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  • ISO 5 Clean Room Luminaires
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  • ISO Certified Clean Room Luminaires
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Sunnyda is the most experienced and world-renowned brand intended to manufacture and sell an assorted number of reliable lighting solutions for your clean room applications. We have made an unbeatable record in the world marketplace by offering energy-saving Clean Room Luminaires for your applications.

Our Clean Room Luminaires are accredited with IP54 and IP65 certification. High-quality material is used for construction, configuring scratch resistance, and dustproof for clean room sterility. Sunnyda ensures the manufacturing of luminaires with smooth surfacing and ceiling recessed troffer for its easy cleaning. Louvers are also integrated with luminaires to lower glare suitable for sensitive cleanroom applications. Our primary focus is the development and well-being of our customers.

We also offer you customization services to meet the requirements of your different clean room classes. Our Clean Room Luminaires and other services are tailored to your desiring needs. Sunnyda eagerly works to enlist its product with ISO standardization. You can install our luminaires in ISO 1 and ISO 2 clean room classes for their protective working under controlled conditions. GMP guidelines are also considered while it’s designed to maintain the cleanliness grade of cleanrooms.

Sunnyda has hired a team of expert designers and engineers to imitate natural lights in our lighting products to ensure your comfort and protection.

If you are dealing with contaminant-sensitive processes in cleanrooms, you need Clean Room Luminaires with reduced glare. Sunnyda would be in the top-rated contender’s list and warmly welcome you to avail you with services you may require.

So don’t take time to make a decision. Just contact our sales team via phone/email and clear all your curies about product selection and purchase. Place your order at the best reasonable rates after your complete satisfaction. Your trust and satisfaction are our inspiration.

Model: SND1240-36-IP65

Fixture Demension:1190×290×100 /1300×300×100

Output power: 36W

Luminous Flux: 3790lm

Light efficiency: 105lm/W

LED: Samsung LED SMD 2845

Driver: Dim driver/Dali driver/Chinese LED driver

CRI: >80

CCT: 4000k-6000k

Rated input: 220-240V

Beam Angle: 160°

Certification: CE/ROHS

Warranty: 60000 hours

Dimmable or Dali driver is on request

Clean room luminaires material inspection certificate

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4000k clean room luminaires
4000k clean room luminaires
Ceiling mounted clean room luminaires
Ceiling mounted clean room luminaires
Class 100 clean room luminaires
Class 100 clean room luminaires
Customized clean room luminaires
Customized clean room luminaires
IP65 clean room luminaires
IP65 clean room luminaires
ISO 8 clean room luminaires
ISO 8 clean room luminaires
ISO certified clean room luminaires
ISO certified clean room luminaires
Medical clean room luminaires
Medical clean room luminaires
Panel type clean room luminaires
Panel type clean room luminaires
Pharmaceutical clean room luminaires
Pharmaceutical clean room luminaires
Recessed clean room luminaires
Recessed clean room luminaires
Slim flat clean room luminaires
Slim flat clean room luminaires

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room Luminaires

How to Maintain the Quality of Clean Room Luminaires
Clean Room Luminaires Electrical Control Box

Clean Room Luminaires Electrical Control Box

Clean Room Luminaires Waterproof Panel

Clean Room Luminaires Waterproof Panel
Clean Room Luminaires Power Cable

Clean Room Luminaires Power Cable

Clean Room Luminaires Applications

Clean Room Luminaires Applications
100% Quality Tested Clean Room Luminaires

100% Quality Tested Clean Room Luminaires

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Clean Room Luminaires: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Clean room technology is the emerging use of the sterile environment for sensitive operations. To get prevention from contamination, the Clean Room Luminaires are specially designed as standardized light sources.

It assures light production without any contamination. Blue lights of luminaire assist precise view during medical operations.

Red lights are preferably adjusted to come up with operations requiring lights of a narrow spectrum.

Smooth surface and sealed design increase the durability and credibility of Clean Room Luminaires for controlled operations.

This ultimate buying guide contains excellent features, advantages, applications, and a lot more.

