable chances that the vapors present in the clean room environment may lead to ignition incidents, as they are potentially fire-catching.

For this reason, special gas detecting solutions are kept in the specified area to monitor the risk of fire in a much efficient way.


Fire Risks

Other than massive explosions, there also are great chances of fire buildup in a clean room environment.

The causes of fire can be short circuits, potential chemical burning, etc. So you should always take care of the regular maintenance of the wires and replace them if cracked.

A Clean Room Manufacturer recommends keeping flammable chemicals covered and use them in the fume hood to ensure that their vapors escape from the clean room environment easily.

Fire Resistant ISO 3 Cleanroom

Fire Resistant ISO 3 Cleanroom

What is the Working Protocol That you Must Follow According to a Clean Room Manufacturer?

  • It is important to walk slowly in the clean room, as this helps make minimum air turbulence.
  • Always collect all your accessories to make sure that you have everything needed to work in this space.
  • Use 70%IPA solutions to clean every material before entering into the clean room, so that it doesn’t carry any contamination sources with it.
  • Always ensure a clean filter that can efficiently install the filtration process.
  • If the filters are clogged or blocked, replace them with new ones.
  • Use storage cabinets to store and organize different equipment and accessories.
  • Keep your hands covered with special gloves so that you don’t contaminate any other thing while working.
  • Always enter and exit after passing through the air showers to clear away any particles present on the body.
  • Use coat, masks, and foot cover to protect your body from taking in or giving out the contamination source.
  • It is suggested by Clean Room Manufacturer not to walk, touch anything or do anything without any main purpose, to reduce the contamination sources.

Wear PPE Before Working in Cleanroom

Wear PPE Before Working in Cleanroom

What are the Contamination Control Practices Suggested by Clean Room Manufacturer?

Use Filters

Installing filters will prevent the entry of contaminants into your clean room reducing the chances of contamination to a great extent.

For this, you need to ensure that the filters are not damaged as contaminants can easily escape through the damaged filters.


Install Airlocks

For preventing the entry of less clean air into the clean room from a nearby unfiltered air supply use airlocks.


Use Conventional Turbulent System

This system helps in diluting contamination in the air. Also, a unidirectional ventilation system can be used for completely sweeping away the contaminated air.

Moreover, you can also use an isolator to provide a barrier for the entry of contaminants.


Place Clean Room Mats

Placing clean room mats at the entrance door will take off the dirt from your shoes which will prevent high contamination risk.


Clean the Area

Taking care of the cleanliness of the clean room is very important. Use disinfectants for cleaning the surfaces properly.

Also, ensure to carefully clean the equipment for reducing the chances of contamination.


Wear Necessary Clothing

You should always wear the necessary clothing to keep the clean room protected from chances of contamination. Make sure to cover your hair too, as suggested by Clean Room Manufacturer.

Cleanroom HEPA Filter

Cleanroom HEPA Filter

How Does Clean Room Manufacturer Enhance your Clean Room Durability?



Sensors should also be added to the stationary or portable clean room to sense the changes in different parameters and notify you about those fluctuations so that the user can instantly solve them.

These sensors are important for monitoring high or low pressure, humidifier or temperature levels, and spreading alarms for bringing them to normal levels.


Efficient Filtration System

To enhance the clean room durability, the Clean Room Manufacturer must add efficient filtration systems.

They should add HEPA and ULPA filters that provide precise filtration mechanisms.

This ensures that all the air present in the clean room is safe for its construction and functioning.

Also, instructions regarding the timely replacement of these filters must be provided. If the filtration will be sufficient, only then a long life can be expected.


Equipment Designing

The Clean Room Manufacturer should add special features along with the basic ones, to increase the performance supplied.

Safety devices and components are also a must thing from the designer.

These safety devices not just ensure the safety of the overall machine but also contribute to increasing its overall life.



Clean Room Manufacturer is there to provide you with the best clean room to meet your application demands that require a controlled environment.

Either it is about an industrial, hospital, or medical clean room, a Clean Room Manufacturer will always help you choose the best features necessary for your applications.

For choosing the best manufacturer for your application, you must consider the above-mentioned information to help you choose the most suitable one.

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom

100% Quality Tested Cleanroom

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