Variety of Clean Room Luminaires for Controlled Operations

Variety of Clean Room Luminaires for Controlled Operations

What are Clean Room Luminaires?

Clean Room Luminaires are highly reliable and feature sealed enclosures protected from dust, contaminants, and dirt accumulation.

Diffuser, LED driver, and housing is the main components of light production and spread. IP certification, ISO standardization, cGMP, and USP 797 compliance increase the credibility of these light fixtures for clean rooms.

These are widely used for a large number of applications such as operation theatres, pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical processing industries, microelectronics, semiconductors, etc.

Clean Room Luminaires are available in a large variety to work for narrow spectrum and broad spectrum under different light wavelengths.

Fabrication of indigo light technology makes these lights resistant to microbial attacks. A smooth surface ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.

Sunnyda Clean Room Luminaires

Sunnyda Clean Room Luminaires

What is the Composition of Clean Room Luminaires?

The Clean Room Luminaires are standardized light sources that are suitable for operation in clean rooms. It consists of a general composition as given below:


The durable and corrosion-protected frame is the basic framework of the luminous part. The frame is doubled wall increasing protection from corrosion.

It is also coated with white finishing making it durable and dust protected. The smooth surfacing is also rated with an IP65 rating.


The housing is made of steel material. The parts of the housing are welded by TIG welding or spot welding. The housing is also coated to overall increase the protection rate.

The zinc primer coating is used for housing. It has resistance against stringent cleaning agents and is best suitable to use for clean rooms.


The CLA and CLD optics are considered the best-standardized luminaires that can meet the requirements of a highly precise clean room class as ISO 1 clean room.

The CLA optics is featured with highly transparent tempered glass, diffuser, and an opal foil for light emergence and spreading.

CLD based optics is mediated to provide diffused light. At the same time, the standardized CPD is integrated with a micro prismatic diffuser that assures to limit the glare of light by giving uniform light.

Except for some addition, standardized components can also be integrated with Clean Room Luminaires as:

  • LED Driver
  • Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Connection Coil
  • Mounting Kit for Suspended Panels

Clean Room Luminaires Durable and Corrosion Protected Frame

Clean Room Luminaires Durable and Corrosion Protected Frame

What are the Key Features of Clean Room Luminaires?

Clean Room Luminaires are reliable light sources that are featured with dust-proof housings and smooth design. The basic features making them unique are given below:

  • EN 1838 and EN 50172 standardization ensuring anti-panic light emergence.
  • Fabrication with high ingress protection under IP certification.
  • Stability and working efficiency with high resistance for mechanical impact.
  • Ceiling mounting under ingress protection IP65.
  • Variants of light flex are available in a wide range to meet different emergency requirements.
  • Double circuits’ connectors are integrated through wiring.
  • Batteries with sub-freezing temperatures are also connected.
  • Superb illumination rate even from large heights.
  • The housings are designed with self-extinguishing plastic that is reliable enough to come up with a flaming test even at 850⁰C.
  • Maintained mode with switching options as well as a non-maintained mode.
  • DALI-2 protocol for the control of lighting as well as supervision of the whole device.
  • A diverse number of lighting distribution curves increase operational efficiency.


IP65 Clean Room Luminaires

IP65 Clean Room Luminaires

What are the Features and Benefits of Clean Room Luminaires of Bottom Opening?

The Clean Room Luminaires that are integrated with the ceiling for its bottom side opening have a diverse number of features as given below:

  • High working efficiency and performance reliability for clean room ceilings.
  • Long service life and photo biologically protected operation.
  • The production of UV light and infrared radiations are harmless for broad-spectrum safety.
  • Environment-friendly behaviour due to absence of mercury filling in lighting.
  • The operating voltage of the light fixture ranges from 140V to 270V.
  • The temperature for operation ranges from -10⁰C to 45⁰C.
  • The low running temperature of instant lights.
  • The housing of lighting fixtures is corrosion resistant under CRCA powder coating.
  • Polycarbonate diffusers are integrated for uniform light spread.
  • The electronic driver, as SELV, is integrated for getting prevention from short-circuiting.
  • ISO standardization is followed as a selection parameter for clean rooms.

Ceiling Mounted Clean Room Luminaires

Ceiling Mounted Clean Room Luminaires

What are the Benefits of Using Clean Room Luminaires for your Industry?

There are a diverse number of benefits offered by Clean Room Luminaires as given below:

Efficiency in Operation

These LED lights feature optics, increasing light efficiency for different standardized applications. The best quality and maximum lighting are assured for your controlled operation in clean rooms.


It is easy to clean and maintain. These lights have resistance against any stringent cleaning agent. The maintenance is undertaken as per technical requirements.


Designing with good quality material and warranty period ensures the reliability and credibility for standardized light intensity production.

Optical Accessories

Specified for different clean room classes and integrated with optical accessories. Light source and light intensity are also adjustable for variety.

Ingress Protection

A protection code credential dictates the protection rate of Clean Room Luminaires from different parameters such as water, dust, electrical intrusions, etc. The IP65 certification increase reliability to use these lightings.

Ex-Proof Protection

Certification of ex-proof protection ensures that these lights are prevented from the harm of the explosive environment.

Verified Technology

All of the components are factory tested and fabricated with verified technology. The different parts are also from branded manufacturers for the best quality.


What are the Applications of Clean Room Luminaires?

Clean Room Luminaires are designed to meet the needs of a standardized and controlled environment. For their standardized operation, these are used for a large number of applications as:

  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Vivarium
  • Life Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Anterooms
  • Biosafety and Containment
  • Laboratories
  • Research Centre
  • Operation Theaters

Clean Room Luminaires Applications

Clean Room Luminaires Applications

What are the Different Types of Clean Room Luminaires?

There are different types of Clean Room Luminaires. These standard-designed lights are selected as per clean room requirements. These different types are given below:

Teardrop Luminaires

It is considered the fundamental illumination source for a clean room of high cleanliness grade as a class 4 clean room. The shape or design of these lights is aerodynamic, or it can also be said that it is a teardrop shape.

The primary purpose of designing the teardrop lights in aerodynamic shape is to prevent any hindrance in laminar airflow.

The FFU units are also integrated with a clean room ceiling that provides laminar airflow. These lights do not disturb the streamlined air flow towards the clean room.

These are installed almost 6 to 8 inches below the ceiling surface. At the same time, some lights of low diameter are integrated only 3 to 5 inches from the clean room ceiling.

Recessed Clean Room Luminaires

These lights are integrated with the clean room ceiling grid or a gel-filled channel to assure airtightness. Recessed-type light systems require reliable sealing so that air particulates may not enter the clean room.

A tiny opening in housing disturbs the seal and allows the entry of particulates from the ceiling towards the clean room.

Recessed fixtures are sometimes installed in combination with HEPA filter boxes for collective performance.

Surface Mount Clean Room Luminaires

Surface mount light system is installed preferably for ISO 7 clean room and all above clean rooms. It is not designed with an aerodynamic design. It is used for applications with site-specific requirements having no other practical at a time.

Teardrop Clean Room Luminaires

Teardrop Clean Room Luminaires

For Which Clean Room Classes Clean Room Luminaires are Useful?

According to ISO 14644-1 standardization, clean rooms are classified based on the number of particulates present inside the clean rooms.

According to the cleanliness grades of ISO classifications, standardized tests are also performed for Clean Room Luminaires. The number of airborne particulates specifies a luminaire for clean room classes as given below.

According to ISO standards, ISO 3 clean room to ISO 9 clean room, light fixtures are available that meet the needs for a controlled environment.

As per federal standard 209E, the ISO 3 class is equivalent to Class 1 clean room, and similarly, ISO 8 clean room is identical to clean room class 100,000.

As the level of class increases from ISO 1 to ISO 9, the cleanliness grade or containment performance will decrease.

So it can be said that the luminaire for ISO class 3 is more precise as compared to ISO 9. So these light fixtures are available for clean room classes as given below:

ISO 8 Clean Room Luminaires

ISO 8 Clean Room Luminaires

What are IP Certified Clean Room Luminaires?

IP stands for ingress protection. IP certification assures that the product is being protected from ingress.

Different category IP certifications clarify how the product is protected from solid or liquid particulates contamination. The Clean Room Luminaires are also IP certified.

Significance of IP Numerals

The IP certification is indicated by placing two numerals after ‘IP.’ Different digits represent different category protection.

The first digits that vary from 0 to 6 dictate the intrusion protection. More significant the number greater will be protection authentication. The digit ‘0’ depicts that the particulates are not dust-protected.

The second numeral also dictates different ingress protection levels ranging from 0 to 6.

1 IP 65 Certification

A lighting system for clean rooms that are certified with IP6 indicates that the light fixtures are protected from dust accumulation.

The first numeral ‘6’ indicates that luminaires are dust-tight sealed. There is no dust entrance or dust accumulation that can interfere with the cleanliness grade of clean rooms.

While the second digit, ‘5’, is about water jet protection. Water that propels from a nozzle may not harm these light fixtures. The most common IP certifications for Clean Room Luminaires are:

2 IP 64 Certification

This ingress protection certification is also about the protection quality of light for clean rooms.

Dust-tight sealed lightning and the second digits denote protection from water splashing. The water splashes emerging out against an enclosure will not affect their performance.


Why Do you Need Clean Room Luminaires for Medical Operations?

Clean Room Luminaires are highly controlled protected light sources under standardized conditions. These lights are renowned for their variable luminosity as per application requisite.

For medical operations, these are preferably installed. Health care sectors always require hygiene and a sterile environment.

Need for Health Care Sectors

Excellent lighting is demands medical operations to perform complicated tasks related to vision.

These luminaires ensure to offer 2000lx intensity of light for medical operations and help to see very small objects. The light intensity of 1000lx for care wards is also provided.

Coloured Lights in Operation Theatre

Clean Room Luminaires also offer lights in three primary colours red, blue, and green. Blue lights assist in fluent operation as well as patients’ calm.

Except for the green light helps to lower the stimulation of pain receptors.

Blue light is proven to have the capability for bacteria-killing as well power to compact with any infection.

High blue lights also fulfil doctors’ demands for utmost concentration during operation.

These lights also have luminous efficiency under the blue and green light wavelength for the nighttime. So for these reasons, these light fixtures are considered a need for a medical operation.

Clean Room Luminaires for Medical Operations

Clean Room Luminaires for Medical Operations

What is the Use of Clean Room Luminaires in Industries?

The Clean Room Luminaires are widely used as a light source for different clean room classes. Different emerging needs have paved the way for industries to introduce technology and use clean rooms.

Light for Industrial Applications

Microelectronics also use clean rooms for precise and particulate-free processing as the pharmaceutical industry. Clean Room Luminaires are used as light sources under controlled conditions for these clean rooms.

Different industrial sectors are doing research on different engineering processes in clean rooms. These lights only provide luminous, but they also ensure contamination-free processing.

IP66, IP65 standardized light sources meet the needs of different industrial projects. A reliable illumination in various colours assists in precise operation.


Why are Clean Room Luminaires Applicable for Disinfection and Containment Applications?

Clean Room Luminaires are also available for the applications requiring best containment performance and disinfection.

Disinfection and Containment for Different Applications

These luminaires prevent the spread of infectious microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and other microbes of different categories. An indigo-clean technology is fabricated for disinfection performance.

The white light is combined with indigo light of wavelength 405nm to meet disinfection needs.

The light of 405nm emerging from luminaires assures the killing of bacteria. Bacteria are targeted when it comes to the vicinity of indigo light wavelength.

Except for, these combinations of white and indigo-clean technology also ensure the release of reactive oxygen species intracellularly.

The reactive oxygen species (ROS) act like bleach and attack bacteria at exposure. It kills the bacteria and assures prevention from the repopulation of microbes in its vicinity.

When the lights of 405nm emerge from Clean Room Luminaire, it reflects off on the walls and other surfaces to hit the microbes at a broad spectrum.

In this way, containment performance and protection from microbial infection are assured by these lights at the workplace.


What are Narrow Spectrum Clean Room Luminaires?

The Clean Room Luminaires are also designed with narrow-spectrum light intensity. The emerging light is mediated to remain limited at specified bandwidths.

For research purposes and clean rooms, the sealed luminaires provide lights of the narrow spectrum as:

Light Sensitive Products Protection

  • For the discipline of life sciences and manufacturing, the lights of the low spectrum are used. Narrow spectrum light prevents sensitive processes from over-exposure to short-wavelength lights.
  • In this way, the manufacturing products are being protected from the negative impact of lights with low spectrum.
  • The benefit of using these luminaires is that the sensitive pharmaceutical products are protected from damage.
  • Manufacturing semiconductors and nanotechnology also choose to use the light of a low spectrum.
  • The cells used for in-vitro fertilization are made viable for the actual implant and fusion process.
  • DNA of stem cells is also protected from damage during the stem cells transplant process.

Narrow Spectrum Clean Room Luminaires

Narrow Spectrum Clean Room Luminaires

Maintenance of Circadian Rhythms for Lab Animals

  • Laboratory animals’ food intake process and growth depend upon their circadian rhythms. The use of red lights sustains circadian rhythms.
  • The natural circadian rhythms of animals are being protected from change even at night time.

How is Advanced Clean Room Luminaires Different from Classic Luminaire?

Advanced Clean Room Luminaires

  • These are more advanced and developed lights.
  • It is featured with IP65 and IP54 protection ratings for installation in ceiling roofs.
  • Compatibility for ISO clean room classes 3 to 9 under cGMP and IPA certification.
  • Resistance to contamination and disinfectants is made possible due to good surface coating.
  • All cleaning agents and other disinfectants don’t affect the lightening surface for high-quality material designing.
  • Anodized aluminium that is of high grade is used for diffusers construction.
  • Shatterproof acrylic glass or toughened safety glass is used for the advanced version.
  • Clean room lighting operation is proceeded both with positive pressure and negative pressure.
  • These lights are easy to install with a clean room ceiling.
  • A reliable, rugged, and sturdy design ensures durability and longer service life.

Classic Clean Room Luminaires

  • These are also a light source for different industrial applications but with the classic version.
  • It is also certified for ingress protection as IP54, IP20 accredit certification.
  • Diffusers are also designed with anodized aluminium as advanced lights.
  • These are recessed types and can be installed in the clean room ceiling.
  • The surface is coated for protection against cleaning agents.
  • It is featured with PMMA based acrylic glass version.
  • Classic Clean Room Luminaires are with rugged and sturdy designs for durable operation.


Which Category are Clean Room Luminaires Installed for Different Biosafety Levels?

Biosafety level is a different level of containment precautions that dictates the discarding of hazardous material for closed safety laboratories.

Four biosafety levels go towards more cleaning when moving from biosafety level 1 to level 4.CDC has classified biosafety into four levels.

The Clean Room Luminaires are available to meet the desired containment operation for these biosafety levels. Recessed type lights are preferably used for the different biosafety levels as:

  • Biosafety Level 1
  • Biosafety Level 2
  • Biosafety Level 3
  • Biosafety Level 4

The more suitable Clean Room Luminaires are selected for biosafety level 4 requires a sterile room and high cleanliness grade.

4 Biosafety Levels

4 Biosafety Levels

Which Test is Performed for the Validity of Clean Room Luminaires?

The Clean Room Luminaires are considered standardized luminaries based on the number of particles emitted by them.

So it is the general criteria to measure ‘airborne particle emission’ for anything that is to be placed inside the clean rooms.

A specified test is performed for the validity of these Clean Room Luminaires as given below:

Testing Process

  • An air sampling probe is taken from which the air can be passed out.
  • A specified amount of air is allowed to be aspirated at the test chamber through the air sampling probe.
  • The test chamber is luminaire surfacing. All of the incoming air is inspected and monitored there.
  • The number of particulates is collected and specified for a clean room class that matches the requirements.
  • Sometimes, the localization measurements are made to inspect the location of specified airborne particulates, their source of production, and the cause of contamination.
  • If the limit value did not go above 95 percent, it would be selected as the suitable component for the clean room.
  • Except for cGMP and FDA guidelines are also implemented for the design qualification and validity.

Why is Opal and MPO Technology Used for Clean Room Luminaires?

Opal and MPO technology is integrated with Clean Room Luminaires for diversity and different light intensity for various applications as:

Opal Optics

  • Opal optics technology is facilitated to offer a uniform light source for different applications.
  • For all of the general processes as well as circulating areas, a uniform light source is provided.
  • It provides a continuous light source that is distributed around uniformly.
  • The main point of light emission remains protected from direct view.

MPO (Micro-Pyramidal Optics)

  • MPO optics is an advanced and innovative technology.
  • It is integrated to provide a micro pyramidal light source for mitigating the luminous/light intensity.
  • The quality of light is brilliant and best suitable for sensitive clean room operations.
  • MPO also cuts the direct and reflected glare of VDTs.


How to Install your Clean Room Luminaires?

The Clean Room Luminaires are installed in clean rooms either with the surface of the ceiling or as recessed lighting. The installation steps are given below:

Step 1

The mounting frame is used for flush-type installation of luminaires. At the start, all of the mounting frames are placed side by side together and fastened with each other.

Step 2

After that, threaded rods are used to fix the fastened frames with the bare ceiling of the clean room.

Step 3

By keeping into consideration the required design, the ceiling panels are integrated into these flush frames.

Step 4

It is fastened with screws on the frame or laid in it. The Clean Room Luminaires are fixed in the mounting bracket by the use of four standard fixing points.

Step 5

All components are fitted to each other that can be easily removed for repairing or another purpose.

These are opened by using commercial tools. The individual frames are factory assembled for easy installation for installing single lights.

Step 6

The white coating is made over the frame. It protects it from corrosion effects, disinfectants, and all other chemicals.

Clean Room Luminaires Installation

Clean Room Luminaires Installation

What are Accredit Certifications for Clean Room Luminaires?

The Clean Room Luminaires are highly reliable and suitable light sources for different clean room classes under accredit certification as:

CCEA Approval

Accredit certification by CCEA assures the air tightening of these light fixtures. The airtightness prevents the airflow from the room side towards plenums under its sealed design. The wiring is also sealed.

ICT Certification

ICT certifications indicate that indigo colour technology installation prevents microbial attack over the specimens.

Protection from microbial contamination and containment performance make these lights recommendable for clean rooms.

UL Listed Lights

UL listed lights dictates that it is designed under standardization parameters. UL accredit emergency lights assures the safety and rating of light visibility to at least 100m.

IP64 and IP65 Certifications

Ingress protection certification indicates that the lights are dust-free for clean operation. Except for, IP credentials clarify that the lights will remain protected from splashes of water.

NSF2 Certification

Clean Room Luminaires certified with NSF2 depict that the lights are corrosion resistant, reliable, and with easy cleaning.

Controlled environment with infection protection and easy sanitization.

FN Options

This standardization ensures that the luminaires installed at food processing do not come in contact with food.

Regular operation is performed under standardized light availability without contamination.

P442 NSF P442 Certification

This type of certification is for the standardized construction, designing, and operation of Clean rooms. Ingress protection is also accredited with light for operation in a controlled environment.

The NSF2 certification ensures food-grade protection under sealed design with no leakage.

ISO Standardization

Certification by ISO standardization indicates which clean room classes the light fixture is adjustable.



Thus, the Clean Room Luminaires differ from general luminaires based on their standardized credibility.

These lights are specially designed under different international standards to make them reliable for clean rooms. cGMP and FDA compliance is implemented for Luminaires designing.

Different quality tests, such as airborne particulate tests, are performed for the accrediting certification of Clean Room Luminaires.

Diverse light intensity ranges are available for operating at narrow to a broad spectrum. Except for, it is easy to install and compatible to install for sterile clean rooms.

100% Quality Tested Clean Room Luminaires

100% Quality Tested Clean Room Luminaires

